6 generations of iPhone’s innovative features (chart)

6 generations of iPhone

The chart presents the evolution of Apple’s smartphone through innovations each model was bringing to consumers.

Since 2007 Apple launched 6 generations of iPhone. Not every one was a milestone, but all of them introduced features other manufacturers hadn’t offered before.

You’ll see here a list of key functionalities introduced with each generation, from multi-touch screen in the iPhone 1, to Retina display of the 4th generation, to Touch ID in the iPhone 5S.

The infographic was shared by Alex Hillsberg from Finances Online, and designed by Ruby Media Corporation.

Suddenly, we could buy and play music in our phones, surf the net via wifi, run desktop-like OS, and, the best defining factor of a smartphone, download apps.

Some innovations were missed by the Apple team, and Steve Jobs in person – like the fact that the iPhone could be a great device for reading. Fortunately, the missing features were brought by independent developers, naming only Lexcycle, the company which created the legendary Stanza e-reading app.

The infographic is a good set of facts to analyze for anyone who considers buying the iPhone, and a touch of nostalgia for every dedicated iPhone user.

Click on the chart and you’ll see it in full size and a distraction-free mode.

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