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Twelve South launches BookBook cover for Kindle Paperwhite!

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Twelve South BookBook Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

For the first time, the iconic vintage leather book cover from Twelve South is available for the non-Apple device – the 10th-generation Kindle Paperwhite.

Twelve South is the producer of innovative, premium-quality cases and accessories for Apple devices – iPads, iPhones, and Macs. BookBook is among the company’s most popular product lines, and, in fact, a brand in itself.

Imagine an iPad case cover that’s handmade with care to look like a vintage leather book that you can only find in a long-established library. Think of a spine that’s designed to mimic a classic leather-red-gold book design. Bring back from memories that great feeling of touching and holding a real book. That’s BookBook – a legendary book-style cover other case producers continuously try to mimic – and usually fail.

First BookBook was launched ten years ago, in summer 2010, and was designed to be a perfect companion of the 1st-generation iPad. Its innovative design combined with classic look won the hearts of thousands of Apple users across the world. BookBook was one of the most important factors to convince users to accept and embrace the iPad as a book-reading device.

Ten years have passed, and the BookBook is closer to book lovers than ever before. The legendary case is now available for the first device that doesn’t come with an Apple logo. And there is no better device to expand the BookBook line than Amazon’s popular Kindle Paperwhite!

BookBook Kindle Paperwhite front cover

In a press release announcing BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite, a co-founder of Twelve South, Andrew Green, says: “There are plenty of plain cases for Kindle – now customers can have a case for their Kindle as interesting as the stories inside.”

The BookBook tailored for the Paperwhite comes with all the iconic features you know well from iPad versions: genuine full-grain leather exterior with classic book design, hand-finished details and solid stitching, a zipper designed to disguise as yellowish pages of a closed book, a rigid spine that provides an extra protection.

Every BookBook case is unique as it’s designed to meet specific needs of users of different devices. A version for Kindle Paperwhite comes with a special kickstand that will let you read a book hands-free (perfect for long binge-reading sessions). You can adjust the angle thanks to built-in magnets hidden in the back cover. If you prefer not to use the built-in stand, you can fold the front cover back and hold the Kindle in one hand.

There are also the magnets integrated into the front cover. They are designed to wake your Kindle when opened and put to sleep when closed.

BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite – product info

BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is a gorgeous leather case reminiscent of a leather journal. Designed to mimic a real book, BookBook gives you the feeling of a hardback book while allowing you to utilize all the storage Kindle provides.

When you are done reading, your Kindle is safely housed in a protective case designed for the digital world. BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite has a built-in stand which allows you to read on a café, table or on a plane without having to hold it.

BookBook Kindle Paperwhite with kickstand
BookBook Kindle Paperwhite vintage book cover
Twelve South BookBook Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case cover

BookBook case for Kindle Paperwhite is already available for preorder on Amazon. Shipments start on August 4, 2020. With a price set at $49.99, it’s $10 cheaper than Amazon’s own Leather Kindle Paperwhite case.

Let’s hope the BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite will be popular enough to help Twelve South decide to develop a version for the entry-level Kindle as well.

BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite – main benefits

  • Made of genuine top grain leather
  • Rigid spine provides the feel of a real book
  • Built-in kickstand for hands-free reading
  • Wakes your Kindle when opened and automatically puts it to sleep when closed
  • Hardback covers provide excellent protection
  • Disguises your Paperwhite, protecting it from theft 

⇢ BookBook for Paperwhite

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