Choosing an e-reading device for a library (chart)

Choosing an e-reader for a library

Choosing an e-reader for a personal use is different from choosing devices for a community.

Both tablets and dedicated e-readers have their pros and cons. If you choose a device for yourself, you can go through the simple Tablet vs e-reader questionnaire that will let you recognize your own reading preferences.

Choosing a device for a community is different.

Which device could be most durable, and most versatile at the same time? Is a simple 6-inch Kindle or Nook enough? When thinking about tablets, most of us think “iPad”? Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be more affordable, quite frankly. And and what about the tablet with a focus on e-reading, like Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook?

Travis Jonker, the School Library Journal writer, wrote a fantastic post about how e-reading devices can be used in schools and libraries. Times change, but this advice is timeless.

In an entertaining chart (shown also below), Travis describes what you should be aware of before picking up the device. For the time being there is no clear winner, as far as library devices are concerned.

Click on the image to see it in full view.

Choosing an e-reader for a #library #infographic

Via The Digital Shift.

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