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20 recommended Etsy shops with bookish gifts

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Best literary Etsy shops with gifts for book lovers

Want to find a unique literary gift for your significant other? Make sure to explore Etsy.

There are several online stores that offer items for book lovers. You surely know The Literary Gifts Company or Out of Print Clothing.

But what if you want to check out not dozens but hundreds of options? And have a chance to order a gift that would be personalized? There is no better place to visit than Etsy.

Etsy is an online marketplace where lovers of vintage and hand-crafted goods will feel like in heaven.

More than one million independent sellers from around the world offer their items in numerous categories, from jewelry to clothing, to personal accessories, to wall art, to home decor, to everything you could ever imagine.

The search phrase “literary gifts” returns on Etsy almost 13,000 results. Top categories are prints, jewelry, electronic accessories, and clothing.

Literary gifts – other recommended sites

If you want to compare the selection of bookish gifts from Etsy with other online stores, check out the following destinations:

Not on the High Street – unlike other stores, the site offers beautiful things – showcased beautifully. The team is hunting for the best items on the net to include them in the growing catalog of curated products. Some of the gifts appear both on Etsy and NotHS.

Zazzle – the site offers a huge variety of merchandise, from clothing, to home decor, to personal accessories. Users can upload their own image, or pick up one of the thousands of available designs.

Redbubble – a marketplace for custom designed items, including prints, stationery, cases & covers, or t-shirts. Opposite to other sites, such as CafePress, the quality of the artwork is much higher.

Amazon Handmade – if you are an Amazon customer, you should check out this newly opened store section. It includes thousands of hand-crafted items and is quickly growing. You’ll find here jewelry, home decor, kitchen & dining, furniture, stationery, among other categories.

Below the list, you’ll find an infographic that showcases some of the featured shops. Feel free to share it with your friends and followers: Etsy shops for book lovers infographic.

If you’d like to suggest Etsy shops this list is missing, please do not hesitate to leave a comment, preferably with some images. Thank you!

20 recommended Etsy shops for book lovers

1. Literary Emporium

Etsy shops for book lovers: Literary Emporium

Literary Emporium bookish gifts - I Like Big Books enamel pin

Literary Emporium bookish gifts -  Shakespeare pencil set

If you were looking for literary gifts on the web, you’ve probably discovered Literary Emporium website already. But did you know these gorgeous bookish gifts can be bought from Etsy as well?

The assortment of items in the Literary Emporium Etsy shop includes 150 items in a variety of categories. You’ll see here jewelry, enamel pins, paper art, prints and posters, and home decor items.

“Literary Emporium sells gifts for books lovers including jewelry, stationery, and accessories. Designed and handmade in my studio in Somerset, all items are inspired by great works of literature.”

Make sure to check out literary postcards and clever pencil sets!

⇢ Literary Emporium

2. Bookity

Etsy shops for book lovers: Bookity

Bookity book cufflinks To Kill a Mockingbird

Bookity - literary Christmas decorations

Bookity is one of the top literary Etsy destinations for a book lover, offering over 200 beautiful little things made with books in mind.

Lou, the owner, London-based artist, makes book cufflinks, book jewelry, and even book bags. “But be assured I only use unwanted and non-valuable books.”

Among our favorite items are book cufflinks and earrings that feature passages from famous novels, such as To Kill a Mockingbird or Harry Potter, as well as bookish home decor, including Christmas decorations.

⇢ Bookity

3. House of Ismay

Etsy shops for book lovers: House of Ismay

House of Ismay book page jewelry - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

House of Ismay book page jewelry - Moby-Dick

Book brooches from House of Ismay are highly original and cleverly designed. They feature passages from famous classic novels in a relevant shape.

For instance, the Moby-Dick brooch is shaped like a whale. Alice in Wonderland features the rabbit. And Metamorphosis resembles, obviously, the beetle.

There are only about 20 items in the House of Ismay but take a look at them and you’ll fall in love immediately.

⇢ House of Ismay

4. The Locket Library

Etsy shops for book lovers: The Locket Library

The Locket Library - Harry Potter charm necklace

The Locket Library - Sylvia Plath charm necklace

If you are looking for jewelry featuring miniature books, check out The Locket Library shop. It offers almost 300 items, and most of them are tiny little books that are a part of necklaces or bracelets.

What’s important, among the books you’ll find not only the classic works of literature but also modern-time novels.

The miniature books feature the cover art from books by J.K. Rowling, Sylvia Plath, Douglas Adams, and Neil Gaiman, among other authors.

⇢ The Locket Library

5. Werther & Gray

Werther & Gray - Antique Books literary scented candle

Werther & Gray - Arthur Rimbaud literary scented candle

Werther & Gray is one of our favorite makers of book-scented candles. The leading scent – Antique Books – is company’s original recipe that replicates the scent of aged books.

On top of that, books lovers can choose from a number of scents inspired by classic authors and characters they created.

Among the most popular literary candles from Werther & Gray, are Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde, Flannery O’Connor, and Edgar Allan Poe.

⇢ Werther & Gray

6. Form & Flux

Etsy shops for book lovers: Form & Flux

Form and Flux scented candles - A Song of Ice and Fire

Form and Flux scented candles - Dusty Bookshelf

Melbourne-based shop Form & Flux offers on Etsy beautifully scented soy candles.

Not all of the scents are inspired by books, but the ones that are will make your heart beat faster.

Dusty Bookshelf connotes comforting hints of musk, sandalwood, tea, and spice. Light it while reading and you won’t have to worry about being labeled a “creepy, book-sniffer.”

Also, make sure to check out Enchanted Library, Narnia Pine, Buttery Beer, and A Song of Fire & Spice.

⇢ Form & Flux

7. First Edition Tea

Etsy shops for book lovers: First Edition Tea Co.

First Edition Tea literary scented teas - Alice in Wonderland

First Edition Tea literary scented teas - Pride and Prejudice

First Edition Tea offers on Etsy delicious tea blends inspired by classic literature.

The blends are hand-crafted in Toronto in small batches, from high-quality ingredients.

Currently, five blends are offered: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, and Sherlock Holmes.

The Great Gatsby is all about lemon and organic lavender. Alice in Wonderland offers a combination of rooibos, papaya, almond, and rose petals.

⇢ First Edition Tea

8. Novel Creations

Novelty Creations - Sherlock Holmes book purse

Novelty Creations - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book purse

A beautiful purse that resembles a book. It’s an idea Karen from Novel Creations is successfully exploring for almost eight years. “My hardback and leather-bound used books are repurposed into great novel gift ideas.”

There are almost 200 book purses and clutches available in the Novel Creations shop. Besides the purses that use the cover art from classic novels, you’ll find here familiar fairy tales, romance books, or young adult novels.

If you can’t find your favorite title in the catalog, don’t worry. You can order a personalized purse. Simply, in a message to seller, send the book cover you want.

⇢ Novel Creations

9. Kru Kru Studio

Etsy shops for book lovers: Kru Kru Studio

Kru Kru Studio - Jane Eyre book bag

Kru Kru Studio - To Kill a Mockingbird book bag

If you are looking for larger and fully functioning bags, make sure to check out Kru Kru Studio shop.

The bags are made from either genuine leather or water-resistant felt. The full-size front flap features the cover art of a relevant book. The sides of the bag are sewn several times to resemble book pages.

Currently, Kru Kru Studio offers over 60 literary bags, with books from Agatha Christie, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Leo Tolstoy, and Edgar Allan Poe, among others.

⇢ Kru Kru Studio

10. Cheryl Sorg Studio

Cheryl Sorg creates bookish thumbprint portraits from book spine designs

Cheryl Sorg - thumbprint poster for children

Cheryl Sorg creates wonderful, book-inspired wall art. Her most outstanding works are large-format thumbprint portraits made from book-spine designs.

What’s important, the thumbprint patterns is made exactly to your order. Not only your fingerprint will be used, but also a selection of titles.

“This custom work is especially for the avid reader and the resulting artwork will be a one-of-a-kind portrait that captures you, through the things you’ve read and loved.”

⇢ Cheryl Sorg Studio

11. Malena Valcárcel

Etsy shops for book lovers: Malena Valcárcel

Malena Valcarcel book sculptures - Go Back to That Magic Time

Malena Valcarcel book sculptures - Magic Forest

For years, Malena Valcárcel was using paper as a material and inspiration. From the pages of discarded books, she creates unique pieces of jewelry, paper flowers, and beautiful book sculptures.

Her book sculptures offered on Etsy are little landscapes that are full of life and energy.

Some of the works come equipped with led lights. The book scene, when lit from inside or behind, looks especially cozy and reminds of the best moments spent with a book.

⇢ Malena Valcárcel

12. Artful Living

Artful Living book sculptures - Cinderella

Artful Living book sculptures - The Jungle Book

These gorgeous 3D works of art are made by cutting out original illustrations from the actual book and arranging them into a beautiful, rich scenery.

For instance, The Wizard of Oz sculpture is made from one copy of the L. Frank Baum’s classic, with illustrations by W.W. Denslow, and is a one-of-a-kind creation.

⇢ Artful Living

13. Akinto

Akinto - miniature book necklace

Akinto - bookish locket with a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien

Cindy Santos runs Akinto shop with vintage accessories that will inspire you and uplift your spirit. Examples of book jewelry she makes are ones of the most beautiful to find on Etsy.

We especially love miniature book necklaces. Tiny books are hand stitched and bounded by a leather cover.

You should also check out gorgeous inspirational lockets. There are over 130 of them, and many feature famous quotes from books.

⇢ Akinto

14. Creative Daffodil

Creative Daffodil literary posters - J.D. Salinger

Creative Daffodil literary posters - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Literary posters from Creative Daffodil describe famous writers by their most notable works.

The most important part of each poster is a symbol that refers to the author’s most prominent book or character.

You’ll find almost 150 works in the Creative Daffodil shop, including visuals for Mary Shelley, Virginia Woolf, Milan Kundera, Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, and Ray Bradbury.

⇢ Creative Daffodil

15. Obvious State

Etsy shops for book lovers: Obvious State

Obvious State - Write Drunk Edit Sober quote by Ernest Hemingway

Obvious State - But First Kafka coffee mug

Obvious State is one of the most famous Etsy shops, thanks to clever minimalist literary posters designed by its owner, Evan Robertson.

Since 2010, the shop sold almost 25 thousand items. Most of the offered works are inspired by literature. You’ll find here iconic designs from Robertson featured not only on posters but also t-shirts, greeting cards, tote bags, or mugs.

A famous series of literary quote prints includes currently over 60 designs, including Virginia Woolf, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Keats, Kurt Vonnegut, and Sylvia Plath.

⇢ Obvious State

16. Knob Creek Metal Arts

Knob Creek Metal Arts - Nerd bookends

Knob Creek Metal Arts - Witch bookends

Knob Creek Metal Arts shop is specializing in everything metal. Among over 300 original metal works, you’ll also find functional and fun bookends. There are over 130 designs to choose from. Some of them extremely creative!

Every bookend is made of solid steel and is heavy enough to hold up your reading collection. It’s being sold in a set of two pieces, finished in hammered black.

You can also ask for personalized bookends, and Knob Creek Metal Arts will make them for you!

⇢ Knob Creek Metal Arts

17. Klever Case

Klever Case - Classic Book Kindle Cover

Klever Case - Harry Potter themed Kindle case

Klever Case, a bindery from Hampshire, England, is famous for handcrafting with traditional bookbinding techniques, case covers for Kindle e-readers and iPad tablets. There are also a few covers that will fit most 6-inch e-readers.

The covers from Klever Case are made from real paper, not leather or cloth, and are designed to look like classic novels, to name only Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, or Pride & Prejudice.

⇢ Klever Case

18. Jezebel Charms

Etsy shops for book lovers: Jezebel Charms

Jezebel Charms - Frankenstein skinny cuff bracelet

Jezebel Charms - I Cannot Live Without Books bracelet

Looking for literary jewelry? Kate from Jezebel Charms creates one of the best necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, and bracelets.

Here, you’ll see as much as Jane Austen inspired pieces. There is also Shakespeare, Sherlock, and Poe. All are hand-crafted in Dorchester, UK.

“I Cannot Live Without Books” cuff (shown above) features a quote by Thomas Jefferson and is made from brass. It and can be easily adjusted to customize the fit. There is a translucent finish over the artwork so you will see the patina of the brass underneath.

⇢ Jezebel Charms

19. A Likely Story

Etsy shops for book lovers: A Likely Story

A Likely Story literary gifts - Book Nerd bracelet

A Likely Story literary gifts - Read key ring

A Likely Story is present on Etsy since 2008 and offers wonderful bookish gifts, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, as well as bookmarks and magnets.

What’s important, these gifts are not only addressed to book lovers in general but you can find here specific items that are perfect for librarians and writers.

The shop is famous for highly original bracelets that consist of a few charms – each one displays one letter of a book statement, such as “reading” or “carpe librum.”

⇢ A Likely Story

20. C.S. Literary Jewelry

Etsy shops for book lovers:  C.S. Literary Jewelry

C.S. Literary Jewelry - Alice in Wonderland ring

C.S. Literary Jewelry - Peter Pan bracelet

Kerry from C.S. Literary Jewelry (formerly knows as Ciarra Studios) offers gorgeous gifts for the book lovers in your life.

You can choose from over 100 items handmade to order: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings.

All are inspired by classic books, poetry, and literature, including Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and much more.

⇢ C.S. Literary Jewelry

Etsy shops for book lovers – infographic

Feel free to share this infographic in social media or on your site (Creative Commons license).

Etsy shops for book lovers #infographic

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