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Zugu Muse is an uber-functional iPad case cover that’s close to perfect

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Zugu cases offer much more than you expect from an iPad case
Zugu cases offer everything you’d expect from a solid iPad case – plus a lot more / Photo: Amazon

Magnet-locked stand positions, 5-feet drop protection, car industry materials, advanced internal structure… Keep reading for more benefits.

Apple’s original case covers are terribly overpriced, but many users decide to buy them believing they offer the best possible fit and the highest possible quality.

Original Apple cases also bought also because they are the only ones that offer features that answer the growing demand.

A clear example is the introduction of iPad Pro 2018 models. Original Smart Folio covers were the only ones to support the cool wireless and pairing of the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil.

It took third-party case producers longer than usual to adjust their cover designs to new new functionality.

Paying $80 for the original case just because it leaves the edges of the iPad unprotected to make room for the Apple Pencil? You can always do it.

Or you can choose the third-party case that costs a fraction of what you pay in Apple’s online store, offers same features… and so much more.

Take a look at the range of heavy-duty cases offered by Zugu on Amazon. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you are looking at the Muse for iPad Pro or Prodigy X for iPad 9.7?

For me, they look like being taken right from a desk at the design company working on a new model of a luxurious sports car. Even the shape of the logo resembles the one from Lamborghini.

The look is just a part of the story. The devil is in the details. Here they are.

What are the main benefits of Zugu iPad case?

1. Multi-angle kick stand

Most popular tri-fold cases can be turned into a stand when you fold a front cover. You can have two angles: either horizontal (typing, reading) or vertical (watching videos).

What if you had eight or ten angles to choose from? You can do it with Zugu!

Opposite to classic book-style covers, where stand angles are set by thin straps of leather on the inside of the front page, the mechanism used here is different. The stand is formed by putting the kickstand into tiny grooves. Not two or three, but even ten.

2. Strong magnet-secured stand positions

How can these tiny grooves form a solid stand that won’t fall apart while you type an email?

Because they are doubled by an internal magnetic fiberglass structure that’s a part of both the kickstand and the base.

Once you put the kickstand into a desired position it will stay there no matter whether you watch movies, use your iPad as a cookbook, write an essay, or draw manga.

3. Display functionality

Fiberglass structure is not only used to support auto sleep/wake feature or form a stand. Its magnetic characteristics are more than enough to stick the iPad to any metal structure.

Imagine: you can attach the iPad to the fridge and use it as a cookbook!

4. Car industry materials

Zugu claims they are using materials similar to those in Mercedes Benz cars.

Just have a look at a close-up of Zugu Prodigy X: high-quality matte faux leather is combined with dual-injection TPU shell to offer Uber-protective performance.

5. 360-degree 5-feet drop protection

Using advanced materials and unique solutions is the core of Zugu’s business idea.

All case covers designed for Apple iPad (Muse for iPad Pro and Prodigy X for iPad 9.7) can protect your device from from a 5-feet drop even on hard surfaces such as concrete.

And, opposite to Apple’s Smart Cover which only protects the screen from scratches, the protection Zugu gives is 360-degree. It’s done thanks to a hardened front cover, and a solid durable back shell.

6. Protective but lightweight

How do you imagine a heavy-duty case iPad case? A thick black cage that makes the iPad look more like a piece of advanced military control unit?

Forget it. You can still be in the land of fast sports cars. Zugu has developed the back shell that can withstand 5-feet drops but is also extremely lightweight.

Zugu Muse for iPad Pro is the lightest in the industry, with the back shell being only 1.5 mm thick.

7. One-year warranty

To give you the peace of mind, Zugu sells iPad and iPad Pro cases with the dedicated one-year warranty.

8. Compatible with wireless Apple Pencil charging

For those of you who are looking for iPad Pro cases that support wireless charging and pairing of Apple Pencil 2, the good news is that Zugu has released the new compatible version already (and actually pretty quickly after the release of the two new 2018 models).

9. Extra Apple Pencil holder

If you don’t have Apple Pencil 2 yet, you can still use your current stylus and keep it always with you thanks to an extra pen holder that’s both universal and functional.

It’s placed on the back of the case and it’s elastic. You can put inside a stylus which has different dimensions from Apple Pencil, and you can still be assured it won’t slip out.

• • •

If you are looking for the best case or accessory for your new iPad, make sure to check out our extensive overviews:

Zugu Muse iPad case covers

Zugu Muse case for Apple iPad Pro 11

Zugu Muse Case offers 8 stand positions that are guaranteed to stay in place thanks to secure magnetic locks
Zugu Muse Case offers 8 stand positions that are guaranteed to stay in place thanks to secure magnetic locks
Zugu Muse Apple iPad Pro case can be securely attached to any metal surface
Thanks to a special metal structure, Zugu Muse case can be securely attached to any metal surface. Stick it to the fridge and turn it into a cookbook or a kitchen TV set

Yes, the newest version supports wireless charging and pairing of Apple Pencil 2! Plus, Zugu gives you one-year warranty that’s exclusive for iPad Pro.

Zugu Muse is one of the most popular heavy-duty iPad Pro cases on Amazon. It’s not a surprise that it bears Amazon Choice badge.

Muse iPad Pro case is available in Graphite, but we hope more colors will join, at least the same range as offered for the 9.7-inch iPad (see the reference below).

⇢ Amazon – $59.99

Zugu Muse case for Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Zugu Muse Apple iPad Pro case offers wireless charging compatibility plus an extra elastic Apple Pencil holder
Zugu Muse case sports Apple Pencil 2 wireless charging and pairing compatibility. There is an extra Apple Pencil holder on the back
Zugu Muse case for Apple iPad Pro offers as much as 10 stand angles
With as much as ten stand angles, secured with magnet locks, you can adjust the position to whatever needs you have, no matter whether you are reading, watching, drawing, or writing

The case offers the same features as the one designed for the smaller, 11-inch Pro. Plus, you also get the exclusive one-year warranty.

The major difference is that the 12.9-inch case offers 10 magnetic angles compared to 8 in the 11-inch version.

⇢ Amazon – $69.99

Zugu Prodigy X case for Apple iPad 9.7

Zugu iPad cases are made from materials similar to the ones used in the car industry
Zugu iPad cases are made from materials similar to the ones used in the car industry
Zugu Prodigy X Apple iPad case is available in four colors
Zugu Prodigy X Apple iPad case is available in four colors: Black, Red, Navy Blue, and Purple

This is not the Muse (which is offered for iPad Pro) but the shape and features are quite similar – well except the fact that Prodigy X is not that slim and lightweight.

The case is on the market for quite a long time – long enough to collect well over 1,000 reviews, with most of them being overwhelmingly positive. It’s compatible not only with the 2018 iPad 9.7, but also the 5th-generation iPad (2017), as well as 2013 iPad Air.

To produce the case Zugu is using similar materials as Mercedes Benz in their luxury cars. It’s not an overstatement. Just look at the close-up of the case to see the quality touch.

Another benefit of being on the market longer than a few months is that you can choose from a few colors. Currently, you can select Black, Red, Navy Blue, or Purple. The Black case costs $49.99, the remaining colors are $55.99 each.

⇢ Amazon – from $49.99

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