25 iPad-compatible keyboard cases and keyboards

Best iPad keyboard cases and keyboards - ultimate list
Best iPad keyboard cases and keyboards - ultimate list
Updated list of keyboards for iPad 10.2, iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5, and latest iPad Pro models / Images: Amazon, eBay, Best Buy

Are you planning to invest in a keyboard or keyboard case for your newest iPad? Read on to find the best designs that are currently available on the web.

You’ve just installed all the apps you need on your new iPad, note-taking apps among them, and you plan to use it extensively not only for answering emails, sharing social media updates, and jotting down blog post ideas.

The moment you start considering your iPad as an effective writing companion is the moment you realize that typing on a tablet is not ideal. There is no physical confirmation you’ve actually typed the letter, you miss the key travel of physical keys, and you make too many mistakes.

The keyboard – the one with physical keys, found in the MacBook or other laptop computers – seems like an answer to your problem.

Below, you’ll find a couple of the best options available on the market, from affordable keyboards that can work with any tablet to the original iPad Pro keyboard case.

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Before we move forward, make sure you really want the keyboard. Because there is one thing you might be highly disappointed with. It’s the size.

The keys may have the size of the regular keyboard, but they are close to each other in the keyboard case that’s designed for the 10-inch tablet. It’s not the same experience as writing on a desktop keyboard. The keys are placed differently, and there is not enough space for palm movement.

The other challenge is the stand. The tablet has to be placed where there is a display on the laptop – at the right angle, optimal for typing.

There are a couple of solutions, but you have to forget the flexibility in how you position the screen. Usually, there are few fixed angles – set for typing by the desk.

So, are you still interested in the keyboard case for your iPad? Check out the list below.

Best iPad keyboard cases and keyboards – highlights

The best iPad keyboard cases and compatible wireless keyboards

In the following overview, you will see, among others:

  • Best alternatives to Smart Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio
  • Cases that turn the iPad into a laptop
  • Keyboard cases that feature iPadOS-compatible trackpad
  • Convertible iPad keyboard cases
  • iPad keyboard cases with multiple viewing stand positions
  • Mechanical keyboards inspired by vintage typewriters
  • Compact and foldable wireless keyboards
  • Desktop keyboards with integrated stands

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25 iPad keyboard cases and keyboards

1. Apple-approved Brydge laptop keyboard case for iPad

Brydge premium iPad keyboard case
Premium iPad keyboard case by Brydge

Our pick: Best alternative to Smart Keyboard

When it comes to third-party accessories, only a few brands make it to the official Apple online store. One of them is Brydge.

Brydge offers premium keyboard cases that will turn your iPad into a laptop (they miss a touchpad, though). Opposite to Smart Keyboard, the case allows you to position the iPad screen exactly at the right angle – from 0 to 180 degrees, thanks to patented hinge design.

Best features: Dedicated iPadOS function keys, flexible viewing angle, smooth design, lifetime warranty

For many users, these keyboard cases are better than original Smart Keyboard, as they offer a typing experience similar to laptops. The keys are backlit, industry leading key travel of 1.2 mm is perfectly balanced, and the battery can last even 12 months on a single charge.

The case is forged out of a single piece of high-grade aluminum, giving you the same feel as iPad itself. Also, it’s available in color variants that match the iPad range.

Brydge keyboard cases are available for iPad 10.2, iPad 9.7, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3 (10.5-inch), as well as iPad Pro 11 and 12.9.

⇢ Amazon – from $119.99

2. Affordable iPad 10.2 keyboard case with iPadOS compatible touchpad

Apple iPad 10.2 keyboard case with iPadOS compatible touchpad

As you probably know, an operating system dedicated to iPads – iPadOS – includes a convenient accessibility feature that enables you to use third-party mouses and trackpads.

So far, there are only few iPad keyboard cases with the iPadOS compatible touchpad. One of them is offered on Amazon by Phixnozar. The case is slim and lightweight. It includes a kickstand to put the iPad in the viewing position. There is also an Apple Pencil loop.

Most importantly, the keyboard panel has a touchpad – and this touchpad can be used to navigate your iPad without the need to take hands off the keyboard every time you want to change the position of the cursor.

How to enable keyboard touchpad for iPad

Step 1: Go to iPad Settings, then Accessibility, then Assist Touch.
Step 2: Enable Assist Touch.

You can turn off the touchpad support any time by tapping fn+space.

The producer claims this wireless keyboard case extremely long battery life: over 100 hours of use and over four months in stand-by mode.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99

3. Logitech iPad 10.2 keyboard case with trackpad

Logitech Combo Touch with trackpad for Apple iPad 10.2

If you are ready to spend more money for an Apple-approved iPadOS compatible keyboard case with trackpad, take a look at Logitech’s Combo Touch. It’s available in Apple’s online store, but you can also get it from Amazon.

The case features an adjustable kickstand (40-degree tilt) so that you can position the iPad’s display at the right angle. The keys give familiar soft laptop-like experience and are well spaced for maximum typing precision.

Most importantly, the keyboard features a trackpad that fully supports all iPadOS multi-gesture possibilities. What’s more, four use modes will help you comfortably work with the iPad on any task you imagine.

Last but not least, Logitech Combo Touch is compatible with Smart Connector, so there is not need to recharge it.

⇢ Amazon – $149.99

4. Multi-angle Bluetooth keyboard stand for 10.2-inch iPad

Multi-angle keyboard case for Apple iPad 10.2

If you prefer reasonably priced Smart Keyboard alternative that doubles as a folio stand case, you should take a closer look at the keyboard-case combo from Infiland.

The case features a premium quality laptop-style keyboard that’s integrated into the inner side of the front cover and connect with the iPad via Bluetooth.

The case is slim but highly protective. It provides a solid stand thanks to a metal hinge that makes the bracket more stable. You can the iPad in either a typing mode (using the built-in keyboard) or touching mode.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99

5. Lightweight integrated iPad Air 3 keyboard case

Lightweight keyboard case for iPad Air 3 2019

This slim and lightweight case for iPad Air 3 (and iPad Pro 10.5, as well) is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the tablet.

The laptop-style keyboard is not detachable. It’s integrated on the internal side of the front cover, to make the case lighter and slimmer. The case will activate your iPad on opening.

Thanks to two magnetic strips next to the keyboard, the tablet can be tilted up to 130 degrees providing the optimal viewing position.

The keyboard is offered by Janvvoo and comes with 24-hour customer support. One-year worry-free warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee are included.

⇢ Amazon – $25.99

6. Hard-shell slimline keyboard case for iPad 9.7

Hard-shell iPad 9.7 keyboard case that looks like MacBook

This slim and lightweight keyboard case will turn the 9.7-inch iPad into a powerful laptop any time you’d want it. In fact, after closing, the case looks like a small MacBook.

The case offers multiple viewing angles up to 130 degrees. It supports auto sleep/wake function and enables to access all ports and buttons easily.

Most importantly, the case offered by Kvago features a real keyboard experience, with silent keystroke performance typical for laptop computers. The keyboard is backlit, with three levels of brightness, and seven backlight colors to choose from.

This keyboard case is both functional and stylish. It looks as premium as the iPad itself and is available in four matching colors: Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99

7. Slim iPad mini 5 keyboard case with Apple pencil holder

Functional iPad mini 5 2019 Bluetooth keyboard case with Apple Pencil holder

Are you looking for a durable keyboard case for your newest iPad mini? There are several models available already (and counting), but so far the most functional one is offered by Feitenn.

The case is not only the thinnest iPad mini 5 keyboard case you can get right now. It features the full-size Bluetooth keyboard with gentle key responsiveness, offering a writing experience similar to laptops.

The rugged design with the rubberized exterior is resistant to water and dirt. Most importantly, the case has a built-in holder for Apple Pencil. The pen can be easily placed and removed.

If you are going to use your iPad mini 5 for studying, this case should be on top of your list.

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

8. Smart Connector compatible iPad 10.2 rugged keyboard case

Logitech rugged folio keyboard case for iPad 10.2

If you are looking for the Smart Keyboard alternative that gives more protection for lower price, take a closer look at Logitech’s Rugged Folio Case designed for iPad 10.2.

The case offers military grade protection while showing slim shape and waterproof keyboard panel. It connects to the iPad via the Smart Connector, so you don’t have to worry about pairing or charging.

Rugged Folio features a full row of iOS shortcut keys. Thanks to that, you don’t need to hunt around the screen or in menus to perform simple keyboard actions.

A durable membrane seals in the keyboard protecting it from spilled drinks working-lunch crumbs and other daily mishaps If an accident does occur the keyboard can be safely wiped clean with no fear of damage.

– Product description

Another benefit is an Apple Pencil holder that can fit a Logitech stylus as well.

⇢ Amazon – $133.99

9. Fashionable iPad 9.7 detachable keyboard case

Fashionable iPad 9.7 Bluetooth keyboard case

Who said iPad keyboard cases have to look like dull laptops and be offered only in black or silver?

From Baiken comes a standard folio keyboard case for iPad 9.7 which is offered in three designs that combine fashionable colors (Pink, Blue, and Gray) with light marble texture.

The keyboard itself can be easily removed, so you don’t need to take extra bulk when you don’t need it.

The case from Baiken is also one of the most affordable keyboard cases for iPad that you can find on Amazon.

⇢ Amazon – $32.99

10. Premium iPad Pro 11 keyboard folio case from Fintie

Business-style iPad Pro 11 keyboard folio case - Composition Book

If you want to have the keyboard case for your iPad Pro that has the classic business look, you should check out the model offered by Fintie.

Among eleven color variants, you will find the iconic Composition Book (something that will add meaning to your keyboard case), as well as a stylish Charcoal Denim.

Ultra-slim design adds minimum bulk, while offering 360-degree protection for your iPad.

One feature worth mentioning is a stretchable elastic pencil pocket that will securely store and carry your Apple Pencil when on the go. Wireless Apple Pencil charging is obviously supported.

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

11. iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard case with dual Apple Pencil support

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 detachable keyborad case

This keyboard is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9, both the 2018 and 2020 model. It supports your Apple Pencil in two ways. First, it will enable you to wirelessly charge the stylus, when you stick it to the top side of the iPad.

Secondly, there is an Apple Pencil holder located inside the case, between the iPad and keyboard, to keep it safe when carrying.

The keyboard panel is magnet-detachable, so you don’t have to carry it when you don’t need it. The scissor-switch keys give a quite, soft and reliable input.

There are 7 backlight colors to choose from, as well as 3 level of brightness. The working time on a single battery charge is over 200 hours without backlight and 6 hours with backlight on.

⇢ Amazon – $47.99

12. Laptop-style iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard with touchpad

Laptop-style iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard with touchpad

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 costs $300. If you are determined to find a keyboard case that features iPadOS compatible touchpad, you can go for a much cheaper alternative.

The keyboard is offered on Amazon by KMXDD, costs $80, and you can choose from four body colors: Black Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.

The design works the same was as a Bridge case – you put the iPad into a hard case, turning it into a monitor of a fully-fledged laptop.

An interesting feature is a multicolor backlight – each of the three zones of the keyboard can have its own color (you can set up a monochrome backlight as well).

⇢ Amazon – $76

13. Detachable combo keyboard case for iPad 10.5-inch

Logitech Slim Combo Detachable Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 2017 - 10.5 and 12.9

This advanced keyboard case designed by Logitech is available for both iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Air 3 (10.5-inch).

The keyboard is detachable and the design lets you use it in four flexible modes: typing, viewing, reading, and FaceTime. It features backlit keys, with a dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys.

Unlike other third-party keyboards (that need Bluetooth to connect), the Slim Combo seamlessly pairs with iPad Pro via the Smart Connector and never requires charging.

Logitech Slim Combo is available in Black, and recently its price has dropped to under $100 on Amazon.

⇢ Amazon – $91.99

14. Rugged messenger iPad Air 3 keyboard case

Rugged messenger iPad Air 3 2019 keyboard case

Are you looking for a keyboard case that’s at the same time tough and durable? Meet Rugged Messenger 7 from ZAGG.

The case features a multi-layer design that protects the iPad against corner damage and impact. It’s tested to withstands drops up to 6.6 feet.

On top of it, there is a Bluetooth keyboard. Laptop-style backlit keys will enhance your typing even in low light. The built-in stand secures the iPad Air 3 at multiple viewing angles.

⇢ Amazon – $79.95

15. Convertible iPad Air 3 keyboard case

Fully rotatable iPad Air 3 Bluetooth keyboard case

The Bluetooth keyboard case from Boriyuan has one unique feature: it supports 360-degree vertical rotation. Thanks to that, you can use your iPad as a convertible laptop.

On to of that, you can adjust the viewing angle between 0 and 180 degrees – the largest possible flexibility.

You can display your work presentation watch your favorite show or read a new book while you enjoy your iPad a little more even when you’re out and about!

– Product description

The seller provides 24-hour email customer service, 1-year worry-free warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99

16. Detachable keyboard iPad 10.2 case with pencil holder

Detachable iPad 10.2 keyboard case - best on Amazon

Our pick: Most affordable iPad 10.2 keyboard case on Amazon

If you want to buy a keyboard for your iPad 10.2 but are determined to get an alternative to a highly expensive Smart Keyboard, you will definitely get interested in a case offered on Amazon by Juqitech.

The case sports a Bluetooth keyboard that’s detachable. It means you don’t have to take it if you don’t have to. Plus, there is a cradle for Apple Pencil, which is located right under the display.

The keyboard offers a real laptop experience, helping you to type faster and with higher accuracy.

You can choose from as many as ten colors, including Deer and Rose Gold.

⇢ Amazon – $42.99

18. Universal Bluetooth keyboard for iPad and iPhone

Logitech Universal K480 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and iPhone - available on Amazon

In the Amazon online store, you can find Logitech’s smart multi-device keyboard that will connect to your iPad, iPhone, and even your Mac. You can connect three devices to it, and switch between them by turning the Easy-Switch dial on the left side.

The other exciting feature is the cradle that holds your iPad or iPhone at just the right angle for you to read while you type.

Logitech K480 keyboard comes in two colors. You can choose either Black (with accents in lemon color) or White.

⇢ Amazon – from $24.99

19. Origami-style rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard

iPad keyboards on Amazon: Nulaxy Business Pro Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard

Our pick: Highly appreciated innovative design

As you see, the biggest challenge when it comes to tablet keyboards is how to set up a stand where the tablet could be placed for typing.

The picture above explains the whole idea of the Nulaxy keyboard for Bluetooth-supported tablets. The keyboard has its own Origami-style case that folds to form the support for the device.

The idea makes the keyboard extremely slim. What’s more, if your tablet doesn’t have a separate stand case, you can use Nulaxy as an external stand. Good for watching, for instance.

The keyboard works with most Bluetooth-enabled tablets and smartphones. Yes, the iPad and iPhone are on the list of supported devices. There is no info about charging time. You can keep it 60 days on standby, without recharging.

The keyboard will be a good for all iPad models up to 11-inch Pro. However, it may be too small to hold the 12.9-inch Pro in place.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

20. Universal folding pocket-size Bluetooth keyboard

Most popular foldable Bluetooth keyboard for iPad on Amazon

Our pick: Most popular foldable keyboard on Amazon

A keyboard case can considerably improve your writing speed on the iPad mini. It has, however, one disadvantage – most probably you won’t be able to use it with your next iPad.

That’s why it’s good to consider a more universal solution – a standalone Bluetooth keyboard. And, as iPad mini’s biggest benefit is its compact size, you should also go for a compact keyboard.

Meet one of the most popular folding Bluetooth keyboards that are offered on Amazon. Made by iClever, it’s recommended for writers, editors, bloggers, and students. It’s 180-degree foldable, and measures only 5.7 inches when folded.

⇢ Amazon – $36.99

21. Vintage typewriter keyboard with tablet stand

Qwerkywriter Vintage Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard with Integrated Tablet Stand

Here is something for fans of old good typewriters. Qwerkywriter S is an original Bluetooth keyboard inspired by mechanical keyboards.

Take a look. See these round typewriter-inspired keycaps? Or the shiny return bar? By default, the bar doubles the “Enter” key but you can program it up to 15 characters to generate signatures and even copy, cut, paste commands.

This vintage typewriter has an integrated tablet stand that can accommodate comfortably up to 10.5-inch tablet screens. It can also fit most 12-inch tablets as long as it’s less than 5/8 inch thick.

Qwerkywriter S can connect with your iPad via Bluetooth. There is also an option to connect via wired USB with N-Key Rollover performing at the highest levels without dropping letters or strokes.

⇢ Amazon – $269.99

22. Affordable retro mechanical iPad keyboard

Lofree retro mechanical keyboard for iPad

Our pick: The best vintage keyboard for iPad

For many users a vintage typewriter that costs well above $200 is an unacceptable expenditure. On the other hand, a retro typewriter is a single object that has the power to switch from writer’s block to writing mood.

The retro iPad keyboard from Lofree offers a nostalgic 60s look that’s available in a few fashionable (then and now) colors.

Most importantly, this mechanical Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is the most affordable option for those who are determined to get the vintage typewriter for themselves.

⇢ Amazon – $129.99

23. Ultra-thin foldable Bluetooth keyboard

MoKo Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard - works with the iPad or iPhone

If you are looking for a keyboard that doesn’t take too much space, and could easily fit into the side pocket of your iPad sleeve, the path to follow is to get a foldable keyboard.

Obviously, I’m not thinking about the cheap rollable keyboards made from silicone. We are looking for a real-size accessory with physical keys, right?

The design offered by MoKo seems to play all the right tunes. It closes using the magnets. When folded, its size is 6.2 × 4 × 0.5 in (157 × 101 × 12.7 mm). The good thing is that when you open the keyboard, it automatically turns on.

Like all other Bluetooth keyboards, it has to be recharged. Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery. You can charge from any USB port via the cable that’s included in the pack.

⇢ Amazon – $26.99

24. Desktop-style keyboard with integrated stand

Full-size Bluetooth keyboard with sliding stand - best for writing on the iPad

Our pick: Best desktop keyboard for iPad

There are many tablet keyboards on Amazon, and you will have hard time choosing the best one for your needs. The thing is that most of Bluetooth keyboards don’t usually have ratings higher than 4.0/5.

Key features: laptop-style KM13 full-sized keyboard, adjustable stand with anti-slip silicone pad, powered by AAA batteries.

The keyboard from Nulaxy is one of few exceptions. It provides a highly comfortable typing experience, thanks to full-sized highly responsive keys that are quiet and soft.

The keyboard automatically goes to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries, and can last up to 90 days, based on two hours of daily use.

There is a stand that you can slide out from the back of the keyboard. Thanks to that, you can place your iPad or iPhone at a comfortable viewing angle.

⇢ Amazon – $18.99

25. Long battery life Bluetooth keyboard for iPad

Long battery life Bluetooth keyboard - perfect for iPad

Out of several types of accessories, it’s easiest to be discouraged by the keyboard. The keyboard has just too many important factors: Bluetooth (setup and connection), keys (size, stroke, feel, hotkeys), battery, to name a few.

That’s why iPad keyboard and keyboard cases are usually not much appreciated by customers. One of the exceptions is a solid but lightweight Bluetooth-enabled keyboard from Omoton.

It offers a reasonable key combination, with QWERTY layout and hotkeys that you can customize for your iPad. With 2 AAA batteries and automatic sleep mode, you can use it continuously for up to 30 days.

The keyboard has a perfect size. It’s big enough for your fingers to type conveniently and small enough to be put inside a bag without taking too much space. The keyboard bears Amazon’s Choice label.

Available in Black or White.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

Bonus: flexible iPad 10.2 case compatible with Smart Keyboard

ESR iPad 10.2 case - perfect companion for Smart Keyboard

Created exclusively for the 10.2-inch iPad, this slim case from ESR has a large cutout on the side that leaves enough space for the Smart Connector to seamlessly attach to the Apple’s Keyboard while keeping 100% of its functionality.

One more benefit of the case is that it’s made of soft and flexible TPU. Thanks to that, you can attach and detach it easily whenever you need.

Therefore, this case is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to invest in original Apple accessories, but also cares about giving the iPad a complete protection against scratches and bumps.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99

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Where can I buy iPad keyboards and keyboard cases?

If you’ve reached this point of the article, most probably you haven’t found the perfect iPad keyboard yet.

Don’t limit yourself to Apple’s online store. Here are two other options to check out:

eBay – checking out eBay is always a good thing to do. First of all, you can find here official Apple iPad accessories at prices that are less “official.” Most importantly, eBay is a good destination for unbranded, affordable keyboard cases in a variety of colors.

Rakuten – it’s one of the largest online stores, offering a wide selection of electronic devices and accessories. If you can’t find a good iPad keyboard on Amazon or eBay, make sure to explore Rakuten. There are hundreds of different models to choose from, both universal and tailored for specific iPad models.

Amazon – a default store for a vast majority of online consumers. It lists more than 300 thousand results for “iPad keyboard” On top of the list, you’ll find the most popular models, with plenty of detailed reviews.

Interested in the iPad and iPhone? Here are the latest news, tips, and lists:

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