The newest Fire HD 8 is on sale today, for the Prime Day price

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One-day Amazon Fire HD 8 sale - save $30

Getting ready for the Prime Day deal on the newly released 8-inch Amazon Fire? Don’t wait until September, grab it for $59.99 ($30 off), today only.

I was about to write a post why you shouldn’t await any price cut on the Fire HD 8 this summer, and I’ve got a Google News notification from CNET saying that the tablet is on one-day sale!

Indeed, featured as The Deal of the Day, Fire HD 8 is available for $59.99 ($89.99), for the version with 32 GB of internal memory and special offers. A 64 GB version is also discounted by $30, and costs today $89.99 (Update: oops, it’s out of stock, already).

A $30 price drop is more than enough to get one of decent newly launched Kindle Fire HD 8 case covers and sleeves. And get a screen protector, as well.

The deal comes as a surprise. The price cut by $30 is usual for Prime Day or Black Friday. But Prime Day is delayed until late August or early September this year, due to coronavirus. And Prime Day was the major summer shopping event for most Amazon customers.

What you also have to remember is that since March, Amazon enjoys traffic surge – during lockdown most customers have switched to buying goods online. This year, there were much worse Kindle and Fire deals for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Users are buying them anyway, so why offer a price cut?

I think I have found the reason why Amazon has suddenly come up with this one-day deal. When you dig deeper in Top 10 Bestsellers in Electronics, you will notice that the newest Fire HD 8 doesn’t sell that well. It’s the No. 1 hot new release, the deal drives sales, but in the overall ranking it’s behind the 2019 7-inch Fire. Yesterday, it was much lower than that.

Released at the beginning of June, Fire HD 8 comes with 30% faster performance, twice the storage expandable up to 1 TB, and USB-C connector for faster charging and data exchange.

Its most important feature, however, is landscape-first design. The new approach dramatically changes the way you use it. The front camera was moved from top side in portrait mode to top side in landscape mode. You may ask “so what?”

In a vast majority of other tablets, the camera position is tailored for portrait view, what affects how others see you when talking on Skype or Zoom – you are being seen from a side, as the camera is on either on the left or right side of the display. But now, in the newest Fire HD tablet,  it is much easier to make video calls in a landscape view, and you are finally looking right into the camera!

The best part about today’s Fire HD 8 deal is that it’s available to all Amazon customers, not only Prime members. The sale ends today at midnight, so you have to make a quick decision.

Which variant and color are you going to choose?

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