20 bookworm gifts for every occasion in 2023

Best gifts for bookworms 2023 list

Updated on 03.04.2023.

Don’t look for mainstream gifts for bookworms everyone likes and recommends. The book lover in your life is too exceptional to receive something common.

Are you looking for a fresh-new gift for a bookworm in your life, but what you see in the gift roundups are the same items over and over again?

The problem with most book-related gift lists around the web – including the ones curated by leading websites, such as Oprah Daily, Popsugar, My Modern Met, or Esquire – is that they list items that may potentially meet the most versatile needs.

As a result, the gifts you find elsewhere are too common, too banal, too mainstream, and definitely not exceptional enough.

In the newest, 2023 update of our list of the best gifts for bookworms, we took a different approach. We focused on finding unique items that are on opposite sides of the landscape.

One list puts together the most innovative gifts for bookworms. You can find here the newest gadgets that may take the pleasure of reading to a whole new level. You would not believe you can use some of these items for reading!

The other list collects the most vintage gifts for bookworms, and is from the book lover’s paradise: the world of old libraries, letterpress books, retro design, and magical atmosphere.

Finding items for this list is an ongoing process, and we add new items a few times a year. As a matter of fact, these gifts are worth giving all year long, not only for Christmas, but also Valentine’s Day, National Reading Month, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or for a happy start of a new year in college.

Highly innovative or 100% vintage? Which gift are you planning to give to the bookworm this year?

20 most interesting gifts for bookworms

1. Clever and compact reading light

Clever and innovative reading light for glasses - best gifts for bookworms
Clever and innovative reading light that you can attach to your glasses / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best reading light for versatile needs

▸ A reading light is a great gift idea for anyone who loves reading both electronic and paper books. Even if you have an e-reader with a front light, you will need an extra light if you switch to a good old paperback.

▸ Most reading lamps come with a clip that lets you attach them to the book. It’s not a good idea because the lamp disturbs page turning. The light should be attached to your head, so that it can enlighten the space you actually look at.

▸ A German brand Nachteule offers a clever book light that got Red Dot Design Award. This patented design cannot be attached to the book or wrapped around your neck book. Just clip it onto your glasses and start reading!

▸ As the light is extremely light (only 9 grams), you can also clip it to earphones or hair accessories. Those who don’t wear glasses can use a slim headband that’s included in the box (which, by the way, is a gift box). 

▸ The soft warm light is perfect for reading, but also any other activity that needs a focused light at short distance. The built-in rechargeable battery is enough to read 200 pages.

▸ Nachteule reading light is one of the coolest gadgets for modern book lovers. Its price is set at $49.99, but currently, you can buy it for $39.99.

Our score: 8.3/10

2. Lap desk with sliding lid

Lap reading desk with sliding lid - best gifts for book lovers
Lat desk with hidden compartments for print books and electronic accessories / Image: Amazon

▸ We have explored the category of lap desks to find the one that would fit suit avid booklovers the most. And there it is!

▸ From Rossie Home comes a lap desk that puts together numerous helpful features. The base is soft and tapered for the convenient use on your laps. There is a handle so that you can easily carry the desk with you.

▸ And finally, there is a sliding lid that reveals several storage compartments, smaller and bigger: for a laptop, books or tablets, small accessories, or pens.

The solid design of this alternative solution to a bed table is made to support tasks of all kinds, whether you use it for homework, creative activities, or watching shows on your tablet.

– Producer’s description

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is $69.99, but you can hunt for price cuts that bring the price down to under $50.

Our score: 8.2/10

3. Invisible, origami style stand and handle

Origami stand and bookend - best gifts for bibliophiles
Origami stand and bookend for e-readers and print books / Image: Amazon

▸ My problem with most tablet stands is they they are too technological: too much metal, too heavy, and too gadgetty. You will hardly associate them with reading.

▸ There is one exception – the stand offered by Moft. It feels like an e-reader cover, because it’s designed in the same manner and uses similar materials. Plus, it features an origami design that’s common in Kindle covers.

▸ The design is extremely strong – so strong that you can use it as an emergency bookend for your print books. It can hold up to 7 lbs (3.2 kg) of weight.

▸ The Moft stand offers six reading angles. In portrait mode, you can choose between 25, 40, and 60 degrees. When used in a landscape position, you can set the angle at 30, 40, or 60 degrees.

▸ Most importantly, the stand can be folded to an almost invisible shape, and you can put it inside the same sleeve you use for your e-reader. Or you can place it between the books on your bedside bookshelf.

▸ The smallest and cheapest version is $29.99. Bigger ones cost $39.99 and you will be able to use them with large e-readers and print books.

4. Pillow tablet stand with a flexible arm

Pillow tablet stand with a flexible arm - best gifts for book geeks
Cozy, advanced tablet stand with a flexible arm – best hands-free reading / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best accessory for hands-free reading

▸ This innovative pillow stand will be extremely helpful for long reading sessions. It’s a combination of a pillow and stand, letting you place your e-reader at the right height and angle no matter which position you choose.

▸ The patented construction includes a flexible arm. You can adjust its height and rotate by 360 degrees. You can put your e-reader into this flexible holder as it supports devices that are up to 7 inches. You can also put the e-reader on the pillow’s base thanks to a special hook.

▸ The pillow can be also used upside down. The arm is underneath, and you can set the angle to be able to read hands-free while you are laying on your stomach. 

▸ Coziness is what the pillow is about. It’s filled with odorless foam pellets so that it can change its shape to closely fill the contact surface. The pillow’s cover is made of stretchy and breathable Lycra fabric.

▸ This pillow stand is available in two colors – Sand Orange and Stone Gray – but I expect more variants to come the moment this interesting product becomes more popular.

▸ It’s a brand-new and patented accessory, so its price is pretty high – $55.99 at the time of writing this post.

5. Long-battery, hands-free reading light

Long-battery hands-free reading light - best gifts for bookworms
Long-battery, neck reading light with three color temperatures / Image: Amazon

▸ Neck reading lights are usually large and ugly, but this new one combines flexible design with minimalist, Apple-like design.

▸ The gooseneck arm is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to fold the light to a compact size. The arm is covered with a soft silicone, for added comfort.

▸ The light comes with three color temperatures (warm, natural, and cool) and you can also adjust the brightness freely to the level that suits you the most.

▸ The rechargeable battery will last up to 6-8 hours of continuous use, and the USB-C port will let you recharge it in less than 1.5 hours.

▸ This little reading gadget looks highly innovative (and expensive) but its price is surprisingly low – $17.99 at the post of writing this post.

Our score: 7.5/10

6. Kindle Scribe e-reader with handwriting support

Kindle Scribe digital notebook 10.2-inch with handwriting - best gifts for booknerds
Kindle Scribe digital notebook 10.2-inch with handwriting support / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best digital notebook and e-reader

▸ Are you looking for a whole new way to work with documents, make notes and jot quick thoughts? Take a look at the new, powerful Kindle Scribe e-paper device, that’s so much more than a typical e-reader.

▸ Kindle Scribe will most probably change they way you read books, work with academic publications, and review documents. It’s Amazon’s first e-reader that comes with handwriting support.

▸ This 10.2-inch device is sold with a dedicated pen. You can choose either the basic or premium one – both don’t need batteries to operate.

▸ Using the pen, you can annotate documents the way you do on paper. You can also create your own documents, checklists, or journals – and use the Scribe as a classic paper notebook.

▸ All the notes are synced with your Kindle library, which you can also access online, in your browser.

▸ The e-reader sports a USB-C port for fast charging, and a built-in Audible player. It offers up to 12 weeks of battery life. You can choose from three storage variants: 16, 32, and 64 GB.

▸ The regular price for an entry-level variant (16GB of storage and a Basic pen) is $339.99. You can expect price cuts during major shopping seasons.

Our score: 8.3/10

7. Reclining gaming and reading chair

Reclining adjustable 360-degree swivel reading chair - best gifts for avid readers
Ergomaster 360-degree swivel chair – perfect for reading / Image: Amazon

▸ From Ergomaster comes a 360-degree swivel chair that’s perfect for long reading sessions.

▸ This comfortable, futuristic chair features adjustable backrest that can be set at four different positions, allowing you to relax upright or recline in comfort.

▸ A sturdy frame can stand up to 300 lbs (135 kg), while linen fabric and thick, tufted cushioning help ensure lasting comfort.

▸ Your floor stays protected from scuffs and scratches with a removable, machine-washable base cover.

▸ The chair is available in six colors. Besides Black, you can choose Brown, Blue, or Pink.

Enjoy restrictionless mobility with a steel ball-bearing system that provides 360-degree functionality; it folds down for easy storage after use.

– Producer’s description

▸ The chair costs $189.99, but you can buy it in monthly installments.

8. Foldable book and textbook holder

Foldable metal book holder - best gifts for booknerds
Slim, minimalist, foldable book and textbook holder – works with e-readers / Image: Amazon

▸ Here is a metal book holder that’s both lightweight and functional. It will work with a paper book, textbook, or cookbook. You can also use it as a tablet stand.

▸ The stand offers six reading positions that you can fix by using the notches in the middle part. You can fold the holder completely so that you can take it to the library or camping.

▸ It’s made of a premium stainless iron, and is painted in one of over twenty bright colors, including Lime Green, Book Brown, Morandi Pink, and Army Green.

▸ The holder is one of the most affordable reading accessories. At the time of updating this overview it costs $12.99.

⇢ Amazon

9. Tablet stand, book holder, and travel pillow in one

Tablet stand and book pillow in one - best gifts for book lovers
Book holder and tablet stand for hands-free use / Image: Amazon

▸ From Ugreen comes the newest accessory that is a perfect gift for modern-day booklovers.

▸ It’s a specially designed pillow that’s incredibly lightweight and functional. Officially, it’s a tablet pillow stand, but it actually combines four benefits:

– Tablet and e-reader stand – with three grooves, you can place your device at different angles, and enjoy your favorite movies and books hands-free.

– Book holder – you can use your print book as well – the grooves are deep enough to hold and keep in place an opened paper book.

– Portable pillow – this unique design is foldable. Thanks to that, you can use it as a travel pillow.

– Accessory organizer – the pillow features handy pockets at the back side. They are perfect for cables, earphones, or chargers.

▸ The pillow is a perfect stand for uneven surfaces, such as bed, sofa, or tent. It’s made of premium materials. It’s soft and cozy, but on the other side, difficult to deform.

▸ The holder proudly holds the Amazon Choice badge for being a highly-rated, well-priced product available to ship immediately. It’s price is currently $23.99, down from $26.99.

Our score: 8.0/10

10. Coffee and candle warmer with USB charger

Coffee mug and warmer with USB - best gifts for book lovers
This coffee mug warmer is combined with USB charger and can be used for candles as well / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best accessory for long reading sessions

▸ What do you need to enjoy reading books to the fullest? A good book, a comfortable sofa, a cup of coffee… and the next cup of coffee. And a magical scent that will transfer you to a fictional reality.

▸ Take a look at this innovative little accessory that guarantees your coffee or tea will be always warm and tasty. The warmer was designed by Red Dot Award winners, and comes with several helpful features.

▸ It’s waterproof, you can turn it on and off by using a touch button in the corner, and it turns off automatically after 8 hours of use.

▸ Another benefit is a dual-port charger. You can connect your e-reader or tablet to either a standard USB port or a fast USB-C port – and make sure your device never runs out of battery when you are reading the final, most fascinating chapter.

▸ Best of all, the coffee mug warmer can be used to release the scent from a candle without actually lighting it. All you have to make sure is choose a book-scented candle.

▸ This coffee & candle warmer combined with USB charger costs normally $39.99, but you can grab it for $29.99 from time to time.

Our score: 8.4/10

11. “Sitting Robot” steampunk bookshelf lamp

Steampunk robot bookshelf lamp - best gifts for booknerds
Steampunk industrial decorative lamp for a bookshelf / Image: Amazon

▸ Are you investigating options for decorating your bookshelf and give it an even more vintage feel?

▸ Take a look at a retro decorative lamp created from industrial water pipes to resemble a sad robot, with its head being a round lamp (fit for E26 bulb).

▸ A perfect place for such a creative piece of home decor is an edge of a bookshelf in a living room.

▸ The robot is 13 in (33 cm) high, and heavy enough to be used as a bookend. Other postures are also available.

▸ The “Sitting Robot” bookshelf lamp is a little home decor masterpiece, so it’s not surprising it costs $59.99.

12. “The Power of a Bookworm” tote bag

The Power of a Bookworm tote bag - best gifts for book lovers
The Power of a Bookworm tote bag and 12 other items / Image: Zazzle

▸ Most apparel designs for book lovers are sweet, cozy, and, sometimes, too childish. If you are looking for something totally different, check out this evergreen, vintage artwork.

▸ The retro typography text says “never underestimate the power of a reserved bookworm,” followed by “introverts rock,” and “turn the power on.”

▸ The typography combines a classic college font with a hand lettered touch, vintage ornaments, and a distinct sign of a lightning in the background.

▸ Besides the tote bag, you can get “The Power of a Bookworm” artwork on twelve other products, including t-shirts, magnets, notebooks, laptop sleeves, keychains, and throw pillows. 

Your next shopping trip just got a little more earth-friendly and a lot more stylish!

– Product description

▸ The tote bag is available in two sizes (medium and large), and two variants (shoulder and cross-body). Prices start at $22.99, but every month Zazzle runs price deals for apparel that let you save even 40%.

13. Miniature book necklace

Book pendant - best gifts for bookworms
Miniature book pendant with a necklace / Image: Amazon

▸ Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. This bookish silver necklace shows a miniature 3-dimensional book entitled “Book.” What else a book lover would need?

▸ The necklace comes with an 18-inch sterling silver cable chain, and will arrive in a gift box.

▸ The necklace with make a great gift for a book lover in your life. It costs $32 on Amazon.

14. “Composition Book” notebook

Classic composition book notebook - best gifts for book lovers
A notebook with an iconic “composition book” design / Image: Zazzle

▸ Here is something for fans of an iconic “composition book” design – you can have it back on the cover of a 80-page, college rules notebook with lay flat spiral binding.

▸ The design was carefully recreated to give you a vintage feel. There is a worn out effect on the pattern, and a retro label on a yellowed paper background.

▸ This classic composition book artwork is available on Zazzle in four colors: Green, Black, Red and Brown. Plus, you can have it on eight other products, including apparel, magnets, mouse pads, and keychains.

▸ The regular price of the notebook is $12.90, but if you are a Zazzle customer, you know you can enjoy frequent price cuts.

15. Steampunk candle light and speaker in one

Steampunk bedside reading lamp with speaker - best gifts for bookworms
Vintage bedside reading lamp with speaker / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best bedside accessory for avid readers

▸ Since most e-readers offer now a front light feature, you no longer need a reading lamp that emits enough light to make the text readable.

▸ The thing is that a lamp with a cozy warm light tone is a part of reading enjoyment. Obviously, you can always light a candle, for instance the one that smells like an old library or a paperback.

▸ You can, however, go for a more functional alternative, and get a gorgeous-looking lamp that has a built-in speaker – a great solution if you love to listen to audiobooks.

▸ This steampunk lamp combines innovative features and a gorgeous vintage look. It operates in two modes. One is a warm light. The other one is a flickering candle (I love this one!). You can adjust the light brightness by rotating a switch in the base of the lamp.

▸ The wireless speaker supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Many reviewers have pointed out that it gives a surprisingly crisp and powerful sound.

▸ How long is the playing time? It’s the most important question for audiobook lovers. This steampunk, battery operated lamp & speaker can play audiobooks for up to 8 hours at the maximum volume!

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is set at $32.99. We have seen a few price drops already.

Our score: 8.2/10

16. “The movie vs. the book” poster

The movie vs the book postr - best gifts for booklovers
“The movie vs. the book” poster clever wall art / Image: Amazon

▸ From Echo Literary Arts comes an art print that would be a great wall decor in your kids’ room.

▸ Does the movie ever cover the depth and excitement of the book? This inspiring, nautical poster shows the answer!

▸ The artwork is available in four sizes, from 8 × 10 to 24 × 36 inches. You can have it printed on plain paper or laminated. You can also order it with a frame.

▸ The poster currently costs $18.99 on Amazon.

17. Marbled paper VNTG NTBK zipper pouch

Marbled paper vintage notebook VNTG NTBK pouch - best gifts for book lovers
Vintage marbled paper VNTG NTBK notebook design on a zipper pouch / Image: Redbubble

▸ Here is another gift idea inspired by a classic design – a zipper pouch featuring a retro marbled paper background with a worn out label looking like the hand-crafted one from 19th century composition books.

▸ The marbled paper pattern is available in four color variants: Brown, Green, Purple, and Black. You can explore them all in our Redbubble store.

▸ There are almost 80 products with this design, including hats, t-shirts, throw pillows, stickers, smartphone cases, stationery, mugs, and, obviously, notebooks.

▸ The pouch is available in three sizes, from 6×4 to 12.5×8.5 inches. Actually, such a purse would work great as a book sleeve, and even better as a sleeve for your e-reader.

▸ The price of the pouch in the Redbubble online store is $10.99 for the small size, and $16.50 for the largest one.

18. “Oxford Comma Explained” mouse pad

Oxford Comma Explained mouse pad - best gift ideas
“Ox, ford, and comma” – a vintage-style Oxford Comma explainer works best on a mouse pad or desk mat / Image: Redbubble

▸ Bring a feel of an old library to your workspace, especially, if you are an Oxford comma advocate.

▸ The design resembles the look of old letterpress texts, with an elegant gold and charcoal color combination.

▸ The most interesting is the idea itself. It explains the Oxford comma, by using… these very words. The text goes “Ox, ford, and comma.” And there is a double-meaning “series comma rules” line below.

▸ On Redbubble, you can find almost 80 different products with “Ox, ford, and comma” design, including clothes, home decor, pet products, stickers, sleeves, mugs, and throw pillows. And there is also a light variant available.

▸ The small mouse pad costs $18 on a regular basis, but if you sign up to Redbubble newsletter, you will be able to buy it for even 50% less. You can also get a desk mat for $40.

19. “Bookworm Forever BKWRM FRVR” t-shirt & other items

BKWRM Vintage Bookworm t-shirt - best gifts for bibliophiles
BKWRM FRVR Vintage Bookworm t-shirt / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are a bookworm, you don’t have to literally show the word “bookworm” on your t-shirt. It would have been too trivial and too common. Use consonant-only abbreviations. 

▸ Take a look at the BKWRM FRVR design created by one of our team members, Piotr Kowalczyk. This vintage artwork includes an opened book icon, engraved round reading glasses, and dictionary entries for two words: “bookworm” and “forever”.

▸ The design is available in two color variants: light and dark. You can have it on a standard t-shirt, but also other clothes, including v-neck, premium t-shirt, or pullover hoodie.

▸ If you visit our Redbubble store, you can order the design on over 70 items, including wall art, home decor, and personal accessories. Plus, there are other abbreviations to explore: BKNRD and BKLVR.

▸ A classic-style BKWRM FRVR t-shirt costs on Amazon $15.99, and is available in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes. From time to time, we reduce our artist margin to let you buy it for $14.99.

20. DIY “Book Nook” bookshelf diorama and bookend

Book Nook bookshelf insert and bookend - best gifts for booknerds
A magical “Book Nook” bookshelf insert and bookend / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best home decor for bookworms

▸ Here is another creative idea to decorate a bookshelf. The category of diorama inserts is taking Amazon by storm, and here is one of the best examples.

▸ Offered by RoWood Store, this wooden DIY dollhouse model building kit is inspired by the charm of a book nook, “where you feel like been immersed in leisurely time of the town to cherish in the endless dusk.”

▸ The set includes movable elements that you can arrange on your bookshelf: a caffe stand, a cat, and a dog. Plus, you can turn on the wall and street lamp to create the ultimate magic.

▸ The insert is the size of a book, so that you can place between the books, but also use as a bookend.

▸ The insert proudly holds the Amazon’s Choice badge for being a highly-rated product offered at a reasonable price – which is at the time of updating this post set at $44.99.

Our score: 8.3/10

Best gifts for bookworms to buy in 2023
Best gifts for bookworms to buy in 2023 – a list curated on Amazon by Ebook Friendly

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