The best new things for book lovers to get this year (infographic)

Best new gifts for book lovers to give in 2019
Newest gifts for book lovers - holiday 2019 gift list

You will be surprised how many fantastic gifts for book lovers have been released in recent weeks! We’ve put together the best ones.

Looking for a gift for a book reader in your life? You don’t have to give what everyone else is giving.

Below, you will find a quick visual guide to the new and unique products that will make great gift for bibliophiles.

The visual is based on the detailed roundup the best new gifts for book readers – our usual (and highly anticipated) list that will inspire you to pick up the best possible gift for a fan of books and literature.

In the overview, you will see many new products that haven’t existed a year ago. We love the products that combines features from different product categories, for instance, the sunglasses with open ear headphones, a bookmark that doubles as a pendant, or a foldable bed table and reading stand in one.

Click or tap the infographic to see the full list with descriptions, review passages, ratings, and many more photos!

Best new gifts for book lovers to give in 2019

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