Amazon Echo vs. Google Home – which smart speaker is better? (infographic)

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Amazon Echo vs. Google Home - audiobook playback

Amazon Echo or Google Home? See a comparison of music and audiobook playback, smart home features, voice management, and shopping experience.

Last Christmas shopping season, voice-controlled home assistants were the hottest gifts. Amazon claims that in 2017 alone, customers purchased tens of millions of Echo smart speakers.

It’s the beginning of 2018, and all major players offer smart speakers, as well as the stuff they can play on them. Google is the last big company to join the audiobook business.

Audiobooks and smart speakers are meant for each other. You can start listening to an audiobook without touching a thing. It’s a voice-only world.

Australian home improvement company Half Price has released an infographic that is an all-in-one comparison of two competing voice assistants and their supporting ecosystems: Amazon Echo and Google Home.

At the end of 2017, Amazon’s voice assistant accounted for almost 70% of the market, but Google Home wins in music playback as well as design. The latter device is also a natural choice for everyone who is using an Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

Besides design, and music/audiobook playback, the infographic compares smart home features, voice management, shopping experience, and productivity.

Are you going to buy a smart speaker in the near future? Which device is on your wishlist?

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

Comparison of smart speakers: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home #infographic

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Interesting: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home – which smart speaker is better? (infographic)
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