Kindle Unlimited deal – extend your membership and save even $96!

Extend Kindle Unlimited membership and save even 40%!
Extend Kindle Unlimited membership and save even 40% - valid through June 30, 2020

For the first time ever, Amazon offers a deal that’s exclusive for Kindle Unlimited users. Extend your membership to save between 20 and 40%, depending on the pre-paid plan.

Kindle Unlimited deals are usually available for non-subscribers – those who haven’t tried Amazon’s popular digital subscription yet or those who have already canceled it.

The new deal is totally different. It’s addressed not to new but current Kindle Unlimited users. In other words, it’s not about getting the subscription but extending it.

If you are determined to use the subscription for a longer time, you can now get one of the pre-paid plans (6-, 12-, or 24-month) and save even 40%!

You can choose from three Kindle Unlimited extend plans:

  • 6 months for $46.86 – regular price is $59.94, you save 20%
  • 12 months for $80.30 – regular price is $119.88, you save 33%
  • 24 months for $143.80 – regular price is $239.76, you save 40%

The moment you redeem this offer, your current automatic renewals will be suspended for the duration of the plan you’ve selected. So, if you decide to get the 12-month subscription, your regular method of payment will return in June 2021.

You can cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription any time, but you have to remember one thing – you won’t get a refund for the time you haven’t used. The subscription will just not be prolonged.

Recently, Amazon has been very creative in testing new ways to convince users to try Kindle Unlimited. The recent deal for non-subscribers is still active: You can get two months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge! It’s like a free trial period extended by another 30 days.

If you are planning to re-subscribe or join Kindle Unlimited for the first time, follow these steps to save the most:

  1. Join Kindle Unlimited via the deal that gives two months of subscription free of charge.
  2. Once you are a subscriber, choose one of the long-term Kindle Unlimited plans and save between $12 and $96.

The offer was originally valid till May 31, but is now extended through June 30, 2020.

Kindle Unlimited catalog - books available right now

Kindle Unlimited gives free access to over a million of ebooks, as well as thousands of comics, magazines, or audiobooks. Here is the current Kindle Unlimited catalog that includes newly added titles, such as Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis, Andrew Barrer’s Young Blood, or Regretting You by Colleen Hoover.

Are you hesitating between Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime? The latter multi-benefit subscription includes a book-reading component as well. It’s called Prime Reading and gives access to a rotating list of 1,000 ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and comics. Read the detailed comparison of two services here.

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