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Ebook Friendly is a site for ebook geeks. You can find here news, simple tips, recent deals, as well as fun stuff related to ebooks, digital publishing and the future of books.

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Why Ebook Friendly

Distraction-free interface

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The Internet is all about being distracted. Reading is all about being focused. That’s why we reduced the number of elements on a site. You won’t see any Google ads on our site, that’s a promise.

Simple tips for ebook lovers

Many users still think ebooks are too complicated. What they need is dead-simple tips on ebooks, e-readers, tablets, any piece of technology which is needed to start reading ebooks. Or they just simply want to be persuaded to try ebooks. Tips & more section is devoted to answer these needs.

Helping international ebook users

Most ebook sites focus on US market, but ebooks are taking off in many countries. There is no point in sharing US-only news for users in other countries without adding a special context and perspective. We fill this gap.

Cool stuff about ebooks

Ebooks are not only about tech reviews of recent e-readers or tablets. We share a lot of interesting and funny stuff related to ebooks, digital publishing, and reading in digital times. Infographics, cool images, quotes, cartoons, videos – you name it.

Current ebook deals

We are not only focused on Kindle (as most of ebook related sites do). We share recent news and deals for users of Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks Store. Check out recent deals featured on Ebook Friendly.

Terms and conditions

Our site is participating in the Amazon and Skimlinks – affiliate advertising programs that help earn advertising fees by recommending products of their partners. We monetize this site by getting paid a small commission of sales of the products or services we write about.

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The site was founded and designed by Piotr Kowalczyk, self-publisher, short story author and an enthusiast of ebooks and digital reading. The site is proudly powered by WordPress.

Ebook Friendly is a brand name of Indigo Piotr Kowalczyk, registered in Poland. Our mailing address is:

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For inquiries, please use the contact sheet. Let’s also connect on Facebook, TwitterTumblr, and Pinterest.

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