The best of Cyber Monday 2017 – save 40% on Kindle Unlimited

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Save up to 40% on Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription during Cyber Monday 2017

Getting Kindle Unlimited via pre-paid deals is a great way to save on the cost of subscription.

Amazon has just revealed a preview of Cyber Monday 2017 deals from over 30 categories, including electronics, toys, fashion, beauty, kitchen, sporting goods, and more.

One of the special offers that were announced to run on Cyber Monday 2017, is a deal on pre-paid plans for Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription.

It’s Saturday, and the deal is already active! You can save even 40% on Kindle Unlimited membership.

Unlike Cyber Monday last year, there are two, not three, pre-paid plans to choose from. The shortest 6-month plan, offering the lowest price cut (25%), was not popular among Kindle users, and Amazon removed it already for Prime Day 2017.

The table below compares Cyber Monday 2017 plans, deal prices, and savings you have.

Cyber Monday 2017 Kindle Unlimited deal

Plan Deal price List price You save
12-month $80.32 $119.88 33%
24-month $143.85 $239.76 40%

Kindle Unlimited subscription gives assess to over 1.8 million Kindle ebooks. You can also choose audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines. The subscription is developing at a fast pace. Currently, as much as 82 books on the list of 2017 Kindle bestsellers are included in Kindle Unlimited.

One remark for those who are not familiar with how Kindle Unlimited pre-paid plans work. If you buy the subscription via the deal page, you won’t get the 30-day free trial, and Amazon will charge you immediately.

You will be able to cancel Kindle Unlimited, but don’t count on any refund. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current plan.

For instance, if you buy Kindle Unlimited 12-month plan today and cancel it the next day, your subscription will expire on November 25, 2018, but no refund for the remaining days will be made.

Kindle Unlimited pre-paid plans are a great gift for Kindle lovers. It’s actually very easy to gift the subscription. The only thing to do is to check the “Give as a gift” option under the “Add to Cart” button (see the screenshot below).

Gift Kindle Unlimited pre-paid plan - Cyber Monday 2017 deals

Can we expect deeper savings on Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription? No, if the basic fee or the portfolio of included services don’t essentially change. All users who had bought the subscription for the higher price before would feel cheated.

However, I can imagine that if Kindle Unlimited would include elements of Audible subscription and the monthly price for the combined service would be set at, for instance, $14.99 per month, then the saving for pre-paid plans would get deeper.

As Kindle Unlimited deal is offered for Cyber Monday every year since 2015, getting the one-year deal is a good way to save on the subscription. You buy the plan this Cyber Monday, cancel it before it ends, and wait for the next Cyber Monday to grab another deal.

Sure, your books will be lost when you replace one subscription with the other, but you’ll keep the highlights and notes. And, anyway, you won’t be able to build a large collection from Kindle Unlimited books, as you can keep only ten of them on your device.

Interested in Amazon’s ebook subscription? We’ve got a list of most important facts in our extensive guide to Kindle Unlimited.

If you’ve already subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, make sure to check out other deals waiting for you until the end of the week on the home page of Amazon Cyber Monday 2017 Deals.

Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription

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Unlimited Reading
Enjoy unlimited access to over 1 million titles.

Unlimited Audiobooks
Listen to thousands of books with Audible narration.

Any Device
Read anytime with the free Kindle app and on Kindle e-readers.

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