How libraries can help improve your health (infographic)

Libraries provide equal access to health information

The infographic shows how libraries can go beyond their traditional roles. For instance, they can be very helpful in improving health of community members.

Libraries are not only the place where you can borrow a bestselling novel or a new movie release. You can use them in any way you imagine. To learn things, to play, to meet people, to get help in finding a job, to develop new skills.

Have you ever thought about using a library to improve your health?

When you take a look at the infographic below, you’ll see there are many areas where this can happen.

The infographic called “Library Heroes Make Health Happen” was developed WebJunction, the site with learning resources for librarians, in cooperation with ZeroDivide.

The visual proves that libraries can play an essential role in accessing health information and resources.

Libraries have the information literacy expertise and community partnership potential that are critical to foster local cultures of health, and community health stakeholders are increasingly aware of this.

In what other aspects of life may libraries prove to be useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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How #libraries can help you improve your health #infographic

Via WebJunction Blog.

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