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Amazon now displays personalized Kindle deals for logged-in users

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Get personalized Kindle and Kindle Unlimited deals on Amazon

You don’t have to browse Amazon for Kindle deals any longer. All you can do is check out your account page.

Anyone who tried to find deals on Kindle ebooks, e-readers or subscriptions directly on Amazon knows how difficult it is.

That’s why many Kindle users were crafted advanced Google web search queries to find current Kindle and Kindle Unlimited deals or subscribed to websites that frequently share Kindle deal news.

Some Kindle users, including me, created browser bookmarks that link directly to Kindle sections on Amazon: Kindle Daily Deals, Amazon Device Deals, or Kindle Unlimited catalog.

You don’t have to do it any longer, even if you don’t have an Amazon Shopping app on your smartphone.

All you can do is take a closer look at part of the Amazon store you visit from time to time: your account page. The easiest way to open your Amazon account is to click on “Hello, [your name] – Account & Lists” menu item located on the right of the top search box.

Sign in to Amazon ebooks

For the time being you can see the deals in two sections:

Your Content and Devices

When you open the page, you should be able to see a row of personalized deals: a quick link to active deals on Kindle ebooks, deals on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets with Kindle Unlimited free plans.

Personalized Kindle deals in Amazon account section

The deals personalized for me include only the devices I have bought in the past, plus a Kindle daily deal section which I visit every even day from my browser bookmark.

Your Kindle Unlimited

As you probably know, Amazon now offers deals not only for new members but also for:

  • Active subscribers
  • Users on a free trial
  • Former Kindle Unlimited members

Amazon is constantly improving how they approach former Kindle Unlimited users – and personalized deals are something that may work.

I have canceled Kindle Unlimited a few weeks ago, so in “Your Kindle Unlimited” section I see an invitation to sign up for the service again. When I go to Kindle Unlimited landing page, I see the personalized deal.

Personalized Kindle Unlimited deal on sign up page

I guess the price for the 6-month plan is based on the former activity: how many times I subscribed in the past, how many months I was on a paid plan, and how long my former subscriptions were.

The best thing about these personalized deals is that they are displayed only if you can get them. So, if you are not eligible for a deal on a Kindle Paperwhite with a free Kindle Unlimited, you won’t see it. It’s something I appreciate very much, as in the past I found many deals (mainly on Kindle Unlimited) I was not eligible to get.

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