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The best science fiction novels of all time - full infographic

What are the best sci-fi books of all time? (infographic)

This infographic list of the best all-time science fiction books is focusing on artificial intelligence, time travel, and space exploration.

Ola Kowalczyk December 29, 2019
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6 reasons why you should re-read Jan Austen books (infographic)

The radical thoughts of Jane Austen – a book by book breakdown (infographic)

Austen’s six novels are brilliantly reassessed to reveal how radical the world’s favorite author was.

Ola Kowalczyk December 16, 2019
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Writing gives a dash of motivation - infographic

11 science-backed benefits of writing (infographic)

This great infographic will give you scientific reasons why you should go back to writing your blog post, essay, or novel.

Ola Kowalczyk December 13, 2019
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New and trendy words to use more often this year - full size infographic

19 trendy words you should be using more often (infographic)

From “hippotherapy,” to “mansplaining,” to “sprog,” to “peoplekind” – these words will spice up your vocabulary and make you more engaging in conversations.

Ola Kowalczyk December 6, 2019
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Reading in the 21st century - full infographic

Reading in the 21st century – digital and print compared (infographic)

Check out how digital-first approach changes your reading style and habits.

Ola Kowalczyk December 3, 2019
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6 steps to read more books more efficiently - full infographic

6 steps to read more books – more efficiently (infographic)

Do you want to read more books? Finding enough time is one part of the story. The other one is how you read.

Ola Kowalczyk October 31, 2019
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Benefits of reading graphic novels - full infographic

Benefits of reading graphic novels (infographic)

Graphic novels, among others, help sharpen critical thinking, build visual literacy, and promote vocabulary acquisition.

Ola Kowalczyk September 27, 2019
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Forbidden books from around the world - full infographic

Forbidden books from around the world (infographic)

The infographic shows nearly 50 countries with books that are or were banned in recent years.

Friendly Staff September 19, 2019
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Smashing UX Design - best books on user experience ans usability

10 must-read books on user experience and usability (infographic)

Do you want to design better, more user-friendly interfaces, apps, and web pages? Take a look at this concise visual.

Piotr Kowalczyk September 4, 2019
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How to create promote and sell and ebook - start writing

How to write, promote, and sell an ebook – in 9 easy steps (infographic)

Are you planning to publish an ebook? Make sure to check out this infographic to learn how to do it efficiently and get the best results.

Ola Kowalczyk July 5, 2019
Cute Amazon Fire HD 10 folio stand case

Cute Amazon Fire HD 10 folio stand case

Are you looking for adorable cases for your new 10-inch Fire tablet? Check out the folio stand covers from Cute Pets series by Dteck. They fit both the 2019 and 2017 model.

Average rating: 4.4/5

Amazon $18.99

Flexible iPad 10.2 case compatible Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard

Flexible iPad 10.2 case compatible with Smart Keyboard

From ESR comes a clever, flexible back case that seamlessly works with the original Apple Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover, giving your 10.2-inch iPad a complete 360-degree protection against bumps and scratches.

Average rating: 4.4/5

Amazon $10.99


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