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15 fresh new Amazon Fire HD 8 cases – the 2021 round-up

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The best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases sleeves

Don’t leave your new Fire HD 8 tablet unprotected. Make sure to check out the newly released cases and sleeves from third-party producers.

The newest Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, classified as the 10th-generation model, offers a few improvements, but the most significant change is its shape.

The new tablet, when in portrait mode, is wider than the 2018 model, and that’s done on purpose. The front camera was moved to the longer side, helping you make video calls in horizontal position. It’s much more convenient when you use a case cover or a stand, as the camera is on the top of the display, not the side of it.

The horizontal-first approach changed the dimension ratio significantly. Even the sleeves that you bought for your earlier 8-inch Fire tablet won’t probably fit the new one.

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As a result, third-party case producers have to design cases from scratch. The Fire tablet range is not as popular as the iPad, so they are not in such a hurry to offer case covers tailored for the newest model.

Still, you don’t have to go for the default option – the original Amazon case cover. Many users add this case to cart together with the tablet, but sometimes it’s worth a few more minutes to find more affordable, more functional, and more reliable third-party designs.

The problem I have with original Fire cases is how the front folds to create a stand. It’s an unreliable method (you can’t use it on even surfaces) and there is only one angle to use.

That’s why, getting a standard tri-fold case is a better idea. Going for a folio stand cover is even better, as you have more angles to choose from.

Below, you will find the most interesting Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and sleeves from around the web.

The best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases – highlights

Amazon Fire HD 8 best cases roundup

In the following round-up, you will see Amazon Fire 8 cases and sleeves from Amazon, Etsy, and other online stores:

  • Innovative case with enhanced corners and alternative stand mechanism
  • Fashionable tri-fold cases with marble and floral designs
  • Simple and affordable alternatives to original Amazon case
  • Cute sleeves handmade of cotton and fleece
  • A solid case with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Advanced bags that make a great alternative to standard cases

How to find Fire HD 8 cases on Amazon?

The best way is to use the search box, and search the entire store, not only Amazon Device Accessories or Electronics category.

What’s even more important, make sure to include in the search phrase the release year of the new 8-inch Fire tablet. Otherwise, you will see lots of cases designed for the earlier model.

Here is a predefined search to follow if you want to find out the newest arrivals.

⇢ Fire HD 8 2020 cases

If you plan to buy a custom-made sleeve on Etsy, make sure to provide the seller the dimensions of your new Fire tablet, both in inches and millimeters.

Will my old case fit the newest Amazon Fire HD 8?

No, it won’t. The dimensions of the 2018 and 2020 8-inch Fire models are significantly different, as well as locations of ports and buttons.

The newest Fire HD 8 is much wider than its predecessor, so you will not even be able to use the current sleeve, not mentioning tailored cases.

Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases to buy in 2021

1. Flex stand with enhanced corner protection

Flex Fire HD 8 stand case with enhanced corners

Our pick: Innovative design making the most use of the camera

The new case from Fintie offers a new level of protection combined with urban look.

Instead of the front with three panels, the case from Fintie folds using a different method. Thanks to unique flip construction, stand angles are inverted, what lets you take a better control over the camera positioning. Opposite to other Fire HD 8 cases, the camera is placed on top in a horizontal position.

Besides that, the case comes with a unique flex back shell (allowing you to easily remove the case any time you want) with solid black frame made of durable PU.

Six color variants are available so far, including Rose Gold and Jungle Night.

This case is amazing!!! I was worried about the options for cases for this tablet and after doing a lot of research I settled on this one. I’m really glad I did. It provides protection on all four edges of the device and also protects the screen from dust/dirt when the tablet is not in use.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.6/5

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

2. “Vintage Book” zippered handmade case

Vintage book zippered case for Amazon Fire HD 8

Our pick: The best Fire HD 8 case for book lovers

From Bookingham comes a brilliant case that will give you a joy of holding an old library book every time you want to use your Fire tablet.

The case is handmade from thick cardboard, covered with canvas and paper. The zipper is in a color of aged paper pages, and enhanced with leather inserts.

Thanks to the 3-dimensional picture and embossed book cover you have the impression of holding an old library book “that is covered with shabby dust.”

There are a few book covers you can choose from, including War and Peace, Harry Potter, or Sherlock Holmes. What’s more, you can personalize the case with the book cover of your choice!

The case by default is available for iPad mini, but you can make it fit your Fire HD 8 – in a message to seller provide the dimensions of your tablet.

Absolutely perfect (and I’m not easily impressed! These really have a wow factor. Buy one for yourself and someone you love – even my 25yo daughter was surprised at the quality.

– Etsy review

Number of positive reviews: 65

⇢ Etsy – $29.99

3. Marble & gold tri-fold case for Amazon Fire HD 8

Marble gold Amazon Fire HD 8 tri-fold case

Our pick: The most fashionable case for 2021 season

It’s our goal to share with you all the latest design trends in tech accessories.

Marble pattern with golden inserts is among the hottest new ideas for 2021 season. It gives a boutique-style charm to any device you own. First seen on iPad cases, now it’s also available for Amazon Fire tablets.

There are multiple marble & gold Fire cases on Amazon, but we love the one from Famavala. It’s not only eye-catching, but it should also go very well with Twilight Blue color variant.

Besides the artwork, the Famavala case offers all the benefits of a tri-fold design: auto sleep / wake support, integrated stand (both vertical and horizontal), as well as ultra-light construction.

The cover protects the screen great and the hard plastic provides a sense of security knowing if something falls on it the screen has that layer.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.5/5

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

4. Disney-themed Amazon case covers

Mickey Mouse themed Fire HD 8 2020 case covers

Thanks to Amazon’s deal with Disney, the new Mickey Mouse themed cases are available. You can choose from two designs: No Bad Days, and Mickey Through Time – something worth considering if you are planning to buy the 8-inch Fire tablet to be used by your kids.

Themed Fire HD 8 cases offer the same functionality as original Amazon cases, with the support for auto sleep / wake and the front folding across to form a horizontal or vertical stand. What’s important, both cases support wireless charging (HD 8 Plus model only) that’s performed by Wireless Charging Dock by Angreat.

Themed case covers cost $34.99 each, $5 more than standard Amazon fabric covers. There are also two National Geographic designs to choose from.

I am unimpressed with the stand portion. It is so stiff that it straightens back out if I attempt to use it, I tried to loosen the fold a bit but I don’t want to get to crazy and end up damaging it.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.6/5

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

5. Fire HD 8 clear case with screen protector

Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 clear case and screen protector

It’s a great solution if you are eager to enjoy the beauty of your new Fire all the time. What’s more, the case is also a reasonable choice if you are planning to buy the Wireless Charging Dock, which supports cases that are up to 4 mm thick.

Designed and offered by Mission, the case is designed exclusively for all-new Fire HD 8 tablet and bears “Made for Amazon” label. It’s made of transparent, crystal clear soft polycarbonate material, and comes with a set of two screen protectors.

The case is a good alternative to stand cases. The front is covered by the screen protector, and you can get a universal stand that would serve its purpose with more than one generation of Fire tablets.

Case fits very well. Maybe too well as it’s very tight. Not too hard to put on the tablet but removing it takes some muscle.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.5/5

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

6. Folio case with legendary “Composition Book” design

Composition book folio Amazon Fire HD 8 case

Notebooks with the iconic pseudo-marbling design started appearing in Europe in the 18th century. This legendary design is a perfect outfit for mobile devices of all kinds. Aren’t they modern notebooks, after all?

Thanks to Poetic, the composition book artwork is available for Amazon Fire HD 8. The case supports auto sleep / wake feature and can be folded to form a stable horizontal stand that you can use to make video calls, watch movies, or participate in online meetings.

You can also place the tablet in a flat position that’s perfect for writing emails or social media updates. Plus, there is a handy stylus loop on the edge.

Recently (7/2020) i bought the Kindle Fire HD 8, i bought the black cover/case, it fits perfectly, it functions great. When u lift off the cover, it wakes the screen, it has a pen/stylus loop thingy.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.6/5

⇢ Amazon – $14.99

7. Official Fire HD 8 kid-proof case

Original Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 case for kids

Compared to the regular Fire stand case, the one designed for kids (and being a part of Fire Kids Edition) is almost perfect.

It’s made with kids’ hands in mind. Made from a lightweight and durable material, the case is shaped to be easily held by small hands. Rounded and bumped corners provide extra protection against bumps and drops.

The case is available in three colors: Purple, Pink, and Blue. It includes an adjustable kickstand to help use it hands-free.

Average rating: 4.7/5

⇢ Amazon – 29.99

8. Folio faux leather stand case

Flower folio case for new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

A folio case is a great option for anyone who wants a stable stand combined with a classic book-style look.

Such a case is offered by Dadanism. It supports auto sleep/wake feature and dual-angle stand functionality, so that you can seamlessly switch from watching to writing and back.

Most importantly, the case features a convenient strap, that will let you use the tablet with one hand for a long time.

The Fire HD 8 case from Dadanism is available in seven color variants, including Lucky Tree and Flowers Blossom.

The only “con” I have is I wish the cover had a magnetic clasp on the back when it was open so it wouldn’t flop. I don’t think any do, but that feature would make this cover perfect IMO.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.6/5

⇢ Amazon – $17.99

9. Fabric sleeve compatible with Plum color version

Fabric buttoned Amazon Fire HD 8 sleeve in Plum

Do you plan to buy the 8-inch Fire in Plum color? Are you looking for matching cases but would rather avoid buying the original case over and over again?

Take a look at a refreshing idea: a sleeve instead of a case. This particular one is handmade of linen fabric in a beige purple that would go extremely well with your tablet’s color.

The sleeve is padded with a 5 mm layer of foam for enhanced protection and comes with a large wooden button.

When placing an order, make sure to select “Kindle Fire HD 8” from a list of devices and provide exact dimensions of your tablet in a message to seller.

I’m so happy with this purchase! Great quality and very beautiful. Also, there was a cute little note, which made everything feel extra special.

– Etsy review

Number of positive reviews: 701

⇢ Etsy – $27.99

10. Tri-fold case with translucent back

Slim tri-fold case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2020

Here is one of the first tri-fold case covers for the newest Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet released in 2020.

Offered by TiMOVO, is offers a two-angle stand functionality, auto sleep/wake support, and Wireless Charging Dock compatibility.

The version featuring denim-like texture is available in Turquoise color that would go well with any Fire color variant – especially that the back is made of translucent plastic letting you see the Fire’s beauty all the time.

The see through backing is nice and protecting. I have dropped it with no harm coming to the case or my fire.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.4/5

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

11. Solid Bluetooth keyboard case for Fire HD 8

Solid Amazon Fire HD 8 detachable keyboard case

If you are determined to use your new Fire for typing, and consider getting a decent keyboard or keyboard case, check out this design from Agptek.

The case supports sleep / wake function and turns into a stand so that you can use the Fire as a monitor.

The keyboard itself is detachable (a nice feature if you want to watch movies or read a book – remove the keyboard to get rid of extra bulk). The keys are laptop-like and provide a comfortable typing experience.

Opposite to other keyboard cases, this one is relatively cheap – the price is kept under $40 all the time.

Average rating: 4.3/5

⇢ Amazon – $39.99

12. Cute animal fleece and linen sleeve

Cute cat tablet sleeve compatible with Fire HD 8 2020

Our pick: The cutest sleeve for Amazon Fire HD 8

Here is an idea for a different approach to Fire tablet protection – get a sleeve. The one from Julia Cute Cases is hand-crafted to look like a cute cat!

The sleeve is made of three layers. Inside, there is a smooth lining. The second layer made of fleece gives a soft touch and extra protection. On the outside, you will see a beautiful natural fabric, forming the ultimate cute look.

When placing an order, make sure to write down the dimensions of the 2020 Fire model and the seller with create a custom sleeve for you.

It exceeded my expectations, it’s cute and soft. I love it, thank you so much!

– Etsy review

Number of positive reviews: 305

⇢ Etsy – $34

13. Felt sleeve for Fire HD 8 and HD 8 Kids Edition

Felt Amazon Fire HD 8 sleeve - fits Kids Edition

A sleeve is a flexible way to combine style with functionality. Most importantly, you can use it together with a case cover.

From MoKo comes a highly rated felt & leather sleeve that will accommodate not only the 2020 Fire HD 8 but also the Kids Edition (the tablet and a kid-friendly case).

Lining material is mold-proof, and the producer claims it’s also wear-resisting. The sleeve includes two compartments: one for the tablet and the other one for essentials.

This fits a Fire HD8 perfectly and protects it quite well. I like the extra pockets and lack of a zipper.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.8/5

⇢ Amazon – $14.99

14. Designer tri-fold Fire HD 8 2020 cover

Designer ultra slim tri-fold cover for Fire HD 8 2020

If you are looking for more design variants, take a look at the tri-fold case offered on Amazon by Billion.

Over 16 variants are available, including Rubik Cube (seen above), Galaxy, Graffiti, Van Gogh’s Paining, and a few floral designs.

The producer claims that the stand is stable and that “durable non-hazardous safety material” is ideal for children.

One more benefit of getting this particular case is a free screen protector included in the package.

Average rating: 4.1/5

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

15. Shockproof and water-resistant sleeve bag

Shockproof water-resistant sleeve fits Fire HD 8 2020

Our pick: The best alternative to the standard case cover

From Kizuna comes a tablet sleeve that’s worth taking a look if you plan to protect your tablet not only from shock but also water.

Bearing Amazon Choice label, the sleeve is made of water-repellent neoprene which protects the tablet from splashing water or rain. Extra soft fluffy internal layer effectively absorbs impacts to reduce damage cause by accidental drops.

The sleeve is available in two sizes. Make sure to pick up the one for 7.9-8 inch tablets.

This fits very nice, but not if you keep the case on your tablet. It slides and nicely when it’s just the tablet. Feels very cushiony inside. I like having the extra pocket on the outside, where you can slip your phone or something.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.7/5

⇢ Amazon – $11.99

16. Tri-fold case with floral design

Tri-fold Amazon Fire HD 8 case with floral design

If you are looking for fashionable floral Fire HD 8 cases, you should take a look at the Flower Blossom design offered on Amazon by MoKo.

There are several floral cases for the 8-inch Fire tablet, but this one does it right. The floral artwork is not a repeatable pattern. It’s the bright, colorful design that spreads across the front and back, making the most of the space.

In other words, the back shell of the case is not a one-color dull plastic – it offers the beauty of flowers, too.

What’s most important, the flowers are printed on the transparent back. Therefore, they add and extra context to the color variant of your Fire tablet.

The cover is so pretty – white with flowers on the front, clear with flowers on the back. You can see how the color of your Kindle shows through the clear back side of this cover.

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.6/5

⇢ Amazon – $14.99

17. Reliable ultra-slim Fire HD 8 case

Moko horizontal-first tri-fold Fire HD 8 case

Our pick: Solid and affordable tri-fold case with frosted back

If you are looking for reliable Fire HD 8 case covers from most trusted third-party producers, take a look at the tri-fold design from MoKo.

The case features a standard tri-fold design and is made of premium durable material that would withstand the heavy use. Built-in magnetic strip automatically wakes or puts your tablet to sleep.

The frosted back shell is ultra-protective and flexible, making it easy to remove the case any time you want.

First time I’ve gotten a soft cover for my Kindle HD Fire and was a little doubting. No longer…it works, stands it up for the ever constant Zoom meetings these days and easily gets me going when all I do is open the cover. 

– Amazon review

Average rating: 4.6/5

⇢ Amazon – $13.99

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Where to buy Amazon Fire cases?

Most users end up exploring Amazon for cases that are compatible with Fire tablets. However, if you want to extend a list of options, you can also search other online destinations. We list them below:

Amazon – you’ve searched the site already, right? We advise to do it again – and search all departments, not only the section with Amazon Kindle Fire cases and accessories. Thousands of results will appear, many with a high number of positive reviews.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable cases. The number of available designs and colors is smaller, but the cases can be bought at lower – sometimes much lower – prices.

Rakuten – the site is one of the largest online stores. The sellers are different from the ones on Amazon or eBay, so if you haven’t found the perfect case on these two sites, give Rakuten a try.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. You won’t find here, for instance, the heavy-duty case tailored for Amazon Kindle Fire, but will be amazed to discover tons of unique, colorful sleeves that will suit different tastes and needs.

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