What can we learn from the reading habits of Millennials? (infographic)

What do Millennials read - infographic
What do Millennials read - infographic

Millennials read more than their parents. They prefer print books to e-readers, and visit public libraries more than any other generation.

When asked about reading habits of teens and young adults, you’d most probably assume they prefer a Facebook timeline over a book plot.

You are wrong – and this time “you are wrong” should make you happy. Millennials read more than everyone would expect, and their reading habits are worth taking a closer look.

Take your time and analyze a new infographic created by the team from Expert Editor, a professional editing and proofreading platform combining quality services with affordable prices.

The visual is packed with facts and stats collected from a number of sources and studies over the past five years.

Most of these figures are highly surprising. Book professionals should take them into consideration and ask themselves a question: do we put enough effort to target the Millennials and address their reading preferences?

How do Millennials read?

  • 8 out of 10 Millennials have read a book in any format over the last year, including 72% having read a print copy.
  • 94% of young adults own a smartphone and use it to read daily.
  • Millennials prefer print – 92% of college students prefer reading print books to e-books.
  • 56% of Millennials purchase most of the books they read.
  • Millennials are more likely than any other age group to visit public libraries – 53% used a library or bookmobile to find and read books (compared to 43% of Baby Boomers).
  • Most of young adults rely on social media when it comes book buying – 80% only purchase a book with online reviews and chatter.


Besides upending a few misconceptions about Millennials, the book industry is also probably in a healthier state than we give it credit for. Demand for new books is actually being driven by younger readers.

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How do Millennials read - full infographic

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