100 things schoolchildren will miss without a librarian

100 things schoolchildren miss without a school librarian
100 things schoolchildren miss without a school librarian

This outstanding visual is a timeless – and complete – list of reasons we should support libraries and librarians.

May 2011. Dr. Nancy Everhart, the President of American Association of School Librarians (AASL), is on her tour visiting 35 leading school libraries in the United States.

At James Mastricola Upper Elementary School in Merrimack, New Hampshire, she unveils an epic list of 100 things kids will miss if they don’t have school librarians in their schools. The list is based on a research conducted by Dr. Everhart in cooperation with Dr. Marcia Mardia.

Most of the things on the list are related to all libraries, including the one that’s located in your neighborhood, no matter which country you live.

Some time later, this concise ready-to-hang visual was created by AASL in cooperation ALA (AASL’s mother company), Library Media Connection, and Florida State University. The visual looks like a word cloud and is a timeless invitation to support libraries and librarians.

We have converted the original pdf file into a high-quality image that will actually let you see all the texts. Click or tap to see it enlarged.

Most importantly, make sure to download a printable version (in pdf format) directly from ALA website. You will be able to print it out and hang on a wall at the school library or kids’ room.

100 things schoolchildren miss without a librarian - full infographic

Via AASL Toolkit for Promoting School Library Programs.

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