Save over $300 on the vintage typewriter mechanical keyboard from KrBn

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Save over 75% of KrBn vintage steampunk typewriter keyboard for iPad, Mac, and other devices

A price of the steampunk iPad-compatible keyboard from KrBn is currently reduced by 75%.

Computer keyboards that resemble the vintage typewriter are the ultimate dream of everyone who loves to write.

The only problem is that these keyboards are costly. It’s because if they are designed to look and feel like real vintage typewriters, they have to be made from similar materials.

The regular price of the beautiful Retro Vintage Steampunk Mechanical Qwerty Keyboard offered by KrBn is $399.99. In a limited time, however, you can save over 75%, as the price is reduced to $94.99.

KrBn steampunk-inspired mechanical Qwerty keyboard features a body made of CNC-anodized aluminum that guarantees a solid look and feel, as well as water resistance so that you will be able to clean it easily.

Round, retro-looking keycaps are extremely solid. Each one is put inside a chrome trim to last a lifetime. Opposite to classic typewriters, this keyboard features beautiful, functional, and programmable white LED backlight so that you can write even in low light.

This keyboard does bot have a Bluetooth module. It connects to a computer or tablet via USD cable. It’s compatible with Windows-powered devices, as well as iOS (and it means you can use it with your iPad). You can connect the KrBn retro mechanical keyboard to your Mac computer as well.

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KrBn Vintage Mechanical Keyboard

KrBn Retro Mechanical Keyboard for iPad, Mac, and Windows devices

KrBn Retro Mechanical Keyboard is every writers dream

Save huge on KrBn Retro Mechanical Keyboard compatible with iPad and iPhone

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