Extremely popular iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve from Tomtoc has new color options

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Popular iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) sleeve from Tomtoc comes in four color options

This affordable Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve costs $14.99 and is available in four colors.

If you are looking for a functional case for your new 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro tablet released in 2017, think twice.

Maybe the case is not what you are really looking for at all – or at least not everything.

In June, we shared a list of the best cases and accessories for the new iPad Pro models (by the way, we’ve updated the list a couple of times already).

Among the recommended iPad accessories from Amazon, the most popular one is not the Smart Cover-like case or the third-party leather sleeve with Apple Pen holder. It’s the uber-useful iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve from Tomtoc. More than half of our visitors wanted to further explore this particular sleeve after seeing all the recommendations.

It can be easily explained. The Tomtoc sleeve is both affordable and functional. With a price tag set at $14.99 (no deals were offered on it so far), the sleeve is made from the highest-quality materials and utilizes the “latest consumer technology to safeguard your iPad from any unwanted bumps, scrapes, and knocks.”

It was designed specifically for the 2017 Apple iPad Pro 10.5, fitting the sole tablet, of the tablet in a keyboard case. It can be carried on its own, or put inside another bag or suitcase.

Besides the large compartment for the iPad, the sleeve offers two additional pockets where you can put your iPhone, earphones, documents, credit cards or cables. The smallest space, which is perfect for the phone, allows for a hassle-free and fast way to access what’s inside.

At launch, the sleeve was offered in a professionally-looking Black color version (which is actually charcoal). However, you can currently choose from three fancy colors as well: Dazzling Blue, Grass Green, or Gray & Orange.

The same design can be used for other tablets as well. iPad 9.7 (2017) and other 9.7-inch iPads; Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, Tab S3 9.7, Tab E 9.6; ASUS ZenPad 10.1; or Lenovo Tab 4 10.1 – they all are on the list of supported devices. Larger sizes are designed to fit 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models.

⇢ iPad Pro Sleeve

Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 Sleeve

Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve - Black

Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve - Dazzling Blue

Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve - Grass Green

Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve - Gray and Orange

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