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Tips, infographics, and fun stuff about libraries and librarians in digital times.

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Top 10 most borrowed library ebooks and audiobooks of all time

Top 10 ebook and audiobook library checkouts of all time

“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn is the most borrowed ebook of all time from libraries powered by OverDrive.

One billion checkouts from OverDrive-powered libraries #infographic

OverDrive-powered libraries have checked out over 1 billion ebooks and audiobooks (infographic)

It’s a milestone for digital reading – on February 10, 2018, OverDrive recorded all-time checkouts via 40,000 connected libraries surpassed one billion.

Funniest and weirdest animated gifs that are set in libraries

14 funniest and weirdest animated gifs that are set in libraries

Take a look at these entertaining loops that will animate your mind and inspire to visit the library.

The most interesting book and library infographics of the year 2017

The best 2017 infographics about books, libraries, and reading

The world of books and reading as seen in the most popular infographics released in 2017.

How libraries are using social media #infographic

How libraries are using social media (infographic)

If you are a person responsible in your library for social media, you will find this infographic helpful. Librarians are incredibly open…

John Green 26 facts about libraries - video thumb

John Green shares 26 exciting facts about libraries (video)

In Episode 518 of The List Show by Mental Floss, famous author John Green shares some less known facts about one of…

Have you hugged a librarian today? #cartoon

Have you hugged your librarian today? (cartoon)

Another great Reading Quirks cartoon by The Wild Detectives and Laura Pacheco. Via The Wild Detectives on Medium. More stuff for book…

Evolving library concepts #infographic

16 concepts for the evolving library (infographic)

What an inspiring way to rethink what libraries are about! See also: Reid Wilson has created an amazingly simple visual, called Evolving…

How to celebrate Read an Ebook Day 2017

11 exciting ways you can celebrate Read an Ebook Day 2017

For the fourth time, ebook lovers from around the world celebrate Read an Ebook Day.

Five ways to use your library card #infographic

5 ways to use your library card (infographic)

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month! Do you know you can use your library card for much more than just borrowing books?…

Countries with the most and fewest libraries per 100,000 residents #infographic

Countries with the most and fewest libraries per 100,000 residents (infographic)

How can you judge which country is the best for the book lover? You can rank countries by literate behaviour characteristics, for…

The future of the library is the library of things #infographic

The future of the library is the library of things (infographic)

We live in times of the internet of things. Things such as a fridge can connect to the web and send messages.…

Beautiful libraries in photographs by Thibaud Poirier

25 libraries, classic and modern, in awe-inspiring symmetrical photos

Stunning photos by Thibaud Poirier show the beauty of reading rooms and describe what libraries are about.

Story Pod is an exchange library designed by AKB studio

Story Pod is a compact exchange library which stands exactly where you need it

This compact, 8 by 8 feet, cubic is a great example of an urban design that brings the joy of reading to public spaces.

Custom-built home library in Arizona

An amazing home library made of 10,000 pieces of walnut (pictures)

This home library in Arizona was inspired by the 19th-century library at the Konopiště Castle, near Prague, Czech Republic.

Depulvera book cleaning machine video

This machine can remove dust from over 5,000 books per day (video)

How often do you remove dust from books at home? Once a year, during spring cleaning, more or less often? It’s not…

10 most challenged books of 2016 #infographic

10 most challenged books of 2016 in the US (infographic)

Books by Mariko Tamaki, John Green, Chuck Palahniuk, and Bill Cosby are on a list of most challenged titles in the US in 2016.

Librarians' favorite books around the world interactive map

Interactive map shows librarians’ favorite books around the world

Every day we read about favorite books of top celebrities, cultural figures, or world leaders. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s on…

Free coloring book from Cambridge University Library

Leading museums and libraries offer gorgeous coloring books, free to download

Color Our Collections project lets you download free coloring books based on collections from famous libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions.

Pet lovers librarians - venn diagram

Book, cat, and cardigan lovers (diagram)

Take a look at who is at the intersection ?. Venn diagram prepared by Fake Library Stats, shared by Christian Lauersen‏. More…