Good deal – get two months of Kindle Unlimited subscription for $0.99

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Great deal for National Reading Month 2018 - get two months of Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription for $0.99

Those who are not ready for a long-term commitment to Kindle Unlimited can save 95% on using the service for first two months.

Amazon is getting ready for National Reading Month 2018 celebrations.

Ahead of several deals on Kindle e-readers and Amazon Fire tablets (which will start on Saturday), you can get a great deal on Kindle Unlimited ebook and audiobook subscription.

You can get two months of Kindle Unlimited for only $0.99. In other words, instead of paying $19.98 ($9.99 for each month), you can test the subscription for a prolonged time, and save $18.99, what makes a 95% saving.

After two months, you will be paying the Kindle Unlimited fee on a monthly basis.

The deal is different from the ones offered before, but is it better? Let’s take a look.

So far, almost every deal on Kindle Unlimited involved the so-called “pre-paid plans.” You could be able to save between 25% and 40%, but you had to pay for a long-term subscription: 6, 12, or 24 months. What’s more, if you changed your mind after a month or two, there was no way to get a refund.

The current deal is great for users who are not ready for long-term commitments and are still not decided whether they like Kindle Unlimited or not.

As the deal “eats” the 30-day free trial, the cost calculation looks different depending on your status:

  • if you are not eligible for free trial – if you have used your right to the 30-day free trial before, you are not eligible to get it when you sign up for Kindle Unlimited again. In this case your real saving is $18.99,
  • if you are eligible for free trial – if you haven’t used your one-time chance for the 30-day trial period. In this case, theoretically, you are saving only on the second month, because you’d get the first one free of charge, anyway. So, the real saving is $9.00.

As you see, the deal is most useful for those who can’t benefit from the free trial but would like to explore the service for two more months, pay one dollar, and avoid spending a penny more if they decide to cancel the subscription during the first two months.

How attractive is Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Currently, the service gives unlimited access to over 1 million eligible books. You can also download Audible audiobook companions, as well as digital versions of popular magazines and newspapers.

It’s worth highlighting that as much as 82 Kindle Unlimited books are among Top 100 Kindle bestsellers of 2017.

The Kindle Unlimited deal celebrating National Reading Month is valid until Sunday, March 11, 2018. Current subscribers are not eligible.

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Interesting: Good deal – get two months of Kindle Unlimited subscription for $0.99
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