A year in life of the book lover (infographic)

A year in life of a book lover

This amazing chart documents a single person’s adventure with books taken during one year.

We’ve seen and shared lots of infographics for book lovers, but this one is truly unique.

Despite the title, The 2013 Bedford Book Report, this wonderful chart was not prepared by the institution, but the individual – Abby Bedford (@abby_elizabeth), graphic designer, vocalist, and avid book reader.

Abby decided to break down the data about the books she read during 2013.

The visual includes the pie chart splitting the books into categories. Underneath you’ll find all the titles with ratings she gave them. Plus there is chart showing the number of books read per month.

This infographic is a great way to explore the exciting adventure with books taken by a single person. Abby read 51 books that year – she almost achieved the one-book-per-week goal. The total number of pages read was 19,117. Fantasy accounted for half of that amount.

Some of the data was collected by Abby on her Goodreads profile (here you’ll see the stats), but she also added an interesting split of pages/books read per month, together with personal comments.

The 2013 Bedford Book Report is an example of the effort a single person made to share her love for books and reading.

Automatically generated annual book reports is something major ebookstores should consider as a feature request. The end of year is a fantastic time for such graphs. Users are willing to share their reading achievements, while taking New Year challenges.

Goodreads offers such stats, but they are partly based on data put by users manually. Kobo offers reading stats, but they are not annual reports.

What I mean is a kind of a visual WordPress users receive and can share. It consists of yearly blog stats and achievements, is generated automatically, looks great, and becomes available when there is a great reason to share it.

It would be difficult to make such reports based on print books, but ebooks? Ebookstores track users’ activity anyway. They have all the data to generate great visuals like the one created by Abby Bedford.

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A year in life of a book lover - infographic

Via Visually.

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