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John Bolton free audiobook Audible trial

John Bolton’s highly anticipated, controversial White House memoir, The Room Where It Happened, has been released a few days ago. The former National Security Advisor creates a precise rendering of his days in the Oval Office and describes President Trump’s presidency in detail, from Syria’s chemical attack, to the upheaval in Venezuela, to inconsistent relations with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un.

Many readers are wondering whether they can get The Room Where It Happened for free with one of their current digital subscriptions.

Unfortunately, the book is not included in either Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime Reading. As it’s published by Simon & Schuster, there is very little chance it will join these subscription-based services at all.

It means that to read the memoir, you will have to buy it as a regular customer. The Kindle edition costs $16.99 right now (compared to the list price, you save 48%, down from $32.50).

There is, however, a way to download the book completely free of charge, and completely legally, as long as you are eager to give a try to its audiobook version.

The Room Where It Happened Audible audiobook costs normally $30.62. Narrated by Robert Petkoff, it offers over 20 hours of listening length, with the epilogue being read by John Bolton himself. The audiobook already tops the Audible Top 100 bestseller list.

Do you want to get it free of charge? You can!

Many Amazon customers are aware of Audible subscription service called “Gold Membership,” but only few have noticed that – opposite to Kindle Unlimited – all audiobooks you get via the membership are yours forever. So, in other words, you will be able to keep John Bolton’s memoir (or any other audiobook, no matter its price) even after you cancel Audible membership. Sounds great, right?

How to get John Bolton audiobook free with Audible membership?

Get free John Bolton audiobook on Amazon Audible
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1. Head to Amazon website, to The Room Where It Happened product page, and select “Audiobook” as a format.

2. On the right side, check “Free with Audible trial,” and click the yellow “Get Audible Free” button.

3. Review your order: on the left side, you will see John Bolton’s audiobook, as well Audible 30-day free trial. Click “Continue.”

4. The audiobook is now added to your account. Later in the post, you will learn how to download it to your Kindle e-reader, Amazon Fire tablet, or Audible app.

As you started your Audible free trial, you will enjoy the service for 30 days free of charge. After that period, you will be automatically charged $14.95 per month.

7 days before your trial ends, you will be notified by email. If you cancel the subscription before the free trial period ends, you will not pay a penny for the Audible Gold Membership, and – as the audiobook you have downloaded is yours forever, you can listen to John Bolton’s Trump biography as long as you want.

How to download Audible audiobook

To your Kindle e-reader – Audible audiobook player is integrated into Kindle’s system. All you need to do is open your Kindle and sync the content with your Kindle cloud library. After audiobook cover appears in the home screen, tap it and start listening using Bluetooth connected earphones or speaker.

To your iPad and iPhone – head to the App Store and download Audible app. Sign in with the credentials you used to start your free Audible trial. Download the book to your iPad or iPhone and start listening!

To your Amazon Fire tablet – Audible app is preloaded on a tablet. After you start your 30-day free trial with the John Bolton free audiobook, it should automatically appear in your Audible app library. If you are prompted to sign in, use the same credentials as the ones you used to start Audible subscription.

To your Android tablet or smartphone – head to the Google Play Store and download Audible app. Sign in with the credentials you used to start your free Audible trial. Download the book and start listening!

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The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir

The Room Where It Happened by John Bolton Audible audiobook free

John Bolton

As President Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton spent many of his 453 days in the room where it happened, and the facts speak for themselves. The result is a White House memoir that is the most comprehensive and substantial account of the Trump Administration and one of the few to date by a top-level official.

With almost daily access to the president, John Bolton has produced a precise rendering of his days in and around the Oval Office. What Bolton saw astonished him: a president for whom getting reelected was the only thing that mattered, even if it meant endangering or weakening the nation.

Bolton discovered a president who thought foreign policy is like closing a real estate deal – about personal relationships, made-for-TV showmanship, and advancing his own interests. As a result, the US lost an opportunity to confront its deepening threats, and in cases like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea ended up in a more vulnerable place.

Narrators: Robert Petkoff, John Bolton
Listening length: 20 hours and 52 minutes
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Price: $0 (with Audible free trial), $30.52 (regular)

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