How to navigate a library efficiently (infographic)

How to use the library - infographic

Navigate the library efficiently

This awesome infographic designed and published by Newhouse Design explains how two major library classification systems work:

  • The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) – the system makes use of three-digit Arabic numerals for main classes, with fractional decimals allowing expansion for further detail,
  • The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) – this system uses a set of capital letters and numbers. The first letter describes one of 21 major areas of knowledge. Two letters mean a narrower subject within a major area. Numbers are used to further narrow down the subject.

For instance, in the infographic below, the NK1150 in the LCC system (on the right) is read:

  • a letter “N” stands for “fine arts”,
  • a subclass “NK” means “decorative arts”,
  • a number “1150” specifies the book belongs to “decoration & ornament” class.

And in case you can’t still find the book, you can always ask a librarian:-)

Click or tap on the chart to see it in full size.

How to use the library - infographic

Via Visually.

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