16 best Kindle-compatible Bluetooth wearables, speakers, and headphones

Best Kindle compatible wearables speakers

Updated on 14.04.2023.

These affordable Bluetooth-enabled speakers, wearables, and headphones provide long battery life – long enough to finish an entire audiobook.

Now, when all Kindle models are capable of playing Audible audiobooks, it’s high time to look at the best available headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers.

What you have to keep in mind is that Kindle e-readers don’t have a headphone jack. The only way to listen to Kindle audiobooks is via Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The main advantage of Bluetooth headphones is that they are wireless. You are not limited by cables and irritated by cable mess. You can freely move around your room or garden while the Kindle is lying on a table.

The main disadvantage of Bluetooth headphones is that you need to recharge them. Compared to the Kindle, which runs a few weeks on a single charge, you’ll have to find a power source every even day.

That’s why, in the list below, we’ve rounded up Bluetooth headphones and speakers that have the longest possible battery life.

Nevertheless, if you are going on a vacation to a distant cabin in the woods, and plan to listen to audiobooks via your Kindle, make sure to take the charger. You will need it.

One would ask: why should I listen to audiobooks via the Kindle if I can do it via Echo smart speaker? There are two reasons: you can’t download audiobooks to the speaker (so listening offline is not possible), and you probably won’t take it on your holidays.

Kindle audio – highlights

Best headphones speakers wearables for Kindle

In the following overview of the best, most innovative Kindle compatible speakers, headphones, and home appliances, you will see:

  • Innovative bedside and desk lamps with built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Long-battery earphones for every weather condition
  • Outdoor speakers with extensive high-fidelity sound
  • Compact and waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Powerful solar-powered speakers that double as power bank
  • Wearables with built-in speakers, including sleep mask and winter cap
  • Most reliable folding wireless headsets

What are the best headphones and speakers that you can use to listen to audiobooks from the Kindle? Let’s take a look.

Kindle Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and wearables

1. Senso waterproof earphones

Senso Bluetooth waterproof headphones - perfect for Kindle

Our pick: Best sports Bluetooth earphones

You are looking at one of the most popular earphones on Amazon. They are sweat and waterproof, with IPX-7 rating. They will be a perfect companion of the waterproof Kindle Oasis!

Most importantly, these earphones have one of the most effective batteries in a category. The new and improved lithium polymer battery will allow you to listen to audiobooks for up to 8 hours. What’s more, it takes only 1.5 hours to recharge them.

Senso Bluetooth earphones come with Bluetooth v. 4.1 technology, enabling you to connect to devices that are 30 feet (10 meters) away.

2. Multi-purpose bedside lamp with speaker

5-in-1 bedside lamp speaker - Kindle compatible

Here is something that will make every book lover happy – a bedside lamp from Boiabs puts together five benefits into one minimalist design that can be an irreplaceable element of every modern bedroom.

First of all, it’s a reading lamp (in case a gift recipient loves to read books the classic way). Touch activated LED-powered lamp offers as many as 48 combinations of brightness and colors.

Then you have a digital alarm clock and calendar that features a sleep mode. You can play audiobooks from a microSD card, AUX input, or a flash drive.

Most importantly, the device sports a Bluetooth speaker, so that you can wirelessly connect your Kindle or another device with an audiobook app. A built-in 4400 mAh battery will let you play audiobooks for long hours.

3. One-piece earbud with noise-cancelling mic

One-piece earbud with long playtime - gifts for Kindle users

Our pick: The best one-piece earbud with the longest playtime

I’ve seen many people who buy a pair of wireless earbuds but use only one because they want to be aware of what’s happening around them.

So, why buy two earbud if you can just invest in a single, good-quality one? One-piece earbuds become more and more popular, and they are worth exploring.

From Mpow comes a slim, one-ear Bluetooth headphone that offers high-quality sound and is equipped with noise-cancelling microphone.

This upgraded Mpow earbud adopts a professional CSR chipset which, combined with Bluetooth 5.0 module, makes multi-data transmission stable and offers wide wireless range.

The earbud weighs only 3 grams (0.1 oz), supports 8 hours of playtime, and 300 hours of standby mode – all after just 2 hours of charging.

4. Portable solar speaker with 50-hour playtime

Solar speaker and power bank - works with Kindle

Our pick: Portable speaker with the longest playtime

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that would be used more flexibly, in different conditions and places, for as long as possible, the one from Color Coda should meet your expectations.

This large-capacity compact speaker comes with 5,000 mAh li-polymer battery that will also let you use the speaker as a portable power bank to charge your smartphone or Kindle.

Plus, on the back there is the latest high-power solar panel with high conversion rate. All that will guarantee the playtime of up to 50 hours!

5. Mpow Flame Bluetooth noise-cancelling earbuds

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Wireless are perfect for Kindle audiobooks

If you are determined to buy wireless sport earbuds that have a long battery life and provide noise cancelling technology, take a look at the slim design offered by Mpow.

The earphones are waterproof, come with Bluetooth 4.1, and have a richer and clear sound. The quick charge of 1.5-2 hours will enable you to listen to audiobooks for up to 9 hours.

Mpow earbuds are available in seven fashionable colors, including Flash Blue (shown above), Viridis Green, and Light Gray.

6. Bluetooth-enabled sleep headphones and eye mask

Sleep phones for side sleepers Bluetooth enabled

Here is a perfect gift for people who listen to audiobooks to relax and get to sleep peacefully.

These soft sleep headphones feature ultra-thin Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to that, you can listen to music or audiobooks even if you are a side sleeper.

The second great feature is an eye mask which adopts 3D ergonomic technology to block out 100% of external light “for you sweet deep sleep.”

Bluetooth-enabled stereo speakers can play audiobooks from your audiobook app for an entire night. The producer claims the battery will handle 8 hours of continuous use. Imagine listening to audiobooks all night long!

7. Outdoor heavy-duty speaker with subwoofer

Outdoor heavy-duty Bluetooth speaker compatible with Amazon Kindle

A solid, waterproof and shockproof speaker can be a great outdoor companion, no matter whether you listen to audiobooks in the garden, on a camping site, or during a mountain hiking.

From Kunodi comes one of the most popular heavy-duty Bluetooth speakers you can find on Amazon.

The speaker is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof (IPx45 rating), has a built-in subwoofer for increased sound quality, and a microphone for hands-free calls.

Available in six colors, including Camo, Green, and Red.

8. Bluedio T2s folding wireless headset

Bluedio T2s Bluetooth Folding Wireless Headset

Are you looking for solid Bluetooth headset with a playing time reaching 40 hours? Meet T2s from Bluedio.

The headset combines Bluetooth 4.1 low power high speed chip with ergonomic design featuring adjustable foldable headband and ear cups covered with soft leather. Best of all, it comes with an optional 3.5 mm jack cable.

Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White.

9. Waterproof outdoor rock speaker

Alpine outdoor rock-looking speaker - perfect for Kindle

Does the gift recipient spend a lot of time in the garden or on a terrace? What do you think about gifting them an outdoor speaker that blends into the nature?

Take a look at this gorgeous rock-looking from Alpine Corporation.

This high-quality speaker can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, including the latest Kindle e-readers. 50-foot high-fidelity sound will reach you no matter how far you are.

A durable design is lightweight, weather-resistant, and waterproof. Most importantly, the speaker is powered by a solar panel, even during cloudy days, so you don’t have to recharge it too often.

A battery works up to 12 hours on a full charge – enough to enjoy an entire audiobook (or even two).

10. Bluetooth speaker that looks like a book

Doss Cloud Book wireless portable Bluetooth speaker

Here is a great idea if you know the giftee loves to listen to audiobooks in the living room or home library.

Called “Cloud Book,” this speaker is designed to look like a real book and has dimensions of a hardcover. It’s available in three colors, so it can fit into any space.

The speaker can connect directly to a Wi-Fi network for Internet radio, a personal audiobook library, or favorite online music services.

A rechargeable battery will let it play audiobooks for up to 12 hours.

11. Anker SoundCore speaker with 24-hour playtime

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime

If you are looking for a device that could allow you to listen to audiobooks together with other family members, you should pick up a Bluetooth speaker instead of headphones.

And one of the most popular devices on Amazon, durable, compact, and offering long battery time, is SoundCore from Anker.

The speaker has a minimalist design, offers superior sound quality, but its most appreciated feature is long playing time. The high-capacity li-ion battery can let you listen to audiobooks for even 24 hours without the break!

Available in three colors: Black, Red, and Blue.

12. Edifier MP200 cubic compact speaker

Edifier MP200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want the speaker, but need it to be as compact as possible and as heavy-duty as possible, then you’ll be satisfied with the MP200 line from Edifier.

The speaker has a cubic design and comes with a hand string for easy carrying. The IP54 technology protects the speaker from rough environment. The simple 3-button panel lets you easily control the audiobook playback.

MP200 comes with the largest number of color options available in the compact Bluetooth speakers. You can choose from seven colors, including White, Light Green, and Yellow.

13. Premium bedside lamp with speaker and charger

Exclusive desk lamp with Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you could place in your bedroom? Take a look at a premium home decor appliance that combines a stylish bedside or desk lamp, a Bluetooth speaker, and a wireless charger.

Developed and offered by Masdio, this exclusive-edition lamp is shaped to look like a tree, and includes a speaker optimized to deliver crystal clear full-range sound.

The lamp features a wireless charger. Simply, put a wireless charging compatible smartphone on the lamp’s base – no need to connect the cables.

14. Foldable 45-hour playtime over ear headphones

Best-rated over ear Bluetooth headphones Kindle compatible

From Letscom comes one of the most popular headphones you can get on Amazon. It’s also among the best-rated headphones, as it combines a reasonable price with high-quality and great features.

Besides 3 EQ sound quality, Bluetooth 5.0, Type-C charging port, lightweight and foldable 90-degree swivel design, these over ear headphones allow you to play music or audiobooks for up to 45 hours!

This longest playtime in the category is achieved thanks to a built-in 750 mAh rechargeable battery.

15. Fashionable winter cap with wireless headphones

Rotibox winter cap with Bluetooth headphones

Our pick: Best Kindle-compatible wearable

Here is another refreshingly different idea in this overview. Instead of getting a bookshelf speaker or wireless earphones (which are quite common as gifts) go for a creative outdoor wearable.

This winter cap from Rotibox combines a winter cap with wireless headphones. It will allow the gift recipient to listen to favorite audiobooks during daily commuting or outdoor activities – without the need to wear extra headphones.

The wearable sports Bluetooth 4.1 module and comes with a user-friendly control panel on the side. It also includes a built-in microphone.

What’s most important, the built-in rechargeable battery guarantees up to 6 hours of continuous playing.

The cap is available in almost 50 different colors and shapes! It’s fully washable, simply remove the headphones from the pouches.

16. Steampunk candle lamp with Bluetooth speaker

Steampunk candle lamp with speaker - Kindle compatible

Our pick: Best-rated wireless speaker home decor

There is a growing number of home appliances that come with an integrated Bluetooth speaker, for instance alarm clocks, reading lamps, or power banks.

None of them looks as gorgeous as a new desk light that offers a steampunk look, flickering light, and speaker with a clear sound.

The lamp’s flame mode gives soft warm light that resembles flickering of a candle. You can adjust the light brightness by rotating a switch in the base of the lamp.

The wireless speaker supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Many reviewers have pointed out that it gives a surprisingly crisp and powerful sound.

How long is the playing time? It’s the most important question for audiobook lovers. This steampunk, battery operated lamp & speaker can play audiobooks for up to 8 hours at the maximum volume.

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