To read or not to read ebooks (infographic)

To read or not to read ebooks comparison“Print vs ebook” infographics were very popular one or two years ago, and you may wonder how much can be still added to the discussion.

Well, the discussion is not about whether ebooks will replace print books, not any more. The good book is what matters most.

When taking ebooks into consideration, it’s not about replacing print books, it’s about adding functionality and comfort to reading.

Only 1 in 10 people with e-readers abandon print books entirely. This is just one of several very interesting facts included in an infographic freshly created by Susan M. Heim together with Coupon Audit.

I wish sources were added somewhere in the infographic to further explore the numbers. Nevertheless, the fact that every day 49% of us read ebooks and 59% read print books is something closer to reality than “ebooks are exploding”.

Print books and ebooks are both great for different tasks, so there is no reason to use only one of them.

The infographic shows that print books are better to read with a child, read in bed, or to share with other readers. Ebooks offer a convenience of reading while commuting, or getting a new title quickly.

Adding audiobooks to the mix would give extra meaning to the comparison. It’s not about the this-or-that choice, it’s about freedom of choice.

Check out the original post on Susan M. Heim’s writing blog.

To read or not to read ebooks

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