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Last-minute gift idea for Kindle fans – 12-month Kindle Unlimited plan (currently 33% off)

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Last-minute gift idea for Kindle lovers - 12-month Kindle Unlimited plan

Kindle Unlimited gifting is back in the Kindle Store. In a limited-time offer you can get it the 12-month plan for $80 (33% off) / Images: Amazon

Kindle Unlimited was always a great Christmas gift idea. Especially now, when the 12-month plan is on sale for only $80 (and you save 33%).

Many products listed in Amazon’s Last-minute Deals section can still arrive before Christmas.

Unfortunately, Kindles are out of the equation. The newest Paperwhite is back on stock on December 24; the basic Kindle and the Oasis can be shipped on January 9, the soonest.

You can always buy Amazon gift card. You can also try other gift ideas for Kindle lovers, but as long as these gifts are real products, the time is not your ally.

And this is where Kindle Unlimited comes extremely handy. You can buy the subscription on Christmas, and a few minutes later you can give it as a gift – and make a Kindle fan in your life extremely happy.

We’ve reported three weeks ago that Kindle Unlimited gifting was removed from Amazon, but you know what: it’s back, just for Christmas!

Kindle Unlimited gifting is back in the Kindle Store

One plan is available, but its price has been reduced in a limited-time offer. Picture this: you can get the 12-month Kindle Unlimited plan for $80. It means the price is reduced by as much as $40 (33%), from the regular annual cost of $120.

Why Kindle Unlimited? As much as 80 KU-eligible books are among Top 100 Kindle best sellers of 2018.

Plus, Amazon is moving away from deals on long-term Kindle Unlimited plans, offering prolonged free trial periods instead. The three-month Kindle Unlimited for $0.99 doesn’t sound like a worthy gift, does it?

Before making a decision, explore the Kindle Unlimited catalog to double-check whether the giftee finds enough books in her or his favorite category.

The link below to the Kindle Unlimited 12-month gift plan may become inactive after Christmas.

⇢ Kindle Unlimited gift

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