TwelveSouth BookBook now available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

TwelveSouth BookBook iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is like a small book of wisdom

Long-expected BookBook case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is now available on TwelveSouth’s website.

BookBook sets the standard in book-style mobile accessories. Available for iPhone and iPad, it combines the case and the wallet in a beautiful form of a vintage book.

Three months after the release of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, TwelveSouth has launched the BookBook case tailored for the new Apple smartphones.

Just like the predecessors, it includes inside pockets for holding credit cards or cash.There are five pockets in iPhone 6 case, and six for iPhone 6 Plus. Top pocket in each case has a window that lets you show your ID when needed.

BookBook transforms into a stand, for comfortable hands-free watching videos or Skype video chats. You can even prop up the BookBook stand and use the self timer in iOS 8 to take group photos.

What makes TwelveSouth BookBook unique is a way the case hold the device inside. The iPhone snaps into a soft-touch shell, and you can remove from the case it with a quick slide to the right.

The possibility to quickly separate the outer book-style cover from a shell is very convenient. You may fit the iPhone into a charging stand, mount it on the car dashboard, or pass the phone to somebody without giving your essentials. 

BookBook has inspired many case producers to offer similar book-style iPhone covers. They are all cheaper, but none is even close when it comes to quality and attention to details.

BookBook for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has the same price as versions for earlier iPhone models. It costs $59.99, and you won’t pay shipping costs if you live in the U.S.

For the time being there are two color versions to choose from: Black and Brown.

⇢ BookBook for iPhone 6/6+

BookBook for iPhone 6TwelveSouth BookBook for iPhone 6/6+

A hand-distressed, genuine leather wallet

BookBook marries a wallet with an iPhone case, combining two of your must-have items into one brilliant leather book. The wallet portion of this high-quality leather case has five pockets (six for 6 Plus), including slots to hold your bank cards.

There’s a handy window pocket that lets you flash your ID when needed. You also have a full-size pocket for cash, receipts or magnetic security cards. It’s the perfect wallet for today’s digital world, letting you pay with Apple Pay where available, or the old-fashioned way with cash – still welcome everywhere.

A luxury wallet case or a thin shell case? How about both

Inside BookBook, your iPhone snaps into a soft-touch shell. With a quick slide to the left, the shell lifts completely out – so you can leave your wallet in a locker and take your phone to the treadmill.

Carry your iPhone wallet combo when you need it, or just your Shell-covered iPhone when you don’t. This slim shell might fit better in your dashboard clip or on your desktop charging stand. And you can hand your iPhone to your kids – without giving them your whole wallet! That’s for college.

Oh yeah, it also has a built-in hands-free viewing stand

As iPhones get bigger, a case isn’t a case if it doesn’t work as a viewing stand. BookBook has one. Use the stand for hands-free FaceTime calls, watching HD movies on your 6 Plus or sharing your all-time favorite cat videos with friends.

You can even prop up the BookBook stand and use the self timer in iOS 8 to take group photos. Can your case do that?

The best BookBook case ever

BookBook for iPhone 6 has you covered for any situation. Six-sided coverage keeps your iPhone safe and secure.

A built-in wallet means you’ll have your bank cards with you when Apple Pay isn’t an option. A removable shell fits in your workout armband or dashboard clip. The built-in display stand means you can have an animated discussion about the new Star Wars trailer.

It’s everything you want in a case… and more.

TwelveSouth BookBook for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

All images courtesy of TwelveSouth.

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