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The most popular literary hotspots across America, by state and genre (infographics)

Top literary hotspots in the United States - infographics

100% of novels set in Pearl Harbor belong to the historical fiction genre. New York City is the most common literary setting in the United States.

An impressive set of literary infographics has just been released by Crossword Solver. Called Books Across America, the visuals analyze in detail the locations where popular novels are set.

The infographics are a great book discovery tool, especially if you are planning holidays in a specific location and would like to give it a bookish touch. They are also a fantastic reference point for book authors, as most of these locations were chosen for a reason.

How was the data for the visuals collected and processed? The team at Crossword Solver used location tags added by Goodreads users for books set in the United States. Then, the books with the most ratings were identified for six most popular genres: romance, fantasy, historical, mystery, sci-fi, and thriller novels.

Please make sure to visit the original article at Crossword Solver blog to find more details about the methodology, as well as an extremely interesting tool that reveals books set closest to you. I will write about the tool soon, so let’s keep in touch.

Crossword Solver is a free online search tool every fan of crossword puzzles should add to their browser bookmarks. The platform is designed to help find all possible words made up of the clues, letters, and word length you provide.

All the visuals were designed by NeoMam Studios, a UK-based digital agency that created some of the most stunning book infographics, including writing lessons from successful authors and house plans of homes from classic novels.

The entire set of literary America infographics includes nine visuals, and I present them below with short highlights.

Top literary hotspots in the US by state

In which state are the most books set?

In which US state are the most books set - infographic

▸ New York and California are the states where the plots of the most novels are set (4,887 and 4,505 books, respectively). Texas takes the third position with 2,064 books.

▸ Vermont is the least popular state for storytelling, with only 41 novels taking place here. Two other states with less than 100 literary hotspots are Delaware (75) and North Dakota (80).

Where are the most books set in every state?

Where are the most books set in every US state - full infographic

▸ New York City is the most popular literary spot, picked by authors of 2,609 books. It’s the only place in the United States that is used as a location in over 1,000 books.

▸ Los Angeles comes as the second most popular literary hotspot, appearing in 984 books. It’s followed by Chicago (953 titles).

▸ Buffalo Valley is where the 4th novel from Debbie Macomber’s Dakota Series is set. It’s the only literary location in North Dakota, based on data from Goodreads.

Top 10 most popular US locations to set books

Top 10 most popular literary hotspots in the US - infographic

▸ New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, are the most popular literary locations in the United States. New York City is home to 2,609 novels, Los Angeles – 984, and Chicago – 953.

Top literary hotspots in the US by genre

Top 10 US locations for romance novels

Top 10 US locations for romance novels - infographic

▸ Bloomington, located near the Lake Monroe in Indiana, is the most admired city by romance authors and readers. Almost 93% of all books taking place here belong to the romance genre.

▸ Top love spots in the US are Bloomington, Lancaster City, Flint, and Clear Creek. Over four fifths of all books set in these towns are romance novels.

Top 10 US locations for fantasy books

Top 10 US locations for fantasy books - infographic

▸ Over 30% of all books set in Blue Ridge Mountains, Arizona, are fantasy novels, including This Size of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.

▸ The top 3 US locations famous to be full of vampires, goblins, and witches, are Blue Ridge Mountains, Spokane, and Tulsa.

Top 10 US locations for historical books

Top 10 US locations for historical books - infographic

▸ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is the only literary location in the United States belonging to one genre. 100% of novels set here are listed as historical novels on Goodreads.

▸ Pearl Harbor, Lowell, and Jamestown are favored by authors of historical fiction. Over 80% of all books set in these places belong to this category.

Top 10 US locations for mystery novels

Top 10 US locations for mystery novels - infographic

▸ Bisbee, Arizona, is a popular location for mystery novels, with over 80% of all books being from this genre.

▸ Top 3 locations for mystery novels set in the United States are Bisbee, Arizona (80% of all books), Fort Lauderdale, Florida (55%), and Greenwich Village City, New York (54%).

Top 10 US locations for sci-fi books

Top 10 US locations for sci-fi novels - infographic

▸ Sedona, Arizona, is the most popular place for science-fiction. 25% of all books set here belong to this category, including River Rising by John A. Heldt.

▸ Top 5 US locations where sci-fi books take place are Sedona, Reno, Chattanooga, Spokane, and Rochester.

Top 10 US locations for thrillers

Top 10 US locations for thrillers novels- infographic

▸ Almost 18% of all books that are set in Washington, D.C., are thrillers. Among them is Dan Brown’s Deception Point.

▸ Top 5 locations for thriller novels set in the United States are Washington (D.C.), Memphis (Tennessee), Miami (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia), and Long Island (New York).

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