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Ebook Friendly is a site for modern book lovers, founded in 2010 by a former ad-man Piotr Kowalczyk who decided to devote his life to books.

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Our website is designed to help make reading books more enjoyable than ever before. Here, you’ll find tips, lists, news, and infographics, relevant for book lovers in the evolving times of digital content. iPad and Kindle users are our main focus, but old-school print lovers will also find plenty of content about libraries, reading, and gift ideas.

Privacy is important for us – this is why Ebook Friendly is much more secure than other websites. You will not be bombarded by ads, pop-up alerts, sign up forms, or autoplay videos – and that’s a promise.

By reducing distractions and increasing privacy, we have only one goal – to inspire you to reach for a good book.

Updated on October 12, 2020

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