Rumor: Kindle Paperwhite 5 to feature warm light

Kindle Paperwhite 5 warm light visualization
Visualization Kindle Paperwhite 5 warm light
Kindle Paperwhite 5 with blue light control – visualization by Piotr Kowalczyk / Ebook Friendly

Rumor has it that Kindle Paperwhite 5 will feature the same warm light system as Oasis 3, Amazon’s most luxurious e-reader to date.

Amazon is reportedly working on a fifth-generation Kindle Paperwhite that would feature amber LED lights and a color temperature system designed to make reading easier on the eyes, according to a report from Good e-Reader.

Similarly to your phone’s night mode, the new Kindle would cut down on harsher blue light and replace it with a warmer, yellower tone, reducing eye strain and minimizing the negative effects bedtime light-exposure has on sleep quality.

As per the report, the new Kindle Paperwhite will feature a similar warm light system as Kindle Oasis 3, Amazon’s most advanced e-reader to date, described by The Guardian as “the most paper-like reader yet”.

The company has been reportedly designing and testing the new Kindle Paperwhite for most of the year, with manufacturing scheduled to begin somewhere in the second quarter of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the product got pushed back.

The upstream supply chain has confirmed with Good e-Reader that Amazon has been designing and testing a warm light Kindle Paperwhite for most of the year, it was supposed to be manufactured in the second quarter, but got pushed back, due to Foxconn only operating at less than 30% efficiency since April, due to COVID.

– Good e-Reader

According to Good e-Reader, Amazon is likely to announce Kindle Paperwhite 5 before Prime Day 2020 (expected to take place sometime in October). However, due to supply chain constraints, the launch might be pushed back into early 2021.

Kindle Paperwhite 5 with warm light – visualizations

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5 warm light visualization
Kindle Paperwhite 5 warm light visualization

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