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37 new unique gifts to give book readers this holiday season

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Newest gifts for book lovers - holiday 2019 gift list

The book lovers’ world doesn’t end on “Just one more chapter” t-shirt, “Go away, I’m reading” socks, or Kindle Unlimited gift membership.

Are you planning to gift what everyone else is gifting, or are you going to take more time and find something exceptional – as exceptional as the person who will unwrap this gift?

If you choose the first option, you can find dozens of roundups on the web that share the same book-related gifts as a year or five years ago.

Sure, some gifts are timeless, and it’s worth giving them – especially when the gift recipient wishes them to see. However, you will be surprised to see how many new products are released every month. Among them, you will items that combine benefits from different product categories or address emerging needs of modern book lovers.

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We’ve spent over 50 hours to go through all book and library-themed products that appeared in recent months in major online store, with a focus on Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Uncommon Goods, and Not on the High Street.

As a result, you will see a roundup of the newest products that would make great gifts for Christmas. You won’t see here another “I like big books” hoodie, or the newest-generation Kindle, or “Just one more chapter ” travel mug, that’s for sure.

You have to choose. You can either pick up a popular mainstream product tested by hundreds of users, or you can choose something unique and unexpected.

The best new gifts for book readers – highlights

In the following roundup of the best new gifts you can give the book lovers in your life, you will find, among others:

  • A bookmark that doubles as a pendant
  • A DIY book binding kit
  • Ethically created book-scented candles and perfumes
  • The newest t-shirt ideas
  • “Heroic Girls in Books” – a perfect poster for young adult fiction lovers
  • Bookstagram socks
  • Reading glasses with a unique folding mechanism
  • Writing gloves inspired by classic books
  • A bookish pendant that can be personalized
  • A set of wristbands with literary quotes – perfect for book club members
  • Beautiful hand-painted jewelry you have never seen before
  • Refreshingly different bookends
  • Foldable bed table and reading stand
  • The newest sunglasses with open ear headphones – perfect for audiobook lovers
  • Organic keychain wristlets with literary quotes
  • Cable organizer and bookmark in one
  • And many more!
Best new gifts for book lovers - 2019 holiday list

The best new gifts for book readers

1. Organic keychain wristlets with literary quotes

Organic keychain wristlet with literary quotes

From Trendy Earth, a sewer and crafter using eco-friendly textiles in Connecticut, comes a fantastic range of colorful and fashionable keychain wristlets that are made from 100% organic cotton.

A few variants come with quotes by famous authors, including Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare. The quotes are sewn on one side of the wrist strap.

⇢ Amazon – $12.95

2. Writing gloves inspired by classic books

Writing gloves inspired by Hamlet - new gifts for book nerds
Writing gloves inspired by The Night Circus - best gifts for booklovers
Writing gloves Sherlock Holmes - gifts for booklovers
Writing gloves inspired by A Christmas Carol - gifts for booklovers

Have you ever considered getting (or giving) writing gloves that will keep your palms warm when writing (or reading) a book during a long winter evening?

Here is our newest discovery – wonderful gloves inspired by classic novels!

The gloves are hand-crafted by Storiarts from super soft 100% cotton knit fabric. They feature most passages from most famous classic novels and stories.

There are 24 variants to choose from You can pick up the red gloves inspired by A Christmas Carol, or more neutral Sense and Sensibility in gray, or black & white variant with a text from Hamlet.

⇢ Etsy – $26

3. Bookmark and weighted page holder

Bookmark and weighted page holder - best gifts for book lovers

Our pick: A clever combination of a page holder and bookmark

From Superior Essentials comes one of the most popular and best-rated items for book lovers to find on Amazon.

This great-looking bookmark doubles as a page holder. Opposite to thumb page holders, this one is weighted to you don’t need to hold the book to keep it open. Simply, put the holder across or on one side to prevent pages from turning.

This 2-in-1 clever bookend and bookmark is available in four colors, including transparent. You can also get a set of three holders; each one in different color.

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

4. Bookmark and necklace in one

Bookmark and pendant in one - best gifts
Necklace and bookmark 2-in-1

This beautiful pendant hand-crafted in India by Puja Bhargava Kamath features an intricate cutwork design rendered in sterling silver.

Mostly importantly, the pendant doubles as a fully functional bookmark. Simply slip the chain on or off depending on whether you’re accessorizing or page-saving.

⇢ Uncommon Goods – $99

5. “Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them” t-shirt

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them t-shirt

If you have missed this: Out of Print Clothing, book lovers’ favorite apparel brand, is not about cover art from classic books any longer.

For some time, the company offers t-shirts with clever, book and library-related, texts. One of them is a reference to J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a guide to Harry Potter magical creatures.

These t-shirts are fantastic, but are hard to find. You can still get them on Amazon, unisex size, in a limited number of sizes.

⇢ Amazon – $24.99

6. “I Closed My Book to Be Here” t-shirt

New gifts for book lovers - I closed my book to be here tank top shirt
I closed my book to be here - unisex t-shirt

Do you consider gifting a t-shirt to your book-loving friend? Be careful. Tees with a text “booknerd” or “lit happens” might be too obvious these days.

The newest cool text that works great on a t-shirt is “I closed my book to be here.” It’s so fresh, you can find only a few examples on the web. And the best-designed one comes from Homie Studio.

You can choose from several styles and sizes, including Unisex Tank, Hoodie, Long Sleeve, and Ladies Tee. There are two colors to choose from: Black and Navy.

⇢ Etsy – $15.99

7. “I wish I could bookmark my dreams” t-shirt

I wish I could bookmark my dreams t-shirt - best new gifts

Our pick: Most clever t-shirt idea

From My Poetic Factory comes a unique t-shirt that has a great story: “I wish I could bookmark my dreams” are the words a 4.5-year boy told his mother.

The text is hand-printed in Tel Aviv on a 100% cotton unisex basic T-shirt. You can choose from two sizes.

⇢ Etsy – $35.99

8. A set of vintage WPA book posters

Vintage book poster from WPA - bookish gifts
Vintage book posters from iconic WPA series

There are thousands of book-related posters you can find on Amazon or Etsy, but a set of reproductions offered by Echo Literary Arts wins our hearts.

These five posters were originally printed in the 1930s by Work Projects Administration – the first U.S. Government program to support arts and education.

The posters were restored to keep original colors and are printed using vibrant high luster Lucia Archival ink on heavy matter art paper.

You can choose from three sizes, available in plain paper, laminated, or framed variant. You can also buy each poster separately.

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

9. “Heroic Girls in Books” poster

Heroic Girls in Books poster for YA book lovers

Our pick: Best literary poster to gift in 2019

Created by Tim and Aurelia Sanders, this amazing chart poster over 100 of the bravest girl characters in young adult fiction.

The hand-drawn illustrations include characters from famous books like The Fault in Our Stars, plus many other, which will be a discovery even for young adult fiction lovers.

A story summary is provided for each book, and books are organized by categories (genres, themes, literary awards, etc.).

This 24 × 36 inch (61 × 91 cm) poster fits a standard movie poster frame.

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

10. Doormat with a book quote

Literary doormats - Jane Austen
Literary doormats - James Joyce
Literary doormats - William Shakespeare

From The Literary Gift Company comes a set of beautiful doormats that feature quotes by famous book authors. These quotes are cleverly handpicked to fit the context perfectly.

Our favorite ones come from Austen, Joyce, and Shakespeare:

  • Longest way round is the shortest way home. – James Joyce
  • Unbidden guests are often welcomest when they are gone. – William Shakespeare
  • There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. – Jane Austen

The doormats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor (sheltered) use. They measure 40 × 60 cm (15.7 × 23.6 in) and are made of natural coconut fiber, with a non-slip PVC backing.

⇢ TLGC – £20

11. Foldable bed table and reading stand

Foldable reading stand and laptop table - new gifts for book lovers

Does the gift recipient love to read in bed? There is no better gift idea than a multifunctional bed table.

Opposite to other bed tables, the one offered by Hossejoy is foldable, so that you can hide it in a closet or wardrobe. Bottom parts of the legs are covered with rubber to prevent slippery and provide stability.

The desk can be used as a reading stand, laptop desk, bed tray, or breakfast serving table, to name a few ideas.

A special gouge can be used to position an iPad, Kindle, or a print book at the right angle, and use it hands-free.

⇢ Amazon – $22.99

12. 2020 calendar with hand-drawn Jane Austen quotes

Jane Austen quotes 2020 calendar
Jane Austen 2020 calendar - inside pages

From Mini Press comes the wall calendar that features most famous Jane Austen book quotes beautifully hand-drawn by Rachel Kick.

The calendar is printed on uncoated 100% recycled art paper and has a wire hanger.

⇢ Amazon – $18

13. Spacemark bookmark

Newest gifts for bookworms - Spacemark bookmark
Spacemark bookmark by studio Ototo

With this little refreshingly different bookmark reading a next book will be as inspiring as landing on the moon.

Created by award-winning design studio Ototo, Spacemark “bravely goes where others dare not, joining you in the pages of time and space to safely save your place.”

⇢ Amazon – $7.99

14. Book pendant with a free custom engraving

Book pendant with custom engraving - best gifts

This chic, minimalist pendant featuring a book with a heart is a great idea if you are looking for gifts that can be personalized.

First, you can choose from three color variants of the book spine and heart: Black, Blue, and Gold.

Secondly, you can add a custom text at the back of the book. The text can be pretty long – 5 lines, 15 characters each. In the customization panel, you can choose from 8 typefaces.

⇢ Amazon – $7.99

15. “Books for Introverts” throw blanket

Books for introverts throw blanket - gifts for book lovers

On Redbubble, you can find thousands of book-related clothes, home decor items, and personal accessories.

The throw blanket designed by Stacy McCafferty has taken our attention as it features a brilliant text many book lovers would identify with:

Books. Helping introverts avoid conversation since 1454.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester fleece, with soft, fluffy hand feel. The white text is printed on one side, with ivory color in the background.

⇢ Redbubble – €60

16. Oxford Comma mug

Oxford Comma ceramic mug - new gifts for book lovers

To use Oxford comma or not? This long-lasting discussion has finally found its way to be a part of book lovers’ real world.

“Coffee, Books, And Oxford Commas” text is offered by Party Brew on Etsy. I wish there was a slightly different text on the other side: “Coffee, Books And Oxford Commas.”

You can also get the artwork on a t-shirt.

⇢ Etsy – $16.99

17. Inspirational wristbands with classic book quotes – set of 4

Silicone wristbands with inspirational book quotes - new gifts

Our pick: Best gift idea for book club members

Here is another idea for a gift that you can give to a group of book lovers in your life, be it family members or book club friends.

Inkstone offers on Amazon a set of 4 silicone rubber bracelets that feature motivational quotes from famous book authors:

  • Life is a journey, not a destination. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. – William Shakespeare
  • Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. – Henry David Thoreau
  • Life is short. Break the rules. – Mark Twain

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

18. Beautiful pins with hand-painted book covers

Pins with hand-painted book covers - Charlotte Bronte
Pins with hand-painted book covers - J.R.R. Tolkien
Pins with hand-painted book covers - V.C. Andrews

You are looking at one of the most stunning items in this overview.

These little pin brooches feature famous book covers beautifully hand-painted by Lilian Bird. You can choose from pins inspired by books from Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, C.S. Lewis, or Margaret Atwood.

Each pin is unique as it is originally hand-drawn, colored, and baked. The pin is painted with permanent inks, acrylics and latex gouache. It also contains details in metallic inks that glisten when light hits.

⇢ Etsy – from $14.99

19. Magnetic book hanger for reading glasses

Bookaroo magnetic book holder for reading glasses
Magnetic glasses hanger for books

Does the gift recipient use reading glasses? Help her or him keep the glasses handily attached to the book cover thanks to a clever magnetic hanger from Bookaroo.

The hanger uses strong magnets to attach to the book. It works not only with paperbacks but also hardcovers. It’s crafted of high-quality faux leather and is stitched with an eye to details.

⇢ Amazon – $8.99

20. Innovative foldable reading glasses

360-degree rotating glasses for reading - best gifts
Best new gifts - unique reading glasses

There are several models of reading glasses available on Amazon and in other online stores, but I bet you haven’t seen these before.

They are compact and foldable, but the mechanism used to make them smaller is unique and ingenious.

When you fold the glasses, the side arms rotate by 90 degrees to form a solid protection, so you don’t need to use a box (which is, by the way, included – and it makes the glasses a wonderful gift).

The glasses are available in five variants, from +1 to +3.

⇢ Amazon – $46

21. Bose audio sunglasses with open ear headphones

Best new gifts for booknerds - Bose Frame audio sunglasses
Bose audio sunglasses - perfect for music and audiobooks - new gifts

Our pick: A perfect gift for an audiobook lover

Is there an audiobook lover in your life? Gifting another Bluetooth speaker or wireless earphones seems out-of-date this holiday season.

Instead, you should explore wearables with built-in headphones. Audio sunglasses are one of the hottest gifts to give for Christmas 2019. And Bose Frames sunglasses are on a wishlist of almost every modern book and audiobook lover.

Bose’s audio sunglasses are available in three timeless designs and block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Most importantly, they feature built-in Bose over ear speakers that produce rich, immersive sound. Other people won’t practically hear anything, while you will still know what’s happening around you.

To everyone else they’re just sunglasses. But you know the secret: miniaturized Bose electronics hidden in the temples. It’s a state-of-the-art personal listening experience embedded in a classic design.

– Producer’s description

⇢ Amazon – $189

22. 2-in-1 sleep mask and headphones with long playtime

Bluetooth speakers integrated into sleep mask - gifts for book loving people
Sleep mask with Bluetooth speakers - best new gifts for bookworms

While Bluetooth-enabled audio sunglasses are still overpriced, you can go for a more affordable audiobook-ready wearable.

Take a look at this soft sleep mask that features ultra-thin Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to that, you can listen to music or audiobooks even if you are a side sleeper.

The eye mask adopts 3D ergonomic technology to block out 100% of external light “for you sweet deep sleep.”

Bluetooth-enabled stereo speakers can play audiobooks from your audiobook app for an entire night. The producer claims the battery will handle 8 hours of continuous use!

⇢ Amazon – $22.99

23. “The Wind in the Willow” baby blanket

The Wind in the Willows baby blanket - new bookish gifts
Gift for book loving kids - The Wind in the Willows blanket

Are you looking for a gift that would help your child love books even more?

What about an adorable handmade ultra-soft baby blanket that features passages from the beloved children’s tale by Kenneth Grahame, “The Wind in the Willows,” accompanied by beautiful illustrations?

This white cotton flannel blanket measures 28 × 40 inches (70 × 100 cm) and comes with a set of care instructions. The text is screen-printed by hand to ensure the highest quality.

⇢ Etsy – $36

24. Industrial steampunk pipe bookend with lamp

Industrial steampunk bookends with lamp - new gifts for book lovers

Note: It takes up to 10 days to create this item

Are you looking for a vintage home decor for the gift recipient’s home? What do you think about this gorgeous steampunk bookend that doubles as a lamp?

Created to order by Urban Industrial Craft, the bookend features a classic Edison bulb. You can choose from three wood base finished. The pipe is made from real steel.

⇢ Amazon – $89

25. Living plant bookend

Living plant bookends

Imagine a classic plant pot split in half to welcome your most important books in between.

From All Things Brighton Beautiful comes a unique set of bookends that “appear to be one traditional plant pot, cut in half.”

Two metal L-plates discreetly support the books and hold the planters in place.

Create unique living bookends that hold your favourite novels between potted foliage – just add plants.

– Product description

⇢ NOTHS – £22.95

26. “When I Think About Books” wine glass

When I think about books wine glass

Here is a perfect gift for lovers of good books and wine.

The 17 oz stemless wine glass from Bevvee features a hand-engraved text “When I Think About Books I Touch My Shelf.” It is individually boxed, so the only thing to do is wrap it up in holiday paper.

This dishwasher safe wine glass has just been released, so it doesn’t have enough reviews and ratings to evaluate its quality.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

27. Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” socks

New gifts for book lovers - Pride and Prejudice literary socks
Pride and Prejudice inspired socks - best new gifts for bookworms

Here is a gift every book lover will love to receive!

These adorable socks feature the iconic opening from Jane Austen’s most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

The socks are handmade from cotton, polyester and spandex blend, and resemble a book page thanks to using a classic black and white design.

⇢ Etsy – $10.99

28. Ethically created book-scented candles and perfumes

Book-themed ethically created vegan candles - best new gifts
Eco-friendly book-themed perfumes - best gifts for book lovers

Our pick: Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, sustainable products

Forage Candle is an environmentally focused perfume and candle company with a mission to create hypoallergenic, sustainable and recyclable products that are free of phthalates, toxic chemicals, and parabens.

Scents are custom blended from sustainably wild harvested botanicals and organic, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Most importantly, these minimalist book-scented and literature-inspired candles and perfumes are cruelty-free – they are not tested on animals.

Recently, Forage Candle started selling their products directly on Amazon, and that means you can buy them without the need to register to another website.

The book-inspired series comes in minimalist packaging that will fit every interior.

⇢ Amazon – from $22

29. Modern bookshelf with a lamp and USB chargers

New gifts for bookish home - bookshelf with lamp and charger
New gifts - Advanced lamp with charger and bookshelf

Home appliances that combine different functions become more and more popular. We have featured several ones in our other gift roundups, but here we’d like to draw your attention to a clever bookshelf from Brightech.

The bookshelf will fit perfectly the living room of the smart home. It combines a three-shelf stand with an Alexa-compatible lamp (works with Google Home and Apple HomeKit as well) and a charging utility with 2 USB ports.

The lamp is 63-inch tall (160 cm) and comes in three colors to fit every home style: Black, Havana Brown, and Orchid White. It comes equipped with a 9.5 Watt power-saving LED bulb (3,000K warm white) with a 20,000-hour lifetime.

⇢ Amazon – $74.99

30. Premium felt bedside organizer

Bedside caddy - best new gifts for book lovers
Beside and sofa organizer - new gifts

Sometimes the bedside table might be too small to provide space for all the things you need within the reach of a hand: all the books you currently read, a tablet, a recent issue of a favorite magazine, and a bottle of water.

That’s why many people decide to get a bedside caddy – a storage solution you can easily mount under the mattress.

A bedside organizer from Hyness is made of premium double-layer felt which will not deform even when you put heavy things inside.

It features 2 read pockets, 2 front pockets, 1 main pocket, and 2 holes for charging cables.

⇢ Amazon – $13.99

31. Home Library – miniature dollhouse kit

Home library - miniature dollhouse DIY kit

Take a look at this amazing miniature wooden DIY kit from Rolife.

All the furniture and accessories are almost the same as real house, and are made from similar material.

The best past is that most of the things you have to put together by yourself. No need to worry – a detailed instruction will guide you how to do it.

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

32. Library card catalog box with note cards and date stamp

Library card catalog box with notecards - new gifts

This library card catalog box crafted by Red Rock Traditions is dedicated to lovers of books and libraries out there.

The box is made of wood composite materials, and features a vintage file pull hardware. It includes a set of 100 note cards and a date stamp with ink pad. The dimensions are: 6.75 × 4.50 × 4.75 inches.

For the Love of Books box gives each cherished book of childhood its proper due. Recording all the pertinent details about each book and where it came from.

– Product description

⇢ Amazon – $26.99

33. “Librarian Nutrition Facts” grocery bag

Librarian Nutrition Facts fun tote bag

This funny grocery bag will make a great gift for your librarian or anyone who admires librarians and wants to express it.

The bag features a clever “Librarian Nutrition Facts” table, with a serving size for “1 awesome librarian.”

Ingredients? Hardworking, determination, passion, caring, late books, and caffeine. Check out the levels before use ?.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

34. Cable organizer and bookmark in one – set of 5

Magnetic cable organizer and bookmark
Cable organizer and bookmark in one

Our pick: Best gift under $10

In this roundup, you’ve already seen several gift ideas that combine functions from different product categories.

The last one – and this is our recommendation for the best gift under $10 – is a combination of a magnetic cable/earbud organizer and bookmark. It uses two magnets to hold things in place, so it can be also used as a fridge magnet. We are sure you will find it useful in tons of other situations.

The set includes 5 silicone organizers. It looks like a perfect and affordable gift idea for your book club members!

⇢ Amazon – $7.99

35. Frankenstein pencil case

Frankenstein pencil case - new gifts

Take a look at this fantastic pencil or cosmetic case with an artwork looking like being taken directly from a classic book!

The artwork featuring the text “Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful” from Chapter 20 of Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley is printed on one side.

The pouch is made of rustic canvas material and measures 15 × 24 cm (5.90 × 9.45 in).

⇢ Etsy – $16.99

36. Bookstagram socks

Bookstagram thigh high socks
Bookstagram socks - best gifts for book lovers

Thigh-high socks are one of the most popular prop used in #bookstagram photos. Don’t worry, they will be a great gift for your girlfriend, even if she doesn’t use Instagram. They are a symbol of a cozy time spent with a great book.

The best destination for hand-knitted socks is – obviously – Etsy. From dozens of sellers, we have chosen Knitting Valensia, offering thigh and knee-high socks, usually one-colored, which are shipped in a beautiful craft paper pack that’s ready to gift.

Number of 5-star reviews: 20

⇢ Etsy – from $39

37. DIY bookbinding kit

DIY recycled book binding kit - best gifts for book lovers

This unique DIY set crafted by Peg and Awl teaches the art of traditional hand-bound bookbinding. It’s sourced and made in Philadelphia, Penna, with recycled materials.

The kit includes everything that’s needed to create a real journal to fill with story ideas or a draft of a new novel:

  • 1 length of thread
  • 1 bookbinder’s needle
  • 2 linen tapes
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 sheet of illustrated steps
  • Hand-torn, line-free Strathmore drawing paper

⇢ Amazon – $34

• • •

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