Khomo rear case is a perfect fit for your iPad Pro with Smart Cover and Apple Pencil

Khomo Slim Shell Case for iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9

A slim cover from Khomo will protect the back of your iPad, store Apple Pencil, and go well with both the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard.

Many users who buy iPad tablets, automatically add original Apple Smart Cover to cart. It’s obvious – an original accessory is a guarantee of the perfect fit and high quality.

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However, iPad Pro models released in 2017 make the decision a bit harder.

These tablets are expensive, so protecting only the display may suddenly become an insufficient solution.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that the 2017 iPad Pro – and we are talking here about both the 10.5 and 12.9-inch version – gives users two opportunities to extend the convenience and increase productivity.

First option many users consider trying is Apple Pencil for iPad Pro. Sensitive to pressure and tilt, it behaves like an analog pencil, “but with pixel-perfect precision.” Once you decide to invest $100 in it, you’ll need to a safe place to store it, no doubt about it. It’s where the Smart Cover becomes useless.

Many iPad Pro users go even further and decide it’s the right time to test the ultimate productivity a tablet can offer. Apple Smart Keyboard can give you that for $159. You attach it the same way as Smart Cover. Unlike third-party Bluetooth iPad keyboard cases, Smart Keyboard doesn’t need to be recharged as it connects via the Smart Connector.

Let’s say, you’re considering getting a Smart Keyboard shortly, but want to buy the pencil immediately. What is the best way to protect the iPad in the meantime?

It’s where the back shell case from Khomo comes handy. It’s compatible with iPad Pro with Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard. Unlike many other third-party cases (which have the back shell and tri-fold front cover), the model from Khomo covers only the back. Therefore, you can use it together with original Apple covers. What’s important, it gives enough space for the Smart Connector to allow for an uninterrupted work of the Smart Keyboard.

An even bigger benefit of the Khomo cover is a special holder localized on the side that’s designed to store the original Smart Pencil securely. The holder is smart – you can remove the pencil easily by pressing it through the hole in the back.

Khomo case is available for both iPad Pro size versions:

Khomo iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) Cover – it costs only $14.99. You can get one of four versions: Carbon Fiber (my favorite – the material is extremely strong and light), Leather Black, Leather Brown, and Twill Gray.

Khomo iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) Cover – the case is available in the same range of colors/designs. The price of the stylish Twill Gray version is currently reduced from $39.95 to $18.95.

Khomo case is compatible with Apple iPad Pro with Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard

Khomo case for iPad Pro has an Apple Pencil holder

Khomo iPad Pro case works with Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard

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