All Amazon Fire tablets are on sale, the 7-inch sells at $39.99

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President's Day 2019 deal on Amazon Fire tablets - all models are included
Amazon Fire HD 8 is only $59.99. You can save as much as $40 on Amazon Fire 10 Kids Edition / Images: Amazon

Save up to 30% – all Fire models are included, plus Kids Editions and Show Mode Dock Bundles.

To celebrate President’s Day, Amazon has reduced prices of all Amazon Fire tablets and tablet bundles, as well as special editions.

We would rather expect the deal this big running before the Valentine’s Day, but Amazon surprised the customers one more time. A week ago, only the newest Kindle Paperwhite got a price cut (and it was big – $30 for the most popular version).

If you want to refresh the Fire range your family is using, there is no better time to do it. The discounts are not as deep as on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (they never are), but you can save up to 30% on the tablets, depending on which model and configuration you choose.

Amazon Device Deals subpage features several limited-time offers on different devices, and currently the largest number is related to Amazon Fire tablets.

Amazon Fire 7 costs $39.99, which means you save 20% ($49.99) on the version with 8 GB of internal memory and special offers. The $10 you’ll save, you can spend on getting a Fire case or screen protector.

There is 25% to save on the middle-range model. Amazon Fire HD 8 is only $59.99, which is a $20 price drop from $79.99 (a version with 16 GB on board and special offers

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