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OverDrive-powered libraries have checked out over 1 billion ebooks and audiobooks (infographic)

What would one billion books look like?

It’s a milestone for digital reading – all-time checkouts via 40,000 connected libraries surpassed one billion.

OverDrive is a leading distributor of digital content, serving over 40,000 library and school partners around the world.

The company offers not only ebooks, but also audiobooks, videos, and music, together with an advanced management and fulfillment system.

Currently, OverDrive’s catalog includes over 2 million titles from 5,000 publishers. On average, patrons are borrowing 12 titles every single second!

The company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1986. The first ebook was checked out on April 8, 2003. It took nine years to reach 100 million checkouts, what happened on June 22, 2012.

The next 900 million checkouts from libraries using OverDrive system were like a swoosh.

On February 10, Team OverDrive watched as our all-time checkouts surpassed 1 billion, officially joining the three comma club.

The creative team from OverDrive has developed an infographic that celebrates the 1 billion milestone – the milestone not only for OverDrive partners but for the entire digital publishing industry. This stunning number should encourage publishers to release more and more of their titles in a digital format and to offer these titles via public libraries.

How would one billion books look like? The stack of books would cross 31 thousand miles. It’s enough to wrap the equator one and a quarter times.

Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged. Make sure to explore OverDrive services in detail.

One billion checkouts from OverDrive-powered libraries #infographic

Via OverDrive Blog.

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