100 most-spoken languages in the world (infographic)

Most-spoken languages in the world 2020

There are more than 7,000 languages or dialects regularly spoken around the world. Take a look at which ones are most popular in 2020.

The new infographic released by Word Tips takes a detailed – and unique – look at currently spoken languages. The visual is based on a list by The Ethnologue that for 15 years has been analyzing languages used by 88% of the world’s population.

What’s most interesting about this visual is that it groups languages by origin, helping analyze how different groups are doing.

Therefore, instead of a simple list that ranks languages, you will see them broken into a few groups, such as Indo-European (the largest one, including English, Hindi, or Spanish), Sino-Tibetan (Chinese), Afro-Asiatic (with Standard Arabic and Egyptian on the top).

The number that’s shown left to the language name is the position in the Top 100. Here are the Top 5 languages in the world in 2020, based on the number of total speakers:

  1. English – 1,132,366,680 speakers
  2. Mandarin Chinese – 1,116,596,640 speakers
  3. Hindi – 615,475,540 speakers
  4. Spanish – 534,335,730 speakers
  5. French – 279,821,930 speakers

While English has the highest total number of speakers, Mandarin Chinese has the highest number of native speakers. About 918 million people speak Mandarin, followed by over 460 million native speakers of the Spanish language.

Click or tap the infographic to enlarge it.

100 most-spoken languages in the world - full infographic

Via Word Tips blog.

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