Common literary devices – the ultimate infographic guide

Literary devices every writer should know
Literary devices every writer should know

An infographic from Grammar Check puts together the most common literary devices, together with their short descriptions and example phrases.

Literary devices, such as metaphors, oxymorons, or isocolons, are a way to take writing beyond its literal meaning. They are the main reason why literature is so enchanting, and reading is so addictive.

Grammar Check, a popular online spell checking tool, has just released an infographic that lists the most popular literary devices, metaphor, hyperbole, anaphora, chiasmus, and juxtaposition among them.

The visual is a great learning tool not only for writers who want to master their skills, but also readers who want to put the enjoyment from reading literature to a new level.

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

Literary devices - ultimate infographic guide

Via Grammar Check blog.

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