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23 gifts for librarians and library lovers

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Best gifts merch for librarians library lovers

Libraries matter – here are the gift ideas, if you want to thank your librarian or share the love for libraries.

Every day, libraries around the world lend their patrons millions of items. Millions of books, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, or games. Millions of megabytes of free internet access.

A librarian is the ultimate search engine, and no Google web search algorithm will ever beat it.

Most importantly, opposite to any artificial intelligence, the librarians will be thankful for appreciating their work.

The list below includes library gift ideas for your librarian if you think saying “thank you” is not enough. Just keep in mind that maybe instead of gifting an item that says “librarian,” it’s good to search for more subtle and sophisticated ideas.

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Some gifts are an excellent way to support your local library. Posters, badges, stationery, or treats would be a great addition to community meetings.

And finally, these library-themed gifts and merchandise will share your love for libraries, just like book-themed gifts share the love for books and reading.

But there is one difference. Wearing a library t-shirt is, in fact, a way to promote libraries. It doesn’t only say you love books. It also says you care about them. Because the library is the most advanced way of caring for books the man has ever developed.

Best gifts for librarians and library lovers

1. On My Way to the Library t-shirt

On my way to the library tshirt - best gifts for library lovers

Every day I go to the library is a happy day! You can share the love for books, libraries,… and bicycles by getting this vintage design on Redbubble.

The text says: “On my way to the library. Happy Day!” and is shown on a shape of a retro bicycle. You can get the design on over 70 products, not only t-shirts. Tote bags, travel mugs, purses, tablet sleeves, coasters, and wall art. There is also a dark variant available.

⇢ Redbubble

2. Librarian at Work bookend

Librarian metal minimalist bookend - best gifts for library lovers

Look at this wonderful little piece of home decor! It shows a librarian lady putting back the book on a shelf.

The bookend is made of steel, painted with matte black paint, and has silicone feet to prevent from sliding. Please note that this is just a single bookend (librarians are unrepeatable). If you want to have a pair, you will have to buy a second piece.

⇢ Amazon

3. A Truly Great Library tile pendant

A truly great library - great gifts for librarians

What is truly great about this pendant is the statement: “A truly great library has something to offend everyone.”

The pendant is handmade from a Scrabble tile game piece. The image is adhered to the wood and sealed with a non-yellowing shiny dome finish. There are other catchy texts to explore.

⇢ Etsy

4. Library Lovers Day floor pillow

Library Lovers Day every day floor pillow - best library gifts merch

You can celebrate the love for libraries 365 days a year, not only during Library Lovers Day, National Library Month, Library Card Sign-Up Month, or National Bookmobile Day.

All you need is a humble reminder that you can visit a library (or its website) any time: return current books, borrow new ones, and check out upcoming events.

Take a look at a design saying “Celebrate Library Lovers Day Every Day.” This vintage-style artwork is available on Redbubble – and it means you can have it not only on t-shirts but also home decor, such as throw and floor pillows, posters, duvet covers, or blankets.

⇢ Redbubble

5. Library due date card pillows

Library due date colorful pillows - best librarian gifts

Bring the iconic design of the library due date card to your living room, home library, or a reading nook. Best of all, it’s available in a variety of colorful variants.

“These library card pillows will have you waxing nostalgic for the days when the librarian would flip to the back of the book and hand stamp the due date.”

You can choose from eight available colors, from Orange, to Yellow, to Span Pink.

⇢ Etsy

6. Go to the Library wall clock

Go to library not only when in doubt clock - best library gifts merch

A famous quote by J.K. Rowling – “When in doubt, go to the library” – is not right. There are millions of reasons to go to the library, not just one.

Check out a vintage design with a quote saying “You can go to the library even when not in doubt” in the Geek Updated store on Redbubble.

You can get the artwork on a t-shirt or hoodie (looks great!), but you can also have it on a mug, a set of coasters, a framed poster, or a sticker.

⇢ Redbubble

7. I Still Believe in 398.2 necklace

I still believe in 398 necklace - best gifts for library lovers

Library gifts don’t have to say “library” to be meaningful. In Dewey Decimal System, number 398.2 marks the section of the library that shelves folktales, fairy tales, and fables.

With age, our memories fade but the view of the library we visited in our childhood times, and these particular shelves full of dreams and adventure – unforgettable.

⇢ Etsy

8. Library edition of Frank Zappa quote

Frank Zappa book quote - funny library edition - best gifts for libraries

How would you pass to someone Frank Zappa’s famous book quote “So many books, so little time” in a reading room of a library?

The text in this funny poster is replaced with “shhh.” This uncommon idea looks like a polite and clever alternative to “please keep quiet” signs.

The “Library Edition” series includes four quotes so far. Besides Frank Zappa, you can find a quote by Thomas Jefferson, “I cannot live without books.”

⇢ Redbubble

9. This is How I Roll keychain

This is how I roll librarian keychain - best gifts

This little keychain set includes a premium quality 316L stainless-steel plate with the sentence “This is how I roll” and a shape of a bookcase.

The set also includes a cute book pendant. You will receive the keychain packed in a soft cloth and a gift bag – ready for gifting!

⇢ Amazon

10. Team 822 library system t-shirt

Team 822 Dewey Decimal library system tshirt

In the library catalog decimal system invented by Melvil Dewey in 1876, the books are assigned a classification number to easier find them.

According to Dewey’s original system, the works of the Bard can be found under the number 822. “Team 822” artwork is an uncommon way of saying you love William Shakespeare, while supporting the libraries at the same time.

The other variants are: Team Fairy Tales 813, Team Poetry 811, and Team Norse Mythology 293.

⇢ Redbubble

11. I’m a Librarian t-shirt

Librarian save time t-shirt - best gifts

Here is a funny t-shirt offered by Cloby Lime on Etsy. The text reads: “I’m a librarian. To save time, let’s just assume that I’m never wrong.”

The artwork is available on a t-shirt, but also a hoodie and sweatshirt, in multiple colors, including Navy and Sport Gray.

⇢ Etsy

12. Libraries Matter mouse pad

Public libraries matter mouse pad - best library merch

If you want to express your support for libraries, you can get a vintage-style design saying “Public Libraries Matter.”

The artwork designed by Piotr Kowalczyk is available on almost 80 products, including a full range of apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, caps), wall art, paper craft, and personal accessories, such as tablet sleeves, purses and travel mugs.

Two other variants to explore are: “Local Bookshops Matter” and “Independent Bookstores Matter.”

⇢ Redbubble

13. Librarian bracelet on old-fashioned typewriter keys

Librarian old typewriter necklace - best gifts for library lovers

From a popular Etsy shop, A Likely Story, comes a wonderful bracelet with a word “librarian” on replicas of old-fashioned typewriter keys. The bracelet features also nine book- and library-themed charms.

The bracelet fastens with a lobster claw and chain clasp, making it adjustable from approximately 7 to 9 inches in length.

⇢ Etsy

14. Detailed library due date card mug

Library due date card coffee mug

A lovely gift for a librarian or a library lover. This ceramic coffee mug is available in either 11 oz. or 15 oz, and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Most importantly, the mug features the design on both the front and back. The artwork is most probably a scan of a real library card, showing due dates ranging from the 1960s to late 1970s.

⇢ Etsy

15. Retro library-style desk lamp

Vintage library desk lamp - best library merch

This timeless design resembles the lamps used in library reading rooms. It’s a perfect accessory for a home library or a bedroom.

The lamp features an all-metal base finished in satin brass. It’s topped by the clear glass shade in an iconic emerald shape. Most importantly, the lamp offers modern functionality: two USB ports allow you to charge your phone, Kindle, or a tablet.

You can activate the lamp by touching anywhere on the base, no need to find the on-off button. You can set up one of three ambient modes to create different ambient lighting.

⇢ Amazon

16. Library due date necktie

Library due date card necktie - best gifts for librarians

From Cyberoptix comes a necktie with a vintage paper emulation of a library due date card design.

The artwork is printed on a silky-soft microfiber with non-toxic, water-based ink. You can choose from several colors and two necktie sizes.

“For a crisp new paper look, choose white or platinum. For a more aged paper feel, selecting cream or champagne would be a better choice.”

⇢ Etsy

17. Personal library kit from Knock Knock

Personal library kit from Knock Knock - best library gifts

One of those classic library gifts no library-themed overview can miss. The kit will let use the old-fashioned library circulation techniques to keep track which books you lent and whom.

The set includes twenty self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, date stamp with inkpad, and a pencil. It will be a perfect gift for a child, but the parents will have fun using it, too.

“For a bibliophile, there’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books, but no crueler pain than losing them for good.”

⇢ Amazon

18. Library Book scented candle

Library Book scented candle - top gifts for librarians

Bring the addictive scent of an old library to your living room or reading nook. Library Book scented candle offers an intoxicating and rich blend combined with dry dusty notes of tobacco and spices, such as Baies rose and incense, supported by a woody base of cedarwood and sandalwood.

The candle is hand-poured in small batches, using all-natural soya wax. It comes in a metal box with a gorgeous floral design.

⇢ Etsy

19. Old Library scented candle

Library candle in a modern packaging - best gifts ideas

From Candle Bros comes a Library scented candle offered in a minimalist modern glass jar.

When you light it, you will feel aromas and scents that are typical for old libraries: leather, vanilla, cedar, and amber.

The candle is made in small batches from 100% soy wax. With custom-sized, lead-free cotton wicks, it will burn evenly, allowing for a longer use time.

⇢ Amazon

20. Librarian Phonetic Notation face mask

Librarian phonetic notation face mask - best merch for libraries

A minimalist design showing phonetic notation for the word “librarian,” taken from a Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The idea creates a funny context, especially on a face mask.

The artwork is available on almost 80 merch products, including mugs, desk mats, stickers, badges, and apparel. A great gift idea for a librarian.

⇢ Redbubble

21. Library check out dates tote bag

Library check out dates tote bag - best gifts for library lovers

If you are never enough of the iconic library due date card design, you can have it on an eco-friendly tote bag – yes, the one you would use to return your books to the library.

This solid shopping bag measures 14.5 × 15 inches, is made of high-quality 12-ounce 100% cotton canvas, and has a reinforced bottom to handle heavy objects such as books.

⇢ Amazon

22. Librarians Rock baseball cap

Librarians rock baseball cap - best library merch gifts

Libraries are the temples of knowledge because people who work there are extremely competent. But professionalism is just one of their multiple merits.

A vintage design with a text “It’s going to be a great day because librarians rock” is available on Redbubble in two color versions – light and dark – and can be ordered on almost 80 products, including baseball caps, mugs, stickers, and t-shirts. Which one you like the most?

⇢ Redbubble

23. Vintage library card catalog cabinet

Library catalog card cabinet home decor - best gifts

Do you want to bring the look of an old library to your home? This 9-drawer wooden desk organizer looks like a mini library card catalog cabinet!

Each drawer has its own steel handle and label slot, inspired by the antic look of library cabinets. It is covered with varnish lacquer that’s tasteless and environmentally friendly. It arrives in one piece, so no assembly is required.

⇢ Amazon

Library gifts and merch ideas

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