This online tool helps discover the books set nearest to you

Discover the books set nearest to you interactive tool

Enter the ZIP code or type a location in the United States, and you will see the most popular books set nearest to you in six genres.

Literary maps are a great way to discover new books to read. The only problem is that they show a limited number of literary locations, and usually the most popular ones.

Wouldn’t you like to uncover the books that are set near the place you actually live or planning to spend your holidays?

Now you can, thanks to an online tool, called “Books Around America,” developed by Crossword Solver, a free platform that helps find all possible words made up of the clues, letters, and word length you provide.

Simply, go to the Books Around America home page, scroll down a bit to reveal the section called “Uncover the books set nearest to you,” and type either your ZIP code or location.

When you hit the “Show me books” button, you will see the most popular books from six categories: romance, fantasy, historical, mystery, sci-fi, and thriller novels. 

Tip: If you want to repeat the search with another ZIP code or location, make sure to refresh the page in your browser. Please keep in mind that the tool shows only the books that are set in the US.

For instance, if you live in or near Atlanta, you will see Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind (historical fiction), Triptych by Karin Slaughter (mystery), Stephen King’s It (thriller), and The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (fantasy).

The data for the tool was collected from Goodreads. As you know, the users can add tags to the books they review. Among the tags you will find locations, where the book’s plot takes place.

The team at Crossword Solver collected location tags from Goodreads and then identified the books with the highest number of ratings for six most popular genres. Then, the coordinates for all the locations in the dataset were retrieved. The tool uses these coordinates to show the books that are set closest to your location.

Below, you will see screenshots with Books Across America results for New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, Pearl Harbor, Little Rock, and New Orleans.

Have you read all the good books that are set near your home?

⇢ Uncover the books

The tool comes complete with a set of highly engaging infographics that analyze the top literary hotspots in the US by state and genre. They are a great book matching tool for top US tourist locations.

The books set nearest to…


Best books set near Atlanta - infographic


Best books set near Baltimore - infographic

Little Rock

Best books set near Little Rock - infographic

New Orleans

Best books set near New Orleans - infographic

Pearl Harbor

Best books set near Pearl Harbor - infographic

New York City

Best books set near New York - infopgraphic

Keep exploring. Here are the popular lists for book lovers:

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