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9 proven ways to focus your distracted mind (infographic)

How to focus wandering mind - infographic introduction

Do you find it hard to get focused when you really need it? This brief infographic puts together a few tested tricks to improve your metal focus.

In a modern world that attacks your mind with millions of messages fighting for a moment of your attention, it’s easy to get distracted. Our attention span is constantly shrinking, and we find it harder and harder to get concentrated again – if at all.

It’s natural for a human brain to wander. According to research psychologist Peter Killeen, our neurons can work with their own energy for only 12 seconds. Then they switch to a low-power mode until they get recharged.

As you see, mind wandering is common, because it’s how the human body is built. It’s nothing wrong when your thoughts fly away from the current topic. The problem begins when you really have to focus.

The infographic about how to focus a wandering mind was first released two years ago. However, it’s particularly timely right now, when we are forced to reorganize our lives, find ways to overcome current problems, and adjust plans for the future.

The visual lists 9 proven ways to stop distractions and give our neurons the power to focus for the next 12 seconds, and next 12 seconds, and next 12 seconds.

The only thing I’m missing – the 10th effective way to get focused – is reading a book. As most of you know, reading for just 6 minutes can reduce stress by as much as 68%. The stress is something that frustrates the most, resulting in an overwhelming state of distraction.

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Proven ways to focus wandering mind - full infographic

Via Entrepreneur Europe.

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