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Infographics and charts about ebooks, digital publishing, and the future of books.

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Bestselling books of the 21st century by genre #infographic

Best selling books and book series of the 21st century (infographic)

Book series with Harry Potter, Robert Langdon, and Christian Grey are on top of the list of contemporary book bestsellers.

Reach mobile learners with smartphones #infographic

Benefits of reaching modern learners with mobile devices (infographic)

Smartphone learners complete course materials 45% faster than those using a computer.

Anatomy of prize-winning books #infographic

Anatomy of prize-winning books (infographic)

A new infographic from Goodreads compares common traits of prize-winning books with readers’ preferences.

Best iPad cases and accessories to buy in 2018 (infographic0 - iPad 9.7, iPad Pro, and older models

70 best iPad case covers and accessories to buy in 2018 (infographic)

Are you looking for best ways to enhance your new iPad? Do you want to turn the iPad into a fully-fledged laptop?…

One billion checkouts from OverDrive-powered libraries #infographic

OverDrive-powered libraries have checked out over 1 billion ebooks and audiobooks (infographic)

It’s a milestone for digital reading – on February 10, 2018, OverDrive recorded all-time checkouts via 40,000 connected libraries surpassed one billion.

2018 key issues in teaching and learning #infographic

Key challenges for teaching and learning in 2018 (infographic)

Among most important topics to discuss are academic transformation, accessibility, and privacy issues.

A concise history of publishing #infographic

A concise history of publishing (infographic)

Ribbonfish, a platform that offers innovative solutions for modern publishing, has released an infographic that guides us through milestone moments in the…

All you wanted to know about Dr. Seuss #infographic

The facts in the hat – Dr. Seuss by the numbers (infographic)

Did you know Dr. Seuss’s first book was rejected 27 times? Or that he never had any children of his own? These and other facts are included in the infographic below.

Guinness world records related to books and reading #infographic

Guinness World Records related to books and reading (infographic)

This World Book Day infographic is a handy list of Guinness World Records that involve books.

The Man Booker Prize winners analyzed #infographic

The Man Booker Prize winners analyzed (infographic)

The infographic takes a closer look at the winning authors and books of the Man Booker Prize between 1969 and 2013.

Comparison of smart speakers: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home #infographic

Amazon Echo vs. Google Home – which smart speaker is better? (infographic)

Amazon Echo and Google Home voice assistants compared. Music and audiobook playback, smart home features, voice management, shopping experience, and productivity. Which device wins your heart?

Optimized ebook distribution setup - publish your book conveniently to reach maximum reach, impact, and profit #infographic

How to conveniently get your book published in major ebook stores (infographic)

A guide and infographic from Reedsy will help aspiring writers publish their ebooks to achieve maximum reach, impact, and profit.

How much are big authors worth per word? #infographic

How much are famous authors worth per word? (infographic)

An infographic compares how much the richest authors earned in 2017 with how many words they wrote. Have you ever thought about…

Every literary movement summed up in a single sentence #infographic

Every literary movement in the history of literature summed up in a single sentence (infographic)

Courtney Gorter has created for Spark Notes an entertaining visual that collects major movements in the history of literature and sums them…

A magic history of Harry Potter #infographic

A magic history of Harry Potter (infographic)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, Bloomsbury Publishing has released a set of interesting materials Hogwarts students have to see,…

How to engage boys in reading books #infographic

How to engage boys in reading books (infographic)

We’ve seen many infographics that share tips on how to involve children and teenagers in reading. Isn’t it, however, important to find…

Christmas book and dessert pairing guide #infographic

12 desserts inspired by classic Christmas books (infographic)

Just in time for Christmas, the team from Shari’s Berries has created an excellent infographic that pairs beloved Christmas tales with delicious…

The most interesting book and library infographics of the year 2017

The best 2017 infographics about books, libraries, and reading

The world of books and reading as seen in the most popular infographics released in 2017.

A snapshot of American reading habits in 2017 #infographic

American reading habits in 2017 (infographic)

Americans read in 2017 slightly less than in 2016, with 41% devoting the same time to reading as a year before. The…

A brief history of ebooks #infographic

A brief history of ebooks (infographic)

Ten years ago Amazon released the first-generation Kindle. This single device successfully introduced digital reading to the mass imagination. See also: The…