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50 best Kindle covers and sleeves

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The best Kindle covers sleeves the complete roundup

Are you looking for refreshingly different alternatives to Kindle covers you have used so far? It doesn’t have to take too much time – just have a look at this quick roundup.

When you buy a new Kindle, the first place to find the cover is Amazon. This time, don’t go the usual way and automatically add to cart one of the covers featured in Kindle accessories section.

There are thousands of brilliant covers for your Kindle. The only thing is how to find the one that will perfectly fit your style of life.

Do you already know which kind of cover you are looking for? A slim smart cover with auto sleep & wake? A folio stand cover that’s perfect for hands-free reading? A sleeve that’s hand-crafted from eco-friendly materials? A cover you can personalize?

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Basic Kindle Paperwhite Oasis

You can perform the search using Google web. You can head directly to other sites, such as Etsy or eBay, where the selection of Kindle cases it also huge.

Or you can take a shortcut and quickly go through this round-up of the best Kindle covers we’ve found for you around the web.

When you’ll buy on Etsy, the biggest marketplace for handmade goods, you’ll order the case or sleeve that will be made to your specific order. To get it in the right dimensions, make sure not only to select your Kindle from a list of supported devices but also write down the dimensions in a message to seller.

If you haven’t found the case or accessory, feel free to ask us a question on social media or via the contact form. Make sure to explore Kindle cover roundups for specific models:

The complete Amazon Kindle cover roundup – 2020-21 edition

Basic Amazon Kindle covers


Fashionable marble gold Amazon Kindle cover

Fashionable marble & gold Kindle cover. Offered by LuvCase, this range of gorgeous Amazon Kindle covers combines marble pattern with golden inserts the way nature would do it. You can choose from eight boutique-style variants.

⇢ Amazon


Cute Kindle stand case with hand strap

Cute Kindle stand cover with a hand strap. The case features an adorable animal illustration and features a stand to read hands-free as well as a hand-strap to conveniently read with just one hand.

⇢ Amazon


Vintage faux leather Kindle cover with external pocket

Vintage leather Kindle cover with external pocket. This faux leather cover offers a classic look of a vintage book combined with advanced functionality: large external pocket flexible holding mechanism. Available in over 20 color variants.

⇢ Amazon


Butfly new smart cover for Amazon Kindle

New Butterfly cover for the basic Kindle. An interesting cover from CoBak is a great option for everyone who is looking for new designs. The golden Butterfly pattern is elegant and classic.

⇢ Amazon


Amazon Kindle cover inspired by Harry Potter

Vintage Amazon Kindle cover inspired by Harry Potter. From KleverCase comes a range of fascinating Kindle cases that are inspired by the Wizarding World. They are handcrafted in England using 40 years of bookbinding experience.

⇢ Etsy


Affordable Amazon Kindle cover 2-pack

Amazon Kindle cover 2-pack. If you are planning to buy more than one Kindle, you can save on the covers by getting a 2-pack offered by Omoton. They are affordable alternatives to original Amazon cases.

⇢ Amazon


Library-themed Amazon Kindle slim cover

Library-themed Kindle cover. Are you looking for a Kindle cover that’s perfect for a book lover? It’s lightweight, opens like a book, and sports a cozy library illustration.

⇢ Amazon


Handcrafted genuine leather Amazon Kindle sleeve

Premium leather Amazon Kindle sleeve. Handmade to order from the finest Italian full-grain leather, this minimalist sleeve is available in three colors: Tan, Gray, and Black. The inside is lined with 100% wool felt for extra protection.

⇢ Etsy


Durable Amazon Kindle pouch bag

Durable Amazon Kindle pouch bag with pocket. The main benefit of this solid and durable sleeve is an external pocket that you can use to carry your earphones, cables, or smartphone. You can choose from five colors: Light Gray, Green, Purple, Denim Blue, and Dark Gray.

⇢ Amazon


Designer leather Amazon Kindle pouch sleeve

Slim leather Kindle pouch over. Available in two designer variants, the sleeve features a large multicolor closing strap and microfiber interior for extra protection against dust and scratches.

⇢ Amazon


Cute Amazon Kindle cotton sleeve

Cute handmade cotton sleeve for Amazon Kindle. From Bertie’s Closet comes an adorable sleeve handmade from light gray linen fabric combined with a mustard yellow geometric print cotton used for the front pocket.

⇢ Etsy


Slim magnetic Amazon Kindle cover basic model

Slim magnetic Amazon Kindle cover from MoKo. It offers a solid protection thanks to thin but sturdy back shell. Auto sleep & wake is supported. the inside is lined with soft microfiber. Lifetime warranty is included. Available in 25 colors and designs.

⇢ Amazon


Mystery Amazon Kindle limited edition printed cover

Mystery limited edition printed cover. From Amazon comes a range of printed covers that feature gorgeous illustrations inspired by books and libraries. Besides Mystery, you can also check out Bookscape and Library.

⇢ Amazon


Personalized leather Amazon Kindle sleeve

Personalized monogrammed Kindle leather sleeve. From Popeq come great-looking leather sleeves for Kindle that you can personalize: choose a color combination and add a custom text to be stamped on a front side.

⇢ Etsy


Minimalist black leather Kindle case

Designer black leather cover for Kindle. The case combines classic style with designer touch. The front is divided by irregular stripes, with prominent stitches adding a premium and unique look.

⇢ Amazon


Floral Kindle zipper sleeve custom monogram

Floral Kindle zipper sleeve custom monogram. The gorgeous floral design will catch everyone’s attention. Add a personal touch by having your initials hand-stamped on a leather label on the front.

⇢ Etsy


Affordable Amazon Kindle cover slim alternative

Low-priced Amazon Kindle cover alternative. The case sports a magnetic closure that’s compatible with wake / sleep function. It comes in eleven bright color variants and is an affordable alternative to Amazon’s original covers.

⇢ Amazon


Vertical flip standing Amazon Kindle floral cover

Vertical flip standing Amazon Kindle case. This unique cover lets you read books without the need to hold the Kindle all the time. It’s extremely helpful if you want to reduce neck or back pain. You can choose from three reading angles.

⇢ Amazon


High-quality print Amazon Kindle cover

High-quality print designer Kindle smart cover. From Ayotu comes a range of the most creative covers that are designed for the basic Kindle. You can choose from thirty unique designs that are printed in high quality.

⇢ Amazon


Thin multi-layer protective smart Kindle cover

Thin multi-layer protective smart Kindle cover. The case is solid but lightweight. Its multi-layer structure includes anti-drop plastic back, faux leather exterior and soft microfiber interior. Available in cool desaturated colors including Orange and Mint Green.

⇢ Amazon

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite covers


Marble style Amazon Paperwhite 4 folio cover

Folio Kindle Paperwhite 4 cover with marble texture. The case easily folds back for convenient one-handed reading. It supports auto sleep / wake and sports a large pocket on the front for your library card, notes, or documents.

⇢ Amazon


Standing origami Kindle Paperwhite 4 cover

Standing origami cover for Paperwhite 4. From MoKo comes a series of origami Kindle Paperwhite 4 cases that support sleep / wake function and can turn into either horizontal or vertical stand, giving you 100% freedom of reading.

⇢ Amazon


Adorable cat-shaped Kindle Paperwhite 4 sleeve

Cat-shaped Paperwhite 4 sleeve from fleece and linen. This adorable sleeve is handcrafted to order from three layers: smooth inside lining, fleece for softness and safety cover, and beautiful decorative fabric on the outside.

⇢ Etsy


Twelve South Kindle Paperwhite 4 BookBook cover

Twelve South Kindle Paperwhite 4 BookBook cover. The iconic vintage leather cover is now available for the 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite. It features leather exterior with classic book design, hand-finished details and solid stitching, a zipper designed to disguise as yellowish pages of a closed book.

⇢ Amazon


Biodegradable Kindle Paperwhite 4 felt sleeve

Biodegradable felt sleeve for Paperwhite 4. The sleeve is made of high quality 3 mm Merino felt which is non-flammable, water repellent, and wrinkle free. It comes in several combinations: you can choose the color of felt, inner layer, and a strap.

⇢ Etsy


Composition book cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Smart shell Kindle Paperwhite composition book cover. The legendary composition book design is available on covers designed for the Paperwhite 4. The case provides full protection without adding too much bulk.

⇢ Amazon


Padded linen Kindle Paperwhite 4 sleeve

Padded linen Kindle Paperwhite 4 sleeve. The sleeve is made of gray colored linen with 2 mm thick felt padding. You can choose your favorite padding color when ordering.

⇢ Etsy


Original Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case cover

Original fabric cover for Paperwhite 4. The case is made of a water-safe material, what combined with waterproof device gives you peace of mind wherever you read. Opens and closes just like a book to wake your Kindle or put it to sleep.

⇢ Amazon


Double-sided designer Kindle Paperwhite 4 cover

Double-sided designer cover for Paperwhite 4. Most cases show the same design on the front and back. The series from Ayotu is different – many variants feature artwork spreading across the entire cover.

⇢ Amazon


Verical Kindle Paperwhite 4 stand cover with hand strap

Vertical Paperwhite 4 cover with a kickstand. The front cover folds back completely. On the inside, there is built-in support that will let you turn the case into a stand. There is also a hand strap if you want to read one-handed conveniently.

⇢ Amazon


Jonathan Adler cover - fits all generations of Kindle Paperwhite

Jonathan Adler Kindle Paperwhite cover. A fashionable series of covers by Jonathan Adler features a unique silicone backed 4-point elastics to securely keep your Paperwhite in place.

⇢ Amazon


Vintage booklike Kindle Paperwhite covers by KleverCase

Klever Case vintage Kindle Paperwhite covers. Want your Kindle to look like a real book? Klever Case offers a selection of traditionally handcrafted designs that use the original cover art from famous classic novels.

⇢ Etsy


Nupro folio cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Nupro folio cover for Kindle Paperwhite. The case is slim and lightweight while maintaining the same level or protection as other covers. It’s built from durable polyurethane with a soft microfiber interior. Thanks to elastic corner straps, the case can be used with multiple Kindle models

⇢ Amazon


Hand embroidered Kindle Paperwhite 4 wool felt sleeve

Hand embroidered wool felt Paperwhite 4 sleeve. Wool felt Kindle sleeve cover comes with an amazing colorful flower embroidery. Make sure to provide the dimensions of your Kindle when placing an order.

⇢ Etsy


Slim Kindle Paperwhite 4 cover with floral design

Slim Paperwhite 4 cover with floral design. A series of covers offered by Infiland features a set of most sought-after features: auto sleep / wake support, lightweight design, and lifetime warranty.

⇢ Amazon


Cork sleeve fits Kindle Paperwhite 4

Elegant cork & felt sleeve – fits Paperwhite 4. The outside is made of high-quality cork imported from Portugal. The internal layer is made of German wool felt. Both materials are extremely robust and insensitive to dirt.

⇢ Etsy


Designer smart Kindle Paperwhite 4 cover

Designer smart cover for Kindle Paperwhite 4. The new range of cover designs from Walnew will fit every taste. Make sure to pick up the variant that reflects your personality to the fullest.

⇢ Amazon


Fashionable watercolor cover for Kindle Paperwhite 4

Fashionable watercolor slim cover for Paperwhite 4. Watercolor patterns are highly popular this year. One of the best designs is offered by LuvCase. The pattern is printed in high quality on a slim and durable case.

⇢ Amazon

Amazon Kindle Oasis covers


Folio Kindle Oasis cover with kickstand

Folio Kindle Oasis cover with kickstand and hand strap. The case features a stand to read hands-free, a hand-strap for one-handed reading, and a convenient card slot.

⇢ Amazon


MoKo slim cover for Kindle Oasis e-reader

Slim cover for Kindle Oasis – 20 variants to choose from. Take a look at the slim case offered by MoKo. It supports auto sleep / wake function and adds minimal bulk to the already extremely light Oasis.

⇢ Amazon


Personalized Kindle Oasis leather sleeve

Personalized Kindle Oasis leather sleeve. This gorgeous sleeve from Popeq is handmade from full-grain leather and thick felt. You can customize it with your name or favorite quote.

⇢ Etsy


Origami-style Kindle Oasis stand cover

Origami-style Kindle Oasis stand cover. If you are looking for a clever combination of minimalist style and stand functionality, make sure to check out this origami cover from Fintie. Set your hands free during your reading sessions!

⇢ Amazon


Smart cover for Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis smart cover alternative. Here is another affordable alternative to original Amazon case. This simple and light case supports the auto sleep / wake function, thanks to the built-in magnet.

⇢ Amazon


Words cotton liken Kindle Oasis sleeve

Words – padded cotton Kindle Oasis sleeve with pocket. Inspire yourself to write poetry with this wordy case. It is handmade from cotton & linen and features a text print fabric pocket with a suiting fabric background.

⇢ Etsy


Official Kindle Oasis smart cover

Official Amazon water-safe fabric cover for Kindle Oasis. Amazon’s trademark design, the folding cover, is also available for the latest Kindle Oasis. The fabric variant is water-safe – a perfect match for the waterproof device.

⇢ Amazon


Eco-friendly Kindle Oasis vegan cork sleeve

Eco-friendly Kindle Oasis cork vegan pocket. Designed with the planet in mind this vegan sleeve is handcrafted to order from the highest quality Upholstery grade cork. It’s strong, water resistant and extremely lightweight.

⇢ Etsy


Multi-angle flip stand cover for Amazon Kindle Oasis

Multi-angle vertical flip cover for Kindle Oasis. Using the Oasis with one hand is extremely easy, but you can set your hands free if you have this cover from MoKo. Multi-angle stand lets you adjust a reading angle.

⇢ Amazon


Wise Stitch dark felt Kindle Oasis sleeve

Wise Stitch dark felt sleeve for Kindle Oasis. The sleeve is hand-crafted from premium 4 mm felt and genuine leather. Felt is soft and durable, and it will increase the level of protection against scratches, bumps, or dirt. It closes with metal buttons.

⇢ Etsy


Fashionable floral smart cover for Kindle Oasis

Fashionable waterproof Kindle Oasis cover. The cover is available in over thirty colorful variants that will suit every taste. Most importantly, the producer claims the cover is waterproof – just like the device it protects.

⇢ Amazon


Premium affordable slim-fit Kindle Oasis cover

Premium designer slim Kindle Oasis smart cover. The case is lightweight, supports auto sleep / wake feature. Most importantly, it’s available in a few unique design variants like the one shown above.

⇢ Amazon

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