Portenzo offers beautiful hand-crafted iPad and iPhone cases

Premium iPhone cases by Portenzo - Alano collection

Your iPad or iPhone deserves one of these insanely well-designed cases from Portenzo.

When you buy such an expensive and stylish device as iPhone or iPad, you are more willing to protect it with style.

Instead of heading to eBay to find a cheap $5 plastic case, many iPhone and iPad users get interested in elegant cases offered by Pad & Quill, Twelve South or Hard Graft.

There is another company that produces tremendously well-designed cases, but you haven’t probably heard of it, yet. It’s Portenzo.

The company has been around for five years, but it didn’t get as much publicity as Twelve South. It’s a pity because the moment you’ll see any Portenzo case you’ll fall in love with it, just like you did with Twelve South’s BookBook.

Portenzo was founded by Darin Murray back in 2010. The cases are designed and hand-crafted to order in a workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The team of artists and creators use authentic materials and traditional techniques to craft cases fitting your original style.

Opposite to Twelve South, which offers one or two designs in a few color versions, Portenzo gives the customer a much wider choice.

First of all, there is an impressive collection called Alano. Available for both the iPad and iPhone, it takes the name from a high-quality, durable, high-grain leather.

These cases age like a fine wine and wear like your favorite pair of boots. You have to get this baby in your hand to fully appreciate each case’s unique beauty.

There are seven fantastic designs in the Alano Collection, and, quite frankly, I don’t know which I like the best. They all look so great!

  • Old Book Chestnut,
  • Gazette,
  • Ledger,
  • Chestnut Journal,
  • Tesoro,
  • Midnight,
  • Dark Chocolate.

What’s great about the Alano Collection is that you can customize the case you’re buying. First of all, you can add a stylus compartment inside the case. Secondly, you can add a setting that transforms the case into a multi-angle stand.

The most exciting is the third customization option. Type down the text, and you will get it embossed on the bottom of the front cover.

Cases from Alano Collection take the top shelf in the Portenzo range. Prices start from $134 for both iPad Mini and Air.

You can, however, pick up a Portenzo case for half of this price. The book-style collection offers the same high quality; the selection of colors will make your head spin.

Customization options? You can add your text on the spine or front. You can add a stylus compartment and a stand. But most importantly, you can combine one of 25 outside colors with:

  • 14 interior colors,
  • 14 colors of the spine,
  • 15 colors of the elastic strap.

Cases from Portenzo are available for the following iPad models: Air, Mini, and 4/3/2. Supported iPhone models are 6S/6 and 6S/6 Plus. There are also cases for iPhone 5S/5.

Besides iPad and iPhone, Portenzo offers some of the designs for Kindle Paperwhite, and Nexus tablets (7 and 9-inch).

Which Portenzo case you like most?

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iPhone cases from Portenzo

Portenzo iPhone 6S case - Alano Collection Old Book Chestnut

iPad cases from Portenzo

Portenzo iPad Air Case - Ledger from Alano Collection

Black Flowers Ultrabook Case for iPad Air

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