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How Shakespeare’s most iconic female characters got their names (infographic)

Most famous Shakespearean heroines - Ophelia

Learn about the origins of nine of the most powerful heroines created by the Bard, from Cordelia to Desdemona, to Ophelia.

To celebrate William Shakespeare’s birthday, Invaluable, the world’s favorite online marketplace for fine art and antique books, has released a new infographic that throws light at how the Bard chose names for his most iconic female characters.

As you may have expected, Shakespeare very carefully chose the names of his characters to reflect their attributes and their role in the plot.

Despite the fact that they were written at a time when women held little economic or political status, Shakespeare’s literary contributions are rife with strong-willed, powerful female characters.

Desdemona, a Venetian beauty in Othello, is killed by her husband for her supposed infidelity. The name is of Greek original and means “ill-fated.” To this day, it’s rarely used due to unlucky fate and tragic roots.

Make sure to head to Invaluable blog to read the detailed stories behind Shakespeare’s heroines. And below you’ll see a quick and simple visual summary.

So far, Invaluable has created several wonderful infographics that put books and literatures in focus, naming only fun facts about the most recognizable book covers.

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Shakespeare's famous female character's names - infographic

Via Invaluable Blog.

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