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Audible prolong deal summer 2020 - save 46% for 4 months

The new Audible sale lets you save 46% for first four months of the membership. For the total cost of $32, you can get audiobooks worth well over $100.

You have started a free Audible trial during lockdown, like the new experience very much, but the 15-dollar monthly fee is too much for you?

Cheer up! You can have four more months to think whether you are an audiobook addict and whether you will make the full use of the popular Audible subscription.

A new promotion has just arrived at Amazon in which you can save 46% on four months of Audible membership – a perfect timing for anyone who wants to spend all summer with the sound of favorite books.

If you get the deal today, you will pay just $7.95 per month ($14.95) until the beginning of October, and cut the price of monthly fees almost a half. After that period, you will be automatically charged the regular fee of $14.95.

After you proceed to check out, you will see a message like in the screenshot below. The “Order Total” field displays “$7.95,” what may suggest it’s the total cost of the deal. It’s not. It’s the price of the first month of the subscription. You will be charged the same amount for three more months.

Audible deal summer 2020

Is this Audible deal attractive?

You save $7 each month, so your savings are $28. The total cost of the deal is $7.95 × 4 = $31.8.

A newly published audiobook from a bestselling author usually costs between $25 and $35. For instance, Stephen King’s newest thriller, If It Bleeds, narrated by Will Patton, Danny Burstein, and Steven Weber, costs $24.49.

Opposite to Kindle Unlimited, the free audiobooks you can get every month stay with you forever. You are eligible to download one full-length audiobook – regardless of its price – plus select Audible Originals. You can also save on exclusive daily deals, and enjoy a 30% discount on additional audiobook purchases.

In other words, during four months of your Audible summer deal membership, you can get four bestselling audiobooks, which may cost in total well over $100.

The best thing is that if you cancel your Audible membership in the fourth month, you won’t be charged for the next month – the first one with the regular monthly fee. Set up a reminder to come up somewhere in September, and you will have comfort to decide whether you want to continue your Audible subscription or not.

The deal ends on June 15, 2020, at midnight, so you’d better hurry up to grab it right away. You can do it on either Amazon or Audible website, whatever option suits you more.

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