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5 ways to read more books in a digital world (infographic)

Ways to keep reading books in the digital world intro

On average, we consume 100,000 words a day. How to get rid of the information we don’t need and replace it with books we always wanted to read?

A report from the University of California suggests that an average American consumes 100,000 words of information in a single day, a length of the entire novel. To be precise, 100,000 words cross our eyes in a 24-hour period, and, obviously, we don’t read them all.

A simple conclusion is that we are capable of processing a lot more data than we think. We have adapted to live in a digital world, exposed to thousands of web pages, push notifications, or social media updates.

Unfortunately, we are not interested in most of this information. It’s the information others want us to read.

Are there ways to rearrange information flow so that we could read what we actually want to, for instance books? Because, with 100,000-word daily data input, we do have time and capability to read.

Take a look at a simple infographic published recently on Harvard Business Review blog, and based on an earlier HBR article by Neil Pasricha: 8 ways to read the books you wish you had time for.

When I went through the list of tips included in the visual, I realized that it’s actually a handy guide to read more books in a digital world.

Keeping all the books with you can be done with an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone. The same with switching to audiobooks, and organizing books into catalogs. Finding curated lists of books recommendations can’t be done these days without the internet.

Staying away from your phone? Isn’t it all about turning off notifications and placing a book reading app in the app dock?

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

Ways to keep reading books in the digital world full infographic

Via HBR Blog.

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