It’s National Reading Month! Save $30 on Paperwhite 4, plus other Kindle deals

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National Reading Month 2019 deal on the 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite
Enjoy the freedom of reading with the Kindle Paperwhite that costs now only $99.99 ($30 off) / Image: Amazon

You can get the latest waterproof Paperwhite for $99. The basic Kindle is 38% off, including the version with free Kindle Unlimited.

Every year, Amazon is celebrating National Reading Month with deals and limited-time offers on Kindle e-readers and ebooks.

Usually, early Kindle deals are revealed on the first full weekend of March. Last year, not only Kindles but also Fire tablets and Echo speakers were on sale – 20 devices in total. We are hoping to see similar price cuts later this month.

What Kindle deals are available right now?

You can already save $30 on the 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite. Instead of $129.99, you will pay only $99.99. It means a 23% saving – just enough to grab the original Amazon water-safe fabric cover (worth $29.99) that’s available in Canary Yellow, Charcoal Black, or Marine Blue.

Kindle Paperwhite 4 was launched in November 2018, and is the best medium-shelf e-reader you can get. Sporing a modern, flush-front design and 1448 × 1072 px, 6-inch E-Ink Carta touchscreen, the device comes with advanced features its predecessor lacks.

First of all, Paperwhite 4 is waterproof. With the same IPX8 rating as the Oasis, it can withstand immersion in 2 meters of water for 60 minutes.

The Paperwhite can play Audible audiobooks via connected Bluetooth earphones or speakers. Plus, it comes with bigger storage – you can choose between 8 or 32 GB to load more audiobooks and picture-heavy ebooks for offline use.

Amazon reveals National Reading Month 2019 deals on Kindle Paperwhite 4 and the basic Kindle
Amazon reveals National Reading Month 2019 deals on Kindle Paperwhite 4 and the basic Kindle

New Kindle deals are being revealed as we write. The price of the basic Kindle is down to $49.99 – the same level as offered on Black Friday 2018. The $30 price cut from $79.99 means you save as much as 38%. The next time you will see such a deep Kindle deal is Mother’s Day 2019.

It’s worth pointing out that the basic Kindle comes with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription. When you add a version “With 3 Months Free Kindle Unlimited,” you will immediately activate a special offer giving access to over a million ebooks, comics, and magazines.

The regular 3-month Kindle Unlimited subscription would cost you $29.97, but with the Kindle, you get it for free. After three months, subscription will auto-renew for $9.99 per month. You can, however, cancel it anytime.

The National Reading Month deal on Kindle e-readers will end sooner than at the end of March. This is what happened last year.

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