There is no need to wait for Cyber Monday Kindle and Audible deals

Kindle and Audible deals Cyber Monday 2020

Cyber Monday deals are already active! Kindle Oasis $75 off; up to 40% off Kindle Unlimited plans; 400 top Audible audiobooks for $6 each, and more!

Amazon has made an announcement a few days ago about upcoming Cyber Monday deals. Among them are Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.

There is no need to wait for Monday. All the deals are active right now! Not only the basic Kindle, but also other Amazon e-readers.

Plus there are deals also Audible deals. You can explore 400 audiobooks that are priced $6 each for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For the first time ever, Amazon offers a deal on Audible Plus. It’s a new, affordable audiobook subscription which lets you access, stream and download original audio productions, popular podcasts, documentaries, and full-length audiobooks.

Just like during every Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are a few deals on Kindle Unlimited subscription, some of them are also available for active members.

Make sure to come back during the weekend for an updated roundup.

⇢ Black Friday ⇢ Cyber Monday

Kindle deals

Save $30 on the basic Kindle

Black Friday 2020 deal basic Kindle
  • You save: $30; the Black Friday deal price is set at $59.99 ($89.99).
  • Status: Available for all Amazon customers, not only Prime members.
  • Valid: Since November 21, 2020.

In the early Black Friday 2020 announcement, the basic Kindle was the only model that would be available at a reduced price during Black Friday event. The other two will go on sale on Cyber Monday.

The Black Friday price of the basic Kindle is set at $59.99 for the entry-level variant with ads. Your saving is $30 and you can spend it on a decent Kindle case. For the version without ads you will pay $79.99 ($109.99), and your saving is also $30.

The 10th-generation Kindle was introduced in April 2019. The biggest improvement is a front-lighted display. Four LED lamps spread an even light across the display to help you read in the dark without a bedside lamp.

Main benefits of Kindle 10

  • An adjustable front light that makes the text readable in any light conditions.
  • Ability to play Audible audiobooks via connected headphones and speakers.
  • Smoother design, compared to Kindle 9.
  • A display with a bit better contrast.
  • White color!

Deals related to Kindle 10

⇢ Basic Kindle

Save $45 on Kindle Paperwhite 4

Kindle Paperwhite 4 Cyber Monday 2020 deal
  • You save: $45; the deal price is set at $84.99 ($129.99).
  • Status: Available for all Amazon customers, not only Prime members.
  • Valid: Since November 26, 2020.

Amazon announced that the Kindle Paperwhite 4 deal would start on Cyber Monday, but it’s available for all customers right now.

Compared to Prime Day 2020 deal (Paperwhite was $50 off) this deal is less attractive, but at the same level as a year ago. The deal price set at $84.99 means you will save $45 – enough to get other Amazon devices, naming only the 7-inch Fire.

4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite is the oldest model among currently offered by Amazon. It was launched almost two years ago. Despite rumors about Kindle Paperwhite 5 featuring warm light, the next-generation model will be released next year.

So, if you are looking for a waterproof Kindle available at a relatively reasonable price, this Cyber Monday deal on the Paperwhite is for you.

Benefits of Kindle Paperwhite 4

  • Waterproof design that makes it withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes.
  • Slim design with edge-to-edge glass front.
  • Bigger storage options (8 or 32 GB), compared to the predecessor. A helpful feature if you are planning to listen to Audible audiobooks on the Kindle.
  • Multiple colors to choose from, matching the new color line of Amazon Fire tablets: Plum, Sage, Twilight Blue, and Black.
  • The largest number of compatible case covers and accessories.

Deals related to Kindle Paperwhite 4

⇢ Kindle Paperwhite

Save $75 on Kindle Oasis 3

Kindle Oasis 3 deal Black Friday 2020
  • You save: $75; the deal price is set at $174.99 ($249.99).
  • Status: Available for all Amazon customers, not only Prime members.
  • Valid: Since November 26, 2020.

Originally, Amazon planned to reveal this deal on Cyber Monday, but – surprise, surprise! – the deal is active right now. And the sooner you order the device, the better the chances to get it before Christmas.

For the first time, the latest-generation Kindle Oasis was offered at a reduced price for Prime Day 2020. Just as we expected, the huge price cut – $75 – will be repeated for Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping event.

If you consider getting the most innovative Amazon e-reader in the world, this is the best time to do it.

Benefits of Kindle Oasis 3

  • Adjustable warm light that lets you control the color of the front lighted screen. In the evening, you can replace blue light with a warmer tone to reduce eye strain and minimize the negative effect on sleep.
  • Large, 7-inch touchscreen that displays crisp text and helps enjoy larger documents with fixed layout. It’s the largest currently available Kindle model.
  • Asymmetric design that shifts the center of gravity to one side to help you keep the e-reader comfortably in one had for long hours.
  • Audible player combined with 8 or 32 GB internal storage to enjoy Audible audiobooks to the fullest.
  • Waterproof index IPX8 – tested to withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes.
  • Aluminum body combined with premium finishes: Graphite or Champagne Gold.

Deals related to Kindle Oasis 3

⇢ Kindle Oasis

Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge

Kindle Unlimited Cyber Monday 2020 deal
  • You save: $9.99, compared to 30-day free trial.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers who haven’t used Kindle Unlimited before.
  • Valid: Through March 31, 2021.

This offer can be grabbed by any Amazon customer who is new to Kindle Unlimited.

The deal gives you access to Kindle Unlimited for two months completely free of charge. After that period, you will be charged $9.99 for the first paid month of the subscription until you cancel it during the free period.

It’s like having the 60 days of free trial of Kindle Unlimited instead of 30 days.

⇢ Kindle Unlimited

Up to 40% off pre-paid Kindle Unlimited plans

Kindle Unlimited pre-paid plans Cyber Monday 2020
  • You save: Between $12 and $96, depending on the length of subscription.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers: new, existing and free trial Kindle Unlimited members.
  • Valid: December 31, 2021.

Opposite to Kindle Unlimited deal featured above, this one is available not only to all Amazon customers, but also to active Kindle Unlimited subscribers – also the ones who are still using their free trial.

The deal on long-term pre-paid plans lets you save $11 on the 6-month subscription ($48 instead of $60) or $96 on the 24-month plan ($144 instead of $240).

⇢ Kindle Unlimited

Audible deals

400 Audible audiobooks are $6 each

Black Friday 2020 Audible deals
  • You save: Approximately $20. On average each audiobook costs well over $20. The deal price is set at $6.
  • Status: For Amazon and Audible customers. Read how to link your accounts.
  • Valid: Through November 30, 2020.

The Black Friday 2020 Audible sale features hundreds of premium audiobooks, so that you can stock up your library for long winter evenings.

Each of the audiobooks from the list costs $6, while in most cases the regular price is well over $20. Additionally, if you get more than 4 of Black Friday audiobooks, you will get a $5 coupon.

Audiobooks are grouped into nine popular categories, including literary fiction, mysteries & thrillers, romance, memoirs, and nonfiction.

The deals are available exclusively on Audible website, but we hope to see them revealed on Amazon as well.

⇢ Audible ⇢ Amazon

Save 40% on 6 months of Audible Plus membership

Audible Plus Cyber Monday 2020 deal
  • You save: The total saving is $18. For the first 6 months you pay $4.95 per month instead of $7.95.
  • Status: For Amazon and Audible customers. Read how to link your accounts.
  • Valid: Through December 31, 2020.

Audible Plus is a brand-new subscription that works the same way as Kindle Unlimited. It gives unlimited access to 11,000 audio files in the Plus catalog. Many of these audio publications are exclusive to the Audible platform.

The regular monthly fee of Audible Plus is $7.95, but during Cyber Monday and beyond you can grab the subscription for only $4.95 per month.

So far, the deal is available only on Audible website, but we hope to see it featured among Amazon Black Friday 2020 deals in the coming days.

⇢ Audible ⇢ Amazon

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