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Infographics and charts about ebooks, digital publishing, and the future of books.

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A quick guide to Amazon Prime Day 2018 #infographic

A quick and easy guide to Amazon Prime Day 2018 (infographic)

Explore this visual guide to find ways to grab the best Prime Day 2018 deals, shop like a pro with five advanced tips, save even more with Amazon Prime Rewards, and check out last year’s best selling items.

Famous book covers and fun facts about them #infographic

18 most recognizable book covers and fun facts about them (infographic)

Did you know F. Scott Fitzgerald saw a cover for The Great Gatsby while he was still working on the novel, and decided to incorporate it into the book’s plot?

50 most empowering quotes from fictional female characters #infographic

50 empowering quotes from fictional female characters (infographic)

From Mary Poppins to Wonder Woman, these characters from books and comic books will inspire you to change for the better.

Bestselling books of the 21st century by genre #infographic

Best selling books and book series of the 21st century (infographic)

Book series with Harry Potter, Robert Langdon, and Christian Grey are on top of the list of contemporary book bestsellers.

Reach mobile learners with smartphones #infographic

Benefits of reaching modern learners with mobile devices (infographic)

Smartphone learners complete course materials 45% faster than those using a computer.

Anatomy of prize-winning books #infographic

Anatomy of prize-winning books (infographic)

A new infographic from Goodreads compares common traits of prize-winning books with readers’ preferences.

Best iPad cases and accessories to buy in 2018 (infographic0 - iPad 9.7, iPad Pro, and older models

70 best iPad case covers and accessories to buy in 2018 (infographic)

Are you looking for best ways to enhance your new iPad? Do you want to turn the iPad into a fully-fledged laptop?…

One billion checkouts from OverDrive-powered libraries #infographic

OverDrive-powered libraries have checked out over 1 billion ebooks and audiobooks (infographic)

It’s a milestone for digital reading – on February 10, 2018, OverDrive recorded all-time checkouts via 40,000 connected libraries surpassed one billion.

2018 key issues in teaching and learning #infographic

Key challenges for teaching and learning in 2018 (infographic)

Among most important topics to discuss are academic transformation, accessibility, and privacy issues.

A concise history of publishing #infographic

A concise history of publishing (infographic)

Ribbonfish, a platform that offers innovative solutions for modern publishing, has released an infographic that guides us through milestone moments in the…