4 ways to find Kindle Unlimited ebooks on Amazon

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Find Kindle Unlimited marks on a single Kindle ebook pageIt’s not easy to find Kindle Unlimited ebooks on Amazon. In this post you’ll find tips how to do it more effectively.

Unlike Oyster or Entitle, Kindle Unlimited is not a separate site, where all books are a part of the offer.

Books that are enrolled into Kindle Unlimited are a part of Amazon site, just like other Kindle books or books included Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. It makes it hard to find out which book is Kindle Unlimited eligible, and which one is not.

Additionally, it’s hard to find Kindle Unlimited eligible ebooks because Amazon offers various features for each and every item. These features “compete” with each other. The ones related to Kindle ebooks are:

  • Look Inside – the ability to preview a free chapter of every ebook in the Kindle Store,
  • Prime – if you’re subscribed to Prime, you can read one Kindle ebook per month for free, via Kindle Owners’ Lending Library,
  • Kindle Unlimited – this new feature is offered also for ebooks enrolled in Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

I strongly recommend to make a research before getting Kindle Unlimited free trial. The more you’ll know now, the less disappointed you’ll be when you’re signed up.

A major limitation of Kindle Unlimited is a lack of hot bestsellers. But it’s not only bestsellers you’d want to read, right? A general advice is to look for your favorite books and find out which of them are included in Kindle Unlimited.

4 ways to find Kindle Unlimited ebooks

1. Start from Kindle Unlimited front page

The easiest way is to start exploring Kindle Unlimited front page. Enter amazon.com/kindleunlimited and you’ll see all recommended and highlighted books.

Kindle Unlimited front page

One problem I personally have with this solution is that you can get a wrong impression about the “bestseller density”.

On a front page you’ll see The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Wow!

Among the recommended books you’ll find Life of Pi by Yann Martel, or Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants. Well, the landing page is all about showing the best stuff, isn’t it?

The thing is that major publishers opted out from Amazon’s ebook subscription service, and that means a lot of bestsellers are currently not available via Kindle Unlimited.

2. Browse and search entire Kindle Unlimited catalog

A much better option is to go directly to the entire list of Kindle Unlimited eligible books.

There are two major benefits:

  • you can narrow Kindle Unlimited ebooks by choosing a category from a left-side menu,
  • you can search for your favorite books – the search result pages will show only Kindle Unlimited ebooks.

Kindle Unlimited catalog

The list on the left gives a good impression on how many books are included in every category.

If you’re interested in history, for instance, you’ll see over 14,000 titles are Kindle Unlimited ready. This is a good way to check out the quantity of titles in the categories you are interested in.

Using a search bar is even a better option. By default it’s set here to narrow down the results to Kindle Unlimited books. Type the name of your favorite author, or the title of your favorite book, and you’ll immediately see whether it’s on a list.

3. Look for Kindle Unlimited logo on top of a book cover

You can browse the entire Amazon site and still be able to find Kindle Unlimited books. One clear sign is a Kindle Unlimited bar at the top of a Kindle book cover (like in the example below):

Kindle Unlimited bar on top of a book cover

At the moment the rules are pretty messy as the Kindle Unlimited logo competes with “Look Inside” layer in many instances.

On some pages you’ll see Kindle Unlimited, and on some you’ll see “Look Inside”. From what I’ve found, Kindle Unlimited is placed on hand-picked pages like:

  • editor’s picks,
  • Kindle deals (daily and monthly),
  • special selections,

You won’t find it on all search pages, or category pages.

4. Check out the info on a single Kindle book page

Running a wish list against Kindle Unlimited is in my opinion the best way to measure the attractiveness of the service.

When you enter your wish list, you won’t see any hints whether the book is enrolled into Kindle Unlimited or not. You’ll have to open each book’s page and find one of these two signs:

  • Kindle Unlimited logo – it is placed under the pricing information,
  • Kindle Unlimited banner – placed below the format information.

Find Kindle Unlimited marks on a single Kindle ebook page

This is the final proof the book is enrolled into Kindle Unlimited.

Please note, that users living outside United States won’t see this information, as the ebook subscription is not available globaly at the moment.

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