How to set up and organize a perfect home library (infographic)

Types of shelving in a home library - infographic
Types of shelving in a home library - infographic

A new infographic includes tips to create a functional in-home library, types of shelving and light, as well as alternative ways to find great reads.

With a growing popularity of digital books, you may assume that you no longer need a home library. You can now have all your books on your Kindle or in a book-reading app, right?

Think again. Most modern book lovers will never become 100% digital. Many users, me among them, found a balance between print and digital books. Sometimes, I reach for a Kindle, but sometimes I find it much more enjoyable to read a hardcover edition.

A place devoted to books, be it the smallest one, is a tribute to little objects that made your life meaningful.  It’s a special place where you can enjoy the presence of books and access them easily.

Combine a home library with a cozy reading place, and you have everything to be happy every single day.

Even if your collection of print books is limited to a few dozens of titles, you may still want to organize them in a logical and functional way. And, no, sorting books by the color of spines is not the best approach.

From Hippo, an innovative property insurance online platform, comes a list and infographic How to make a home library. It’s a one-time guide to setting up a home library. The visual includes answers to the most common questions you may have when you start thinking of organizing – or reorganizing – a library at your home:

  • Which place at home is best suited for a library?
  • What type of bookshelves should I choose?
  • Which type of reading light is best for me?
  • Which way of organizing books works best?

If you visit the original post on Hippo blog, you will also have a chance to read about the benefits of a home library. Improving literacy levels and reducing stress are among the most important ones.

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

How to create a home library - full infographic

Via Hippo blog.

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