Ebooks are still no match for print books (infographic)

Print books vs ebooks 2021 - full infographic

The newest infographic compares the popularity of printed and electronic books around the world.

It’s 50 years since the world’s first ebook was released, and 14 years since the launch of the 1st-generation Kindle. How are ebooks doing today?

I still remember how breaking the news was that Amazon customers were buying more Kindle ebooks than print books combined. It was over 10 years ago, in May 2011.

E-books are now a part of the publishing landscape, and many book lovers have already found a balance between print and electronic format.

Are ebooks still on the rise? Had they finally overcome printed books, but we all have missed it?

No. According to data from Statista’s Advertising & Media Outlook, the popularity of ebooks is still way behind paper books. Respondents from ten countries were asked last year about their purchases of print and electronic books.

In the United States, 45% of the population have purchased a printed book last year, compared to 23% buying an ebook.

Ebooks are most popular in China, where 25% of the population is estimated to have bought an ebook, while 32% went for a printed book.

Europe is where ebooks have not been embraced. They have been bought by 14% of the population in Spain, 10% in Germany, and only 7.5% in France.

Below, you will see all the data in a gorgeous infographic designed by The Visual Capitalist.

Print books vs ebooks 2021 - full infographic

Via The Visual Capitalist blog.

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